See Now, Buy Now: You’ll Be Glad You Pre-Ordered the Taylor Stitch Rangeley Sweater This Fall

Pre-fund this sweater now, and thank me when fall shows up.

Among brands that we know, love and hold dear here at The Style Guide, well, Taylor Stitch just might top the list. For the past several years, the folks at Taylor Stitch have churned out a steady stream of menswear essentials, no matter the season. It’s with that consistent excellence — yes, excellence — in mind that I’m recommending the Taylor Stitch Rangeley Sweater … although we’re in the middle of summer. The kicker: The Rangeley Sweater is available for pre-funding right now, and like the brand’s Leather Brogues or the classic Triblend Tee, you’re going to be glad you took the plunge.  Getting the look you want for a new season is all about planning ahead, and it’ll seriously pay off come early fall if you’ve already gone ahead and invested in the Rangeley Sweater. Can’t bear to think about putting on an extra layer — much less spending your hard-earned cash on a sweater — in all this heat? Bear with me, my friends. Perhaps most crucially, you’re saving some money by pre-funding the durable, stylish and exceptionally handsome Rangeley Sweater. Oh, and you’ll only have to wait until the end of August to receive it — just in time for that transition to fall. Still with me? I thought so.

The Rangeley Sweater certainly has plenty going for it when it comes to outstanding specs and even better styling potential — as one might hope. It’s made from a blend of merino wool and cashmere that’s been dubbed CashMerino by Taylor Stitch. What does that mean for you? It means exceptional quality, nice durability and the chance to layer up the Rangeley Sweater over everything from a garment-dyed long-sleeve tee to a classic Oxford shirt. If you’re still not sold, Taylor Stitch says the Rangeley Sweater works in all four seasons … and given that the brand hasn’t steered me wrong yet, I’m inclined to believe ’em. How about you?

Who else loves the Rangeley Sweater from Taylor Stitch as much as I do? Are you going to pre-fund it? Let me know on Twitter


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