Style Pick of the Week: Uniform Wares Rose Gold Dress Watch

A crisp, clean dress watch you can wear all spring and summer.

Your search for the best men’s dress watch just got a little bit — or a lot — easier, thanks to this Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch. Hyperbole? Hardly. This stylish leather dress watch delivers the minimal style you need in a refined timepiece, and although it comes with an investment-level price tag, it’s worth it. In short, this is one of the best men’s watches I’ve found anywhere. How so? Bear with me.  Now, if you follow me on Instagram or read the blog regularly, you might notice that I favor slightly more rugged watches, but the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch caught my eye for another reason altogether.

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The best style is, after all, subtle and simple rather than over-the-top — at least in my mind. That’s what this watch brings to the table, and I applaud Uniform Wares for that. The specs are something to behold, from the brown Milanese cordovan leather strap (it’s not too often you find a cordovan dress watch), to the clean and crisp dial design. The stainless steel case on the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch also comes in a cool, on-trend (but not over-the-top!) rose gold color — seriously perfect for adding some spark to a khaki cotton suit-blue chambray dress shirt combo this season.

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But here’s the even better thing about the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch — it’s so sharp and minimal that you can wear it with practically anything, from the aforementioned summer suit to your favorite henley and light wash denim. It stands subtly for all the right reasons, including that crisp, timeless look. You’re investing in this timepiece, without a doubt — but it’s not often that a watch is actually deserving of running more than $700. But the Uniform Wares C35 Dress Watch? It assuredly is. It’s got all the durability you’d typically find in a rugged field watch, but with the ability to be worn to the office or on the weekend. And the clean look of this classic leather dress watch also lends itself to mixing and match with plenty of other men’s style essentials, like a straightforward-but-enduring chambray shirt and inky blue denim. Consider this Uniform Wares watch the workhorse dress watch you didn’t know you needed.

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