See Now, Buy Now: The Alvin Sneakers from Unmarked are the Perfect Sneakers to Wear to the Office

The sleek leather sneakers to wear to the office this summer.

There’s a right way to dress for the office, and there’s a wrong way — increasingly, dressing for the office can mean putting on something like a new pair of the best men’s sneakers (seriously). And in the case of today’s See Now, Buy Now entry, that means the Unmarked Alvin Sneakers are the way to go, a pleasingly minimal pair of sneakers to wear with a classic cotton blazer and slim light wash denim for a casual Friday. But why these stylish leather sneakers and not a standard canvas pair? Why this brand, too? I’ve got (at least) some of the answers, my friend. Namely, the richly crafted Unmarked Alvin Sneakers get all the details right, from the handmade construction (done in Mexico, home of some of the best footwear production around) to the slim profile. In fact, the design of the Unmarked Alvin Sneakers comes to us courtesy of vintage Italian military trainers — a perfect design cue for today’s menswear world.
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An office-ready pair of sneakers, no doubt about it.

And that vintage-inspired design is actually what makes the Unmarked Alvin Sneakers a pair of sneakers you can wear to the office — they’re classic and not ostentatious, perfect for wearing with a navy polo and slim tan chinos. In fact, that same versatility means you can utilize the sneakers on the weekend with olive chinos and your favorite T-shirt — that’s all you need to head out and grab a few brews with your buddies, really. The handsome Maple leather upper is durable and should age nicely over time, while the 360-degre stitched rubber outsole also provides comfort and durability. What’s not to love about the Unmarked Alvin Sneakers? Give ’em a spin and see for yourself.

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See Now, Buy Now: The VANS Classic Slip-ons Are the Must-Have Pair of Sneakers for Spring and Summer

A low-key pair of utterly classic sneakers that offer up plenty of timeless style.

There’s more than a good chance that you’ve seen¬†at least¬†one pair of¬†¬†the VANS Classic Slip-ons in the wild this season already. They’re an iconic, easy-to-wear sneaker that looks great on any guy. And if that’s caused you think about snapping up a pair, well, you’re in luck — I’m checking in from Brooklyn today to say that VANS continues to hit the jackpot with the Classic Slip-ons after all these years. That is to say, they’re simply some of the best and most affordable sneakers your money can buy.
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The VANS Classic Slip-ons are simply some of the best men’s sneakers on the market. They’re a footwear institution all their own, given that the VANS brand has been churning out iconic, slightly edgy, truly classic sneakers for decades. It’s that blend of easygoing appeal and go-anywhere style that’s made them a standout. To wit: You can wear the VANS Classic Slip-ons with darn near anything.

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Instantly recognizable and instantly iconic work from VANS here.

Try them with light wash jeans and a crisp white tee for a super-casual stop at a patio bar. Pair them up with slim tan chinos, a grey Oxford shirt and a classic cotton blazer — boom, there’s your summer office style sorted. Want to mix things up? Wear these stylish canvas slip-ons for a day of travel with slim olive chinos, a white henley and a rugged denim trucker jacket (just don’t forget no-show socks). The great thing is, they look even better a little bit beat-up — and seeing as they’re only $50, you needn’t worry about spending an arm and a leg in case you want to pick up a fresh pair. Last but not least, you can be sure the VANS Classic Slip-ons are ultra-comfortable, all thanks to the signature waffle outsole. What could be better than picking up a historic pair of sneakers for spring and summer? A stylish pair of sneakers you can actually wear all the time.

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See Now, Buy Now: These Leather High-Top Sneakers from Nisolo Are a New Seasonal Favorite

The rugged-yet-casual, seriously cool sneakers to buy for spring and summer.

I make no “if’s, and’s or but’s” about it — you need a pair of stylish leather sneakers in your rotation this summer, and you need a pair as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, you need a pair of high-top sneakers not unlike the Nisolo Cortez Mid-Top Sneakers, made with every bit as much attention to detail as a Nisolo weekender bag or the Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby. These leather high-top sneakers are shockingly versatile and made responsibly — plus, they’re as ready to wear to the office with slim light wash jeans and a classic cotton blazer as they are on the weekend. What makes them so terrific? Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked. If you’re familiar with Nisolo, you know that the brand uses ethical manufacturing practices and works with one of Mexico’s top factories to churn out modern-day essentials — kind of like the Nisolo Cortez Mid-Top Sneakers, in fact. But as luck would have it, that’s only the tip of the iceberg; there are plenty of reasons why these are some of the best men’s sneakers you can slip your feet into this season.

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A classic pair of finely crafted leather sneakers that can pull double-duty this spring.

Yes indeed, these stylish high-top sneakers really get the job done in a multitude of ways. They’ve got construction akin to that of your favorite pair of leather boots, featuring a vegetable-tanned leather upper and a sturdy, comfortable Vibram sole. That means you can wear them all day long, from the office out to an outdoor patio happy hour. The rich brown Tobacco leather on the Nisolo Cortez Mid-Top Sneakers also goes with a multitude of spring style essentials, from tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt to a rugged short-sleeve henley and a pair of classic dark blue denim. The key with a pair of sneakers like this? Don’t overthink — just get as much wear as you can out of them. Sounds good to me. How about you?

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Style Pick of the Week: Huckberry Vintage Trainers

Winter is a surprisingly great time to buy stylish sneakers — find out why.

Shop Faherty BrandNow, the featured #menswear pick in today’s post — the excellent Huckberry Vintage Trainers — might surprise you a bit. After all, we’re in the depths of winter, so why am I recommending you buy a pair of the best men’s sneakers? It’s simple: When you find a great deal on any type of style essentials, no matter what, you should go for it (provided you can financially, of course!). And in this case, the Huckberry Vintage Trainers are assuredly one of the best pairs of men’s sneakers to buy now, then keep close by come spring and summer. And if you live in a more temperate climate? Well, you’re in luck, because the¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†can be worn darn near every day of the week … starting right now. It’s refreshing and exciting to see the great team at Huckberry¬†continue to churn out excellent new footwear, and the¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†— based on an old vintage Italian military sneaker — are just the latest in that very stylish line.

Shop Faherty BrandSHOP: The Huckberry Vintage Trainers 

So, here are the goods on the very cool, very stylish¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers. Long story short: There are only 100 pairs of the Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†kicking around, so you’ll want to act quickly. They’re also affordably priced at under $200 for the type of style and quality you’re getting, including the comfortable leather-lined interior and the use of premium suede and leather on the upper.

A low profile and a gum rubber sole make these an excellent sneaker purchase.

The clean design of the¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†is also to be applauded, from the noticeable lack of branding to the cool gum rubber sole. That sort of design means these sneakers are tailor-made to wear with a classic shawl cardigan, your favorite pair of faded denim, and a rugged henley for a winter coffee run. But the beauty of a classically designed pair of sneakers like the¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†is that they can work when you need to go a bit more tailored, too. Try out the¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†with a tan herringbone blazer, a classic chambray shirt and slim black denim at the office on a more casual day, or pair them with a tailored wool suit and that same chambray shirt for a mix of high-low style. Add a refined leather watch and perhaps a classic peacoat, then call it good. Keep in mind, folks, that’s just how you can wear them during the winter months! You’ll want to keep them handy to pair with slim shorts and a stylish graphic tee on many a spring weekend, too. But for now, your first priority should be snapping up a pair of the¬†Huckberry Vintage Trainers¬†before somebody else does. Hop to it!

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Style Pick of the Week: Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers

Your next pair of fall sneakers … or are they boots?

Not yet familiar with the Vulcanizer brand? Well, my friends — let’s change all of that today as we talk men’s style essentials and get you well-acquainted with the next entry in our always-rugged, ever-fashionable Style Pick of the Week series. The subject of today’s post? The Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers, a boot-sneaker hybrid that looks as tough and stylish as your favorite pair of leather boots … while simultaneously existing in the realm of the best men’s high-top sneakers. Don’t believe me? Read on.¬† Japanese brand¬†Vulcanizer¬†is a new addition to the lineup over at¬†Huckberry, a site that knows a thing or two about curating menswear essentials. It’s really no surprise, then, that the¬†Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers¬†are unique, versatile and rugged — all at once.

It’s gotta start with the classic moc toe construction and vulcanized sole, two touches that surely make the¬†Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers¬†a seriously ready-made addition to your list of fall style essentials, if ever I’ve seen one. The cotton canvas upper is also water-resistant, a key feature that ought to come in mighty handy whether you keep it simple (classic dark denim and a grey crewneck sweater) or a little more stylish (a white Oxford and khaki chinos at the office).¬† Either way, the¬†Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers¬†are going to hold up — to say the least.

SHOP: Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers via Huckberry

A classic pair of high-top sneakers with the look of a pair of durable boots — a fall style favorite, surely.

Make no bones about it,¬† Vulcanizer¬†has certainly taken their time with the Work High Oxford — designed in Japan and made in Romania, you¬† just don’t see sneakers nowadays like the¬†Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers¬†and everything they’ve got going for ’em. Available in three colorways (I like the Brown Work High Oxford the best), these sneakers are durable enough to wear on a light day hike along with a waxed trucker jacket and tough work pants, yet stylish enough to wear to your favorite bar alongside casual style staples like a rugged denim jacket¬†and a classic chambray shirt for the season. The¬†Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers¬†are also a steal in terms of price, clocking in at under $150. That price for a pair of durable sneakers that wear like boots? Sounds just great to me. The moc toe construction is also cool and classic, simply perfect for fall. You should certainly shoot to wear the¬†Vulcanizer Work Oxford High-Top Sneakers¬†to your next football tailgate or brewery visit — they’ve got that rugged sensibility that’ll fit right in alongside dark indigo denim and a rugged long-sleeve henley.¬† So, how’s that sound for your next fall footwear purchase? Easy enough, right?¬†

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See Now, Buy Now: The Victory Sportswear Classic Runner Is Your New Must-Have Sneaker

A retro-inspired pair of runners that manage to look decidedly modern nonetheless.

If you don’t have a pair of the best sneakers for men in your closet — or on your feet — by now, what are you thinking? That’s a blunt question, of course, but the Victory Sportswear Classic Runners are thankfully here to solve any sneaker shopping woes you might be experiencing this spring and summer. There’s a wave of retro sneaker inspiration sweeping the menswear world at the moment, mainly focused on chunky sneakers made by designer brands, sneakers that are meant to look, well … ugly. Thankfully, the Classic Runners aren’t a designer set of sneakers, nor are they ugly. They’re just an affordable pair of spring and summer sneakers that can be worn darn near any way you please in the months ahead. They’ve got handmade, New England pedigree — similar to sneakers from fellow Style Guide favorite Rancourt & Co. — and they’ve got comfort, good looks and style to burn. All positives if you’re looking to round out your list of spring style essentials with a pair of classic men’s sneakers.

Quite simply, the¬†Victory Sportswear Classic Runners¬†are a must-have set of sneakers for the spring and summer, and all the fun you’re going to have out there. They’re a bit more visually interesting — actually, a lot more visually interesting — than classic white sneakers, so they’re a neat alternative if you want to switch up your sneaker game. And the specs are on point, too. The¬†Victory Sportswear Classic Runners¬†feature top-shelf pigskin suede, plus sporty mesh panels, for construction that’s refined and yet still laidback. Heck, even the outsole is made with carbon rubber — all the better for added durability as you wear the heck out of these sneakers. Oh, and that’s another positive — the¬†Victory Sportswear Classic Runners¬†feature styling potential that’s unlike any other set of kicks in your closet. Wear these with slim light wash jeans, a white henley and a military pilot watch for easygoing off-duty style. Then, turn right around and pair up the¬†Classic Runners¬†with a navy cotton blazer, dark denim and a grey pocket tee for classic, casual office style. Sneakers that work at the bar and in your cubicle? Sounds like exactly what you need for spring and summer.

Will the Victory Sportswear Classic Runners be joining your rotation anytime soon? 

Online Shopping Picks: Buy a Pair of the Best Men’s Sneakers for Spring Right Now

It’s time to take stock of your collection of stylish men’s sneakers. We’re well into spring here, so if you don’t yet have a pair of versatile kicks on your feet or in your wardrobe, it’s time to start shopping. Coming from a guy who absolutely loves rugged leather boots, it can be a bit of a weird transition to stow those away and reach instead for lightweight sneakers. Fear not, though — we’ve got plenty of picks in today’s shopping roundup to tickle your fancy. Whether you seek old-school high-top sneakers,¬† classic white canvas sneakers¬†or a modern pair of trainers, the right pair of sneakers is out there just waiting for you. I’d wager you’re going to need more than just one pair, though. Classic spring sneakers can (and should) be swapped in for dress shoes or leather loafers in plenty of spring style situations, including ones that are a bit more out-of-the-box (like at the office with a blue Oxford, tan chinos and a navy cotton blazer). That’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. Your sneakers are going to see a lot of work on casual weekend outings and spring brewery trips, too. And with something as straightforward as a slim pair of dark denim and a grey pocket tee? That’s where any one of these pairs of sneakers are going to excel. Read on and see for yourself, my friends.

#1.¬†Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid in Khaki — $185

Classic design and classic construction makes a great pair of sneakers.

Rancourt & Co. stays in the game when it comes to quality sneakers — seriously, they’ve been making theirs using time-tested methods for decades on end. That approach has led to a sneaker with modern styling potential — the Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid — to go along with classic construction. Done up in a spring-friendly khaki color (the ideal complement to light wash denim and a white henley), these are an upgraded take on your standard music festival kicks. But really, you can wear the Carson Mid wherever you want.

#2.¬†SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll — $62.98

Easygoing and easy to style — SeaVees nails it.

That classic pair of white sneakers that every guys needs in his closet? The SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll¬†fit the bill perfectly. Crafted with the sort of laidback California cool that SeaVees has down pat after more than five decades in the sneaker business, these are the type of sneakers you can wear on your flight … and then right to the beach. And provided you keep them in good enough shape, they can pull double-duty at the office, too.

#3.¬†Oliver Cabell Renes Trainer — $198

A slightly futuristic (yet classic?) pair of leather trainers.

For every pair of easygoing white sneakers, it seems you can find something a little sharper. If that’s what you seek, the Oliver Cabell Renes Trainer is the way to go, easily. A recent entry into the sneaker market, Oliver Cabell is all about quality materials and streamlined design, hence the Italian rubber sole and use of beautiful Italian full-grain leather. The Renes Trainers also boast a slim profile, perfect for matching up with olive chinos, a white Oxford and a navy blazer any day of the work week.

#4.¬†Levi’s Woods Canvas Sneakers — $60

Your favorite denim brand is making a pair of sneakers that are remarkably easy to wear alongside said jeans.

There are times when a guy just needs to wear, well, sneakers. You know. Just plain, simple, stylish sneakers that aren’t too fussy or expensive. That’s where I’d argue the Woods Canvas Sneakers come into play, folks. Made by arguably the most classic denim brand out there, the¬†Woods Canvas Sneakers¬†are an ideal set of casual kicks. Think muted colors, a wearable silhouette and the ability to be paired up with beat-up Levi’s jeans, a crisp heather grey tee and a bomber jacket. I think I just found your new favorite bar crawl outfit.

#5.¬†SeaVees Monterey Sneaker — $68

A seasonally appropriate shade of green that’ll pop just enough against spring neutrals.

If you tire of wearing black, white or navy sneakers consistently and want to add a little color into the mix, the eye-catching SeaVees Monterey Sneakers are the right way to go about it. Available in a shade of green that’s spring-friendly but not too bright, the Monterey Sneakers are another casual option done right by SeaVees. Wear these with chino shorts and a grey cotton polo (plus a stylish casual watch) for a few rounds of patio or rooftop beers. At least, that’s what I’d do.

#6.¬†YORK Athletics Mfg. Featherweight Sneakers — $115

Sporty sneakers that bring a lot of athletic-inspired style to the table.

Rounding out this list, we’ve got a pair of sneakers for the more athletically minded fellas among us. While the YORK Athletics Mfg. Featherweight Sneakers aren’t fully made for working out, they’ve got more sporty style than the rest of this batch. That works out nicely if you want a pair of sneakers that work for quick weekend outings or comfortable travel in equal measure. And hey, the Featherweight Sneakers live up to their billing when it comes to kicks that are both comfortable and stylish.

So, do you have a favorite pair of sneakers from the above list? Are the athleisure-inspired¬†YORK Athletics Mfg. Featherweight Sneakers¬†your pick? Or perhaps you’d go with something like the¬†SeaVees Monterey Sneakers¬†are the ones to get — and wear with everything from a henley and light wash jeans to chino shorts and a slub polo. The streamlined¬†Oliver Cabell Renes Trainer¬†offers a bit more modern style alongside business casual combos like dark blue denim and a navy cotton blazer, while the¬†Woods Canvas Sneakers¬†from Levi’s are a unique offering from a lauded denim brand. If something even more classic tickles your fancy, the¬†SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll¬†ought to get the job done nicely. However, my personal favorite might be the¬†Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid, a classically constructed pair of sneakers with the versatility you can only get from high-top kicks. Let me know your favorites in the comments below, or on Twitter.

Happy spring sneaker shopping!