See Now, Buy Now: The CIVIC Lloyd Shorts Are the New Pair of Shorts You Need this Summer

Not just any old pair of shorts … a stylish and sustainable pair.

For some guys, wearing shorts actually feels like … a chore. Yes, yes it’s true. Shorts are less polished than classic chinos or stylish light wash jeans, and if you grew up (as I did) wearing cargo shorts from mall brands, it can be tough to leave those associations behind. Seriously, quite tough. Thankfully, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts are here to change your perception when it comes to stylish shorts to wear this summer. And the even better news? They’ve arrived not a moment too soon. We’re on the verge of Memorial Day weekend, we’re on the verge of summer festival season, and I’d wager you’re going to want to be wearing shorts like the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts on the regular for many a weekend ahead. But why this particular pair? Helpfully, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts come from the partner brand of Taylor Stitch, a perennial Style Guide favorite. CIVIC focuses on sustainable, classic clothing that blends versatile wearability with durable, eco-friendly fabric. It’s a wholesome, stylish mission — one that includes the Lloyd Shorts, at that.

Available in both Navy and Olive options for maximum versatility, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts feature the brand’s Merino 4S fabric, all the better when it comes to mobility, comfort and durability. They also score when it comes to style points, too. You’ve surely got a pair of khaki or light khaki shorts in your wardrobe, so the deep navy color of the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts lends this pair a bit more of a dressy feel (ever so slightly). That means the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts work with classic leather loafers and a crisp white polo for preppy style on the weekend, and they also team up reliably with a crisp white henley and timeless leather sneakers for a round (or two) of your favorite craft beer. To me, it sounds like the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts are going to offer easygoing summer style for days on end — even if you’re not normally a “shorts guy.”

What say you about the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts? Let me know in the comments below! 


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