See Now, Buy Now: Step Out with these Stylish Trainers from Rancourt & Co. This Fall

Sharp-yet-rugged sneakers, handcrafted to exacting standards by Rancourt & Co.

Are we big fans of Rancourt & Co. here on the blog? Yes, yes indeed we are — it’s getting tougher and tougher to find a brand that makes some of the best American-made footwear around, all the while adhering to tried-and-true quality and craftsmanship standards. Yet, that doesn’t mean Rancourt & Co. is a stuffy brand that never innovates. In fact, the new Rancourt & Co. Bennett Trainers are here just in time for the rest of October, and they’re some of the best men’s sneakers you can step into this season. Although it pays off to pack your footwear collection with rugged leather boots as we head into fall, there’s still something to be said for keeping a sleek-yet-rugged pair of stylish sneakers like the Rancourt & Co. Bennett Trainers in your rotation. After all, style is all about balance — and these sneakers have that in spades.

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To wit: The Rancourt & Co. Bennett Trainers feature premium suede leather uppers, as you’d expect from Rancourt, blended with a natural latex rubber sneaker sole. That combo gives you the toughness of Rancourt’s leather boots blended with the slick styling potential of your favorite pair of sneakers, guaranteed. Touches like waxed cotton laces — and of course, Rancourt’s signature made-in-Maine production — elevate these excellent sneakers even further.

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Go with one of three versatile color options with the Bennett Trainers.

And when it comes to styling potential, these could be the perfect fall sneakers. They’re well-suited to slide on with your favorite pair of faded denim and a classic crewneck sweatshirt for a casual weekend coffee outing, or you can pair them with tough chore pants and a thermal henley for a bit of streetwear-inspired, off-duty style. Of course, the best men’s sneakers for fall aren’t made to take any days off — pair up the Beige version seen above with slim navy chinos and a white Oxford shirt at the office on a fall Friday, too. So, to recap: We’ve got stylish new sneakers made with the same care and attention to detail as your favorite boots … sounds like the ideal pair to wear until that first snowfall. Got questions on how to style ’em? Head over to Twitter to connect with me.

SHOP: The Rancourt & Co. Bennett Trainers
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