The Thursday Buy: This Standard Issue Leather Duffel Is a Winter Getaway Essential

My friends, let’s get to business: It being Thursday and all, today’s Thursday Buy will have you primed for that post-New Year getaway — or any winter getaway, for that matter. I’m talking, naturally, about one of the best weekender bags for men, a new (and very fast-selling) addition to the Huckberry line of in-house goods that assuredly takes the cake when you want standout style and durability. The Standard Issue Leather Duffel is the perfect mix of rugged and refined, sized just right to take all your winter style essentials on a quick getaway upstate, to the coast and beyond. The latest and greatest is part of the new Standard Issue Leather Goods collection at Huckberry, a “vintage-inspired” offering that the brand worked to create with great care from fine leathers from Mexico’s best tannery. And if you know anything about Huckberry, it’s that when the crew sets its mind to achieving something, they certainly deliver.

SHOP: The Standard Issue Leather Duffel

Standard Issue Leather Duffel

In the case of this rugged-yet-refined weekender bag, you’re getting 45 liters worth of carrying capacity (enough to take some versatile gear out on the road for a few days), plus the sort of great looks only Huckberry can provide. Heck, the leather itself is gold-rated, indicating high quality and sustainable production methods. And what’s more, it’s helpful that the Standard Issue Leather Duffel fits right in with the rest of the line itself, which includes everything from a messenger to handsome leather belts and dopp kits. Load up those accessories in your weekender bag, grab your favorite Oxford shirt and leather chukka boots, then bundle up and hit the road. The Standard Issue Leather Duffel is going to be with you every step of the way.

SHOP: The Standard Issue Leather Duffel


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