See Now, Buy Now: The La Paz Ribas Henley Is Your New Favorite Summer Tee

An underrated, brand-new style essential for your consideration.

The idea of timeless menswear essentials certainly gets thrown around a lot on this site, from the perfect white T-shirt to a classic Oxford shirt. And now, today, I humbly submit another menswear essential for your reading (and shopping) pleasure — the rugged short-sleeve henley. Specifically, the La Paz Ribas Henleyit’s quite possibly your new favorite summer tee, and that’s saying a lot.  What makes the Ribas Henley so darn stylish and so darn cool? It’s simple, really. The short-sleeve henley finds its roots in sporting heritage, and like so much of menswear that’s designed with function in mind (from the M-65 jacket to the moto jacket to five-pocket denim), that means it looks even better when worn during the everyday. How so? Well, it’s tough and instantly recognizable, for one. And the three-button placket and tailored-but-not-too tight fit of the La Paz Ribas Henley make any guy look good.

It also comes down to the unique green color found on the La Paz Ribas Henley, too. The shade of green seen at the top of the page is surprisingly summer-friendly, able to be worn with pieces like slim light wash denim and suede chukka boots as easily as it can pair with a lightweight navy blazer and slim tan chinos. That’s the kind of rugged versatility you’re getting with the La Paz Ribas Henley — that makes it a menswear essential, without a doubt. And the Portuguese-made construction of the Ribas Henley gives you high quality at a surprisingly affordable price. All of those positives add up to one must-have for the rest of summer. And when it starts to get chilly in the early fall? You can (and should!) layer the La Paz Ribas Henley underneath a classic chambray shirt — to be worn alongside equally classic dark denim and brown wingtip boots, of course. That’s the kind of dependability you should be looking for all the time, but particularly when it comes to picking up pieces (like the La Paz Ribas Henley) that’ll help you get through the rest of the summer in style.

What are the chances you’ll be picking up the La Paz Ribas Henley? More than good? Let me know via Twitter, and thanks for reading! 

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