The List: It’s Time You Picked Up these Fall and Winter Menswear Essentials

Read on to learn more about this outstanding leather jacket.

Look around you — more specifically, look at what you’re wearing. If you’re not wearing something like the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket as seen above (preferably coupled with other fall style essentials), you might not be doing it right, my friend. But that’s more than OK — we’re absolutely here to help here at The Style Guide with the latest, ultra-stylish rendition of The List. I think you’ll find that today’s picks will take you far — particularly the wear-with-anything Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt, among other favorites. So, without further ado … here we go!

Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket in Espresso Steerhide — $875

Absolutely worthy of pre-investing in this thing, right?

If you’re going to have to wait a while to get your next favorite leather jacket, you might as well make the wait worthwhile — that’s where the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket comes into play.

Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt — $118

A timeless pattern turned into a new favorite flannel shirt.

Blackwatch plaid is a classic menswear pattern, and in this case, it’s been translated into the handsome Lisboa Francisco Flannel Shirt. Wear this shirt with the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants (wink, wink).

Zero Halliburton Check Case — $950

A slim, sleek piece of luggage that takes care of your business travel needs, easily.

In case your wallet wasn’t quite hurting enough, there’s this sleek and globetrotter-approved piece of luggage — less rugged, more refined and all business, the Zero Halliburton Check Case gets the job done.

Outerknown Ambassador Slim Jeans — $128

Slim black jeans that are perfect for your next rock show.

What’s more ideal than a pair of slim black jeans? A pair that’s made sustainably, like the Outerknown Ambassador Slim Jeans. Bingo.

Billy Reid Mouline Henley — $98

The nicest henley you (nearly) own? That’s true — without a doubt.

If you know anything about Billy Reid, you know that he’s all about making luxurious versions of the fall style essentials you know and love — hence, the Mouline Henley.

Faherty Brand Sweatpants — $98

Logo-free, slim-fitting and stylishly cut — these are the best sweatpants for your next weekend.

Let’s talk decidedly more laidback style than the Mouline Henley — like these well-fitting, yet stylish, Faherty Brand Sweatpants. Perfect for a casual fall or winter weekend.

Relwen Quilted Tanker — $298

The right sort of rugged military jacket to wear for fall and winter.

Relwen takes inspiration from a place most great menswear essentials hail from — the military. And the Quilted Tanker is truly an excellent fall and winter outerwear pick — stock up accordingly.

Bespoke Post Over Easy Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)

Your weekend brunch just got a home-cooked upgrade.

OK, this isn’t strictly related to menswear … but the Bespoke Post Over Easy Box makes it pretty easy to take care of weekend brunch. Plus, who doesn’t love pancakes??

Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee in Navy — $45

One of the best T-shirts on the market, that much I know to be true.

Every guy could use a stylish T-shirt that’s ready for layering under all manner of fall style essentials — and the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee is that T-shirt precisely.

Astorflex Greenflex Chukka in Nubuck — $155

Both durable and classic, these new chukka boots are ideal for fall.

Serious question: Is it possible for Astorflex to make a bad pair of boots? The Astorflex Greenflex Chukka in Nubuck seem to say … well, no.

Autodromo Stradale Watch — $875

A striking dress watch that’s different from anything in your collection.

Although I’m one to reach for a more rugged timepiece, the sleek, slim and dressy Autodromo Stradale might just be one of the more unique men’s dress watches out there. Won’t you agree?

30 Watt Sudski Shower Beer Holder — $15

A handy essential that you didn’t know you needed — most likely, right?

Alright, so this last one’s just for fun. How neat is it that someone came up for a crucial invention covering that all-important shower beer? Pretty neat.

Now, that’s wrapping up today’s post of must-have men’s shopping essentials. If you want to go with a menswear pick that’ll work in multiple seasons, you should stick with one of my favorite picks — the Outerknown Ambassador Slim Jeans. What are you digging today? And how would you wear this gear? Let me know on Twitter!

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