See Now, Buy Now: These Filson x Danner Boots Are the Perfect Boots for Early Fall

Filson X Danner Combat Hiker Delivers Military-Grade Quality | Man ...

Two companies famed for rugged durability deliver some of the best boots for men, period.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new favorite pair of fall boots is going to come from Filson. That’s right: Filson. If these Pacific Northwest heritage purveyors don’t strike you right off the bat as makers of some of the most rugged men’s shoes, then think again Filson footwear falls perfectly within what you might call “Filson Life,” be it grueling projects at home or lofty excursions in the field.And that’s where today’s See Now, Buy Now pick comes into play. The Filson x Danner Combat Hikers are, simply put, the perfect boots for early fall. They’re a custom iteration of standard-issue combat boots given to troops all across the world, so they can certainly handle anything you throw at ’em.

They’re exactly what you need to navigate rocky terrain, windy weather and tough conditions aplenty — at home or on the road during socially distanced adventures. The best gear for men, after all, doesn’t quit on you when you need it the most, and the same can be said for the best men’s boots. It’s helpful that both Filson and Danner built their brands on creating wildly tough outdoor gear meant to handle any situation, specifically in the Pacific Northwest. These durable, stylish hiking boots fit the mold in that regard. It starts with a hard-wearing, waterproof leather upper and a durable rubber rand placed along the bottom of the hikers, and things only get better from there.

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Dependable men’s boots that blend the best of both worlds when it comes to Filson and Danner.

The best hiking boots for men blend form and function, and the great thing is, these Filson x Danner boots definitely do both (be it back in town, worn with tough chore pants and a rugged henley, or out on the trail). The difference here is the flexible, ribbed Vibram outsole, a hallmark of Danner boots that just so happens to provide excellent traction on slippery trails and surfaces. GORE-TEX lining adds comfort and waterproof protection, too.

The fact that the leather is custom-made for Filson only bodes very well for the long-term durability of these rugged hiking boots (certainly, they’re some of the best men’s boots, period). The Filson x Danner Combat Hikers check so many of the right boxes, you should feel more than comfortable wearing ’em with faded blue denim and a Filson flannel shirt in your downtime hanging out by the fire pit this fall. Sounds pretty unbeatable, right? That’s what you get with Filson and Danner.

SHOP: The Filson x Danner Combat Hikers 

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