The Sunday Sale: Save 50 Percent On these New Chukka Sneakers at Huckberry

If you’re the type of guy who never feels like he has enough stylish sneakers in his rotation — especially some of the best on-sale sneakers — then today’s post is going to be right up your alley. We’re heading over to Huckberry to shop the always-excellent Huckberry Sale section, and I’d say you’re going to love the results. The sneakers in question are the durable, rugged and fall-ready OBRA Heavy Suede Chukkas, the sort of sneaker hybrid that blends a high-top and a chukka, and here’s the catch: Your new favorite sneakers are 50 percent off right now. Yes, that’s right: You’re saving 50 percent on some durable, sustainable sneakers.

Best men's sneakers for fall.

What’s the catch? Well, these sneakers are final sale, so you’ll have to shop carefully, but because they’re coming from Huckberry, care and attention to detail is the name of the game. The OBRA Heavy Suede Chukkas use soft Brazilian suede set atop a sturdy Brazilian rubber outsole for traction and grip, while the rubber-wrapped toe offers even more durability.

The chukka design wears well in place of regular high-top sneakers, so feel free to rock these with your favorite fall style essentials, including hard-working blue indigo denim and timeless light grey chinos. For under $80 via the Huckberry Sale section, you won’t find a better pair of men’s sneakers to shop this fall — trust me on that.


The Tuesday Steal: Some of the Best High-Top Sneakers for Fall Are 25 Percent Off at Huckberry

If you keep up with the goings-on here at The Style Guide, you’ll surely know that Huckberry is a true one-stop shop for the best menswear essentials of all sorts, be it the company’s famed waxed trucker jacket or one of the most luxurious hoodies on the market. Yes, they can do it all, including stocking and selling an exclusive pair of the best high-top sneakers — a pair you’ll find marked down right now for 25 percent off in the always well-stocked Huckberry Sale section.

Crucially, although the field is crowded when it comes to the best high-top sneakers, there’s something especially about the U.S. Rubber Co. Colchesters Hi Sneakers. For starters, you’ll only find them at Huckberry, and you’ll now find them for just $90 (marked down from $120). It gets better from there, because this set of stylish high-top sneakers, featuring a rugged canvas upper, is based on the original basketball sneakers based on (wait for it)… pairs from 1892. Not a bad touch of retro-meets-modern style to add to your wardrobe, ehh?

Best high-top sneakers for men.

The U.S. Rubber Co. Colchesters Hi Sneakers deliver in terms of looks, to be sure, but they’re also a mighty fine set of sneakers when it comes to fall-ready functionality, featuring a durable canvas upper in two versatile colors: Black and Deadgrass. Either would look right at home when worn with, say classic tan chinos or dark blue rolled denim in equal measure.

Metal eyelets add even more durability to the U.S. Rubber Co. Colchesters Hi Sneakers, while the vulcanized rubber outsole stays true to the company’s original method. The reinforced toe cap also bolsters the durability of the surprisingly rugged U.S. Rubber Co. Colchesters Hi Sneakers, and again, you truly can’t beat the sub-$100 price tag. Shop ’em now at Huckberry while they’re still around (and note that there are sizes available from 7 to 13 based on the color you select). Happy hunting, folks.

The Sunday Sale: Save More Than 30 Percent on these Hybrid Sneaker Boots at GREATS Today

Summer is certainly a prime time for stepping back into the best sneakers for men, especially from an illustrious sneaker producer like Brooklyn’s own GREATS. The company is already well-known for making the famed, highly affordable GREATS Royale Sneakers, but today’s Sunday Sale offers up another deal that’s nearly too good to pass up: The GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots are now more than 30 percent off via the GREATS Sale section, a nice chance to snag some lightweight hybrid sneakers for a solid price (just a shade under $120).

To be sure, you can get 15 percent off your first order at GREATS with the code BROOKLYN15, but this is an even better way to ensure you’re stocking up and saving on some go-anywhere chukka sneakers. The GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots feature everything you know and love about GREATS sneakers, including responsibly sourced and produced leather, plus a sustainably made footbed featuring repurposed algae fiber.

Yes, that’s right: The GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots will offer up both comfort and eco-conscious design for more than 30 percent off. Plus, the profile on the GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots is versatile enough to wear with your favorite cotton shorts or with rolled light wash denim in equal measure. Long story short: Shop and save now with the GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots. Cheers, my friens.

See Now, Buy Now: Shop the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers for Timeless Summer Style

There’s no question that you can never have enough pairs of the best men’s sneakers in your summer wardrobe, right? OK, well, perhaps you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing — that’s why, if you want to upgrade your lineup of the best sneakers for men in a simple, subtle, affordable way, you should certainly consider shopping SeaVees this summer. For what it’s worth, the SoCal brand — a pioneer in the sneaker market since the 1960s — does things the right way, the classic way and the stylish way.

That’s especially true with the utterly iconic SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers, a pair that’s as timeless as it gets. They’re modeled after the original 1966 edition, yet upgraded for today’s modern man (that’s you!), not to mention sold by the good folks at San Fran-based Huckberry, who also happens to curate some of the best casual menswear for spring and summer. Taken altogether, it’s a tried-and-true combination that makes for one heck of a pair of the best men’s sneakers. How so? Reader, I’m glad you asked. Upgrading your sneaker game is well within your reach.

The SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers are a standout option if you want some serious style without spending a ton of cash, for starters. They retail for just $58, a downright steal even compared to some of the most affordable men’s sneakers on the market. Plus, the design is as good as it gets, modeled after the wear-with-anything plimsoll style that teams up nicely with stretch shorts, rolled light wash denim or cuffed khaki chinos.

The SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers are particularly adept at going from the boardwalk to the beach, or hopping on a flight (wear those no-show socks!), or else traipsing casually around town on the weekend, iced coffee in hand.

If you should feel like wearing sneakers to the office? You can make the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers your next style move, especially with tan chinos, some neutral socks and perhaps a breezy white Oxford shirt and a soft-shouldered navy blazer (a classic high-low style combination).

Best of all, the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers in a trio of easily wearable colors like Navy, Black and White — each goes with just about anything in your wardrobe, so consider snagging all three if you want a nice, sharp style upgrade on a budget. With the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers in hand, you’ll have a new favorite sneaker option for the warmest days of the year.

The Tuesday Steal: Get These Stylish Suede Sneakers for Under $100 This Spring from Bespoke Post

Best suede sneakers for spring

Anytime you can shop and save on the best new spring style essentials, it’s advisable that you do so — is it not? As luck, would have it, the good folks at Bespoke Post have plenty of the best men’s style picks for spring close at hand, especially in the always well-stocked Bespoke Post Sale section. And today’s Tuesday Steal is certainly an advisable pick-up through the spring and summer months: Reliable E-commerce retailer Shoe The Bear is back with savings on the best men’s sneakers for spring and summer.

Call it the tip of the iceberg, because Shoe The Bear already knows how to offer up plentiful deals on the best boots for men, among other styles, and the Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers carry on that same lineage of affordable style quite nicely. For starters, they’re marked down 40 percent right now via the Bespoke Post Sale section, which drops them below $100.

Best new sneakers for men.

The Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers check plenty of the right boxes as far as casual-yet-versatile spring sneakers are concerned. That includes the eye-catching khaki-green leather upper — ideal to wear with your favorite light wash jeans — to the low-key court-style sneaker design. The Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers are also made in Portugal, which makes the current sub-$100 price tag seem like a downright steal.

And naturally, these laidback sneakers are versatile enough to wear with everything from crisp blue jeans to tan chinos without missing a beat. They’re perfect for weekend outings with a breezy denim jacket in tow, and they’ll look just as polished back at the office with a lightweight spring blazer atop one of the best merino tees. For on-sale style that can’t be beat, look to the Shoe The Bear Aphex Leather Sneakers right now.

The Sunday Sale: Get These New Balance Sneakers for Less Than $60 At UNCRATE

New Balance All Coast Sneakers

As far as the best gear and menswear on the planet is concerned, you know you can count on UNCRATE, and that’s probably an understatement. That’s where the above New Balance men’s sneakers, some of the best sneakers for summer, come into play. That’s not all, though. Heck, if you keep up with the Sunday Sale series here on the blog, you know that UNCRATE is always a reliable place to get deals on everything from the best men’s henley to the Danner boots worn by James Bond. That certainly holds true for warm-weather gear, too.

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With that being said, let’s get into the New Balance All Coast 210 Sneakers, which you can snag right now for under $60 at the UNCRATE Surplus Shop. They’re as ideal as it gets when it comes to the best men’s sneakers, featuring a low profile, classic styling potential and of course, that critical, low price tag. What is it about these sneakers specifically? Let’s just say that it’s a bit of everything, but it starts with the iconic, timeless silhouette of these classic white leather sneakers (based off the New Balance Pro Court Tennis Shoes). These are like a more style-forward version of those shoes, with all the versatility you need in fresh summer kicks.

SHOP: The New Balance All Coast 210 Sneakers


Helpfully, they also come in black leather in addition to the crisp white leather option at the top of the page, but for $59, it’s the white leather New Balance All Coast 210 Sneakers I’m recommending you buy right now. UNCRATE says these sneakers represent the “ideal balance of sophistication and simplicity,” and that makes them pretty tough to top in my book. Are they your new favorite summer sneakers? They very well could be, my friends. It gets even better when you consider how durable they are for the low price tag. The New Balance All Coast 210 Sneakers sit atop Fresh Foam cushioning for some serious spring in your step, not to mention the herringbone vulcanized rubber sole for added traction.

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Throw in the sleek, slightly sporty design, and you’ve got a pair of sneakers you can wear with everything from classic tan chinos to some of the best men’s jeans, period. And because the New Balance All Coast 210 Sneakers are so timeless, that gives you plenty of styling options on your top half, whether you go with a classic white T-shirt or with your new favorite polo for summer. See? The best sneakers for men are out there, and they’re even more affordable and wearable than you might think at first glance. Shop accordingly, my friends.

SHOP: The New Balance All Coast 210 Sneakers


Style Pick of the Week: Nisolo Diego Low-Top Leather Sneakers

Nisolo men's sneakers

A unstoppably cool pair of spring and summer sneakers from an ethically produced brand.

If you’ve spent any time checking your calendar or checking the weather, or plotting your next spring getaway, perhaps you’re already ahead of me on this one: It’s clear you need a new favorite pair of spring and summer sneakers, right? That’s why we’re here today with another Style Pick of the Week, and it’s a doozy, you might say (in a good way!). The Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers are exactly the pair you need right now, packing in style, sustainability and standout construction. Now, we’ve talked about Nashville-based Nisolo in the past on the blog over the years, from the fact that they make some of the best travel shoes for men to the fact that they also make one of the coolest weekender bags for spring travel (and beyond that). The brand owns a factory in Peru and uses exacting standards to get precise results, and that’s great news for you and me indeed.

So, it only makes sense that they’re making some of the best men’s sneakers, and that they’re doing it the right way. That might even be an understatement, because Nisolo uses sustainable, ethical practices to craft the best sneakers for men (and more), and these attributes are huge bonuses these days. Let’s get into it, shall we? For starters, this particular pair of Nisolo men’s sneakers blends a Vibram rubber sole with ethically sourced and produced leather, and it gets better from there (and how cool is the white leather and gum rubber combination, ehh?).

SHOP: The Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers 

These aren’t your average pair of canvas kicks that might give out quickly either, and it’s all owing to the durable and tough construction (yet, that Vibram outsole is going to prove light and springy). Yessir, Nisolo men’s sneakers feature all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a versatile pair of leather sneakers, including waxed cotton laces for a dressier finish than normal. The anti-microbial and cushioning insoles are also crucial, because you’re going to be able to get as much wear as you want out of the Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers.

Helpfully, they’re also priced quite nicely: They’ll run you $150 at Nisolo, and that’s a downright steal compared to other premium leather sneakers for men on the market. The silhouette itself is low-profile and casual, yet easily wearable with chinos and an Oxford shirt. Of course, it’s also cool and laidback enough to wear with your favorite chino shorts and an indigo polo on breezy days this season. To round things out the right way, you actually get your choice between six essential color and leather combinations when it comes to the Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers. If you’re feeling splurge-worthy, consider picking up two and wearing the heck out of ’em for spring and summer. They can handle it: They’re from Nisolo, after all.

SHOP: The Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers 

See Now, Buy Now: These GREATS Royale Sneakers Are the Best Spring and Summer Shoes

Folks, let’s get one thing straight right now. For spring and summer, starting right now, you need a pair of the best men’s sneakers, and you need to shop with style and sustainability in mind — that’s where the GREATS Royale in Eco Leather comes into play, and they’re going to change your sneaker rotation as you know it. My appreciation for the GREATS Royale Sneakers dates back years (just check out this 2016 blog post, for starters), and if you know the Brooklyn-based brand, you’re aware that they get the job done when it comes to affordable, premium sneakers for men. It helps that this pair is very eco-friendly, but more on that in a second. The affordability factor is crucial, and that’s because GREATS works with factories that can offer quality product at prices that are far less than some luxury sneakers. That also means the GREATS Royale in Eco Leather retail for just $169, and when you see what you’re getting, that’s a downright steal of a price.

Mack Weldon

And when it comes to the GREATS Royale in Eco Leather, your sneaker rotation is all the better for it. But before we go any further, know that you can get 15 percent off your first order with the code BROOKLYN15 — what better way to dive into a new sneaker brand and your new favorite pair of sneakers, ehh?? Oh, and helpfully, GREATS offers free shipping and free returns on every order. Not bad at all, my friends. But back to the GREATS Royale in Eco Leather, yes?

SHOP: The GREATS Royale in Eco Leather

The leather is what really makes the difference here, and it’s got plenty of technical innovation built right in. GREATS says that these sneakers are made with “sustainably engineered recycled leather,” and in this instance, that means they’re made from 70 percent recycled fibers and leather — how’s that for your new favorite pair of sneakers, right? As to what that means for you, the GREATS Royale in Eco Leather are remarkably lightweight and yet durable (try 40 percent lighter than other pairs of sneakers). Plus, the footbed is made from proprietary Bloom algae foam for a springy feel and sustainable construction, while the custom outsole is also made with recycled rubber. Yes indeed, the GREATS Royale in Eco Leather have plenty going for them when it comes to innovation and eco-friendly design. Last but not least, they’re also lined in soft leather for a comfortable fit and feel.

Timex US/CAN

Of course, they’re also highly stylish and crisp, the perfect sneakers to pair with everything from olive chinos and a navy polo to light wash jeans and a fresh white T-shirt. That’s just a start, though. The GREATS Royale in Eco Leather, with their low-profile design and classic court shoe look, are as versatile as it gets. Take ’em for a spin as often as you please, and know that you can feel great about wearing them.

SHOP: The GREATS Royale in Eco Leather

Style Pick of the Week: Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers

Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers

Dependable leather high-top sneakers from the makers of your favorite boots.

Now, you’ve assuredly heard of Wolverine men’s boots if you read the blog, right? Not only do they make some of the best men’s boots for spring, but they’ve also got quite the knack for making some of the best sneakers for men, and if that sounds too good to be true, well, you’re in luck today. The Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers are everything you could want in your new favorite pair of sneakers, especially as you navigate the ever-shifting climate of spring (and perhaps you’ve read about ’em on the blog before here, ehh?). Consider these a warm-weather option from the same brand that makes your favorite cold-weather boots, like the Wolverine 1000 Mile Faribault Boots.

10% off Florsheim with code: LNK10

After all, when a brand has decades of heritage and USA-made construction going for it, they tend to make high-quality products across the board, yes? And again, that encompasses your new favorite pair of sneakers, even if it might not seem like it at first (bear with me, folks!). After all, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers  have it right in the name — they mimic the brand’s classic Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, but in sneaker form. What exactly does that mean? Keep on scrolling to find out.

SHOP: The Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers


Just a few of the stylish color options in which you can find these Wolverine sneakers (careful, they’re selling quickly!).

When it comes to the Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers, the difference is in the details, in the best way possible. They’re sturdy-as-heck, with durable construction and a classic silhouette that’s a nice change of pace from other high-top sneakers — in fact, they’re more like chukka boots than sneakers. This is great news if you’d like a pair of durable kicks to carry you all around town and on road trips (or weekend coffee or brewery runs!) this season. The Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers aren’t clunky in the slightest, though. They’re made using Vibram outsole for a lightweight fit and feel, plus plenty of comfort.

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And the tumbled Essex leather, sourced from Chicago’s Horween tannery, is as good as it gets. These stylish men’s sneakers for spring really are the perfect pair to wear with casual style staples aplenty, like indigo denim and a rugged men’s henley for laidback, easygoing weekend wear. The point is this: The Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers are a nice change of pace from the ordinary, made with plenty of durable style and performance in mind. And at the proper price — as these are — they’re a deal that’s too good to pass up.

SHOP: The Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers

The Thursday Buy: These Bruno Magli Sneakers are the Best Men’s Sneakers to Buy This Spring

Bruno Magli sneakers

A sleek, versatile pair of finely crafted suede sneakers for spring, my friends.

You see those Bruno Magli sneakers at the top of the page? Yes, those ones? My friends, those could be your new favorite sneakers for spring. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that once you try them out, you might come to the conclusion that they’re some of the best sneakers for men, made with all the quality of a pair of refined Bruno Magli dress shoes. You might recognize Bruno Magli from Shop By The Style Guide page or my guide to the best loafers to wear at home, but if not, let’s dive into how exactly this premium Italian footwear brand can make some of the best men’s sneakers for a new season without missing a beat.

The Bruno Magli Bono Suede Lace-Up Sneakers check all the right boxes as far as spring sneakers are concerned, from the low profile to the premium materials — and suede is a nice shot in the arm as far as seasonal texture and color is concerned, too. And hey, who out there doesn’t appreciate a great deal? Although these stylish suede sneakers retail for $298 at Bruno Magli, you can get a free pair of socks (made from premium materials in neat patterns) with any purchase of more than $100. So, that’s your new favorite sneakers for spring, plus your new favorite socks.

SHOP: The Bruno Magli Bono Suede Lace-Up Sneakers 

Bruno Magli review

You can also get these sporty suede sneakers in a cool colorway like this handsome light blue option.

But it begs the question, why invest nearly $300 in a pair of men’s sneakers? Again, it all comes down to how Bruno Magli makes them. They’re using Italian full-grain leather and suede for the upper, plus sport-inspired contrast stitching for a bit of retro throwback style. That sleek, dressy-yet-casual look means these are sneakers you can with everything from light grey chinos to light wash jeans to olive lounge pants without missing a beat. The Bruno Magli Bono Suede Lace-Up Sneakers are also built with flexibility in mind for ease of wearing all day long.

You’re getting an ideal blend of comfort and style via the Italian-made construction, and the end result is a pair of men’s sneakers you can wear to the office or to hang out a patio bar this spring. Heck, if you wanted to wear these premium men’s sneakers with, say, a light grey cotton suit and a white Oxford shirt for breezy, dressy spring style, you could certainly do that. When you want the best men’s sneakers for spring, this is the pair to buy.

SHOP: The Bruno Magli Bono Suede Lace-Up Sneakers