#OOTD: How to Wear a Topcoat In Style For Winter

Here’s the deal when it comes to today’s #OOTD, one focused on how to wear a topcoat for winter, folks. These days, things are all the more casual, but as I always say, you’re going to have to get dressed again eventually. That’s where this ensemble comes into play. We’ll blend the refined and highly stylish with the ever-versatile to make a high-low outfit that gets the job done, starting with arguably the best men’s topcoat on the market, courtesy of one Todd Snyder. It’s the kind of bold, classic men’s topcoat designed to turn heads in the all the right ways, so it can more than stand on its own as a statement piece with more classic picks along for the ride. Don’t believe me? This Todd Snyder topcoat is so cool as to elevate even the most straightforward men’s style essentials. While we’ll take things in a business casual direction today, you could even wear this topcoat over a Todd Snyder x Champion crewneck sweatshirt. But I digress — back to business casual style.

Consider the classic Oxford shirt from Faherty Brand we’ll tell you all about shortly. It’s seemingly simple on the surface, but utterly timeless and designed to be worn with anything you please (especially a sharp new topcoat).  And the rest of these style picks, including classic slim blue jeans, are designed to take you (safely) out and about on the town, back to the office or on a weekend getaway (hey, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon!). When you’ve got some of the best leather dress shoes for men along for the ride, not to mention a refined-yet-versatile supporting cast of gear, the world is darn near your oyster. It all starts with the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Double-Breasted Officer Topcoat, as you’ll see in 3 … 2 … 1.

The coolest topcoat your money can buy, worn the best way possible.

  • The Topcoat: Todd Snyder Italian Wool Double-Breasted Officer Topcoat, $1,108 — Yes indeed, this topcoat is the best of the best. The price is as eye-catching as the styling potential, but this could be the last topcoat you ever buy. Step out accordingly, folks.
  • The Classic Shirt: Faherty Brand Stretch Oxford Shirt, $128 — This subtly stylish Oxford shirt is the perfect complement to a statement-making topcoat, and that’s just a fact.
  • The Dark Blue Denim: Bonobos Dark Wash Premium Stretch Jeans, $148 — The makers of your favorite chinos are here with a pair of the best blue jeans for men, the kind that are highly versatile, office-ready & yet nice enough for a dinner date.
  • The Dress Shoes: Bruno Magli Butler Cap-Toe Oxfords, $395 — As I’ve said, you’ll have to get dressed again eventually, and what better way to do it than with some of the best men’s dress shoes — they’re a great way to play off your refined topcoat.
  • The Everyday Watch: Timex x Todd Snyder Q Bracelet Watch, $179 — Go right ahead and wear one of the best men’s watches under $200 right alongside your stylish leather dress shoes and bold-as-can-be topcoat — this Timex x Todd Snyder watch can handle everything that gets thrown its way.
  • The Socks: Proof 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks, $32 — Get a two-pack of highly versatile, wear-anywhere socks designed to keep your feet warm and free of odor. Yes sir, Huckberry also makes some of the best men’s socks, this is true.
  • The Everyday Carry: Standard Issue Leather Duffel, $279 — Keep this handsome leather duffel bag handy if your itinerary includes a weekend getaway, or else, use something like the Standard Issue Leather Messenger for a more efficient way to haul your EDC essentials.
  • The Gloves: Hestra Montgomery Lambskin Gloves, $175 — This outfit is nothing if not as sharp and subtly stylish as it gets, and these classic suede gloves are a fitting cold-weather accessory.

How ready are you to step out in style with the best winter style essentials for men, ehh? I know I sure am ready, to say the very least. The key when you invest in something like the Todd Snyder Italian Wool Double-Breasted Officer Topcoat is to really get the most out of it. For me, that means taking this refined topcoat and teaming it with the sort of picks you hopefully already have in your closet, like the best blue jeans for men and of course, a stylish Oxford shirt you can wear with anything. Those pieces should be the pillars of many an #OOTD, and they’re even amped up a notch when you team them with the best men’s dress shoes for business casual or outdoor date night style.

Accessorize with some of the best men’s socks, and you’ll really be letting your Todd Snyder topcoat do the talking. Naturally, you need something crisp and yet highly wearable on your wrist, like a Timex x Todd Snyder watch thathelps offset the pricier items in this ensemble. If you’re headed out of town, load up a leather duffel bag with the best men’s gear around, or else use it as a carryall for everything you need to return to the office. Last but surely not least, keep your digits warm with some classic suede gloves to really tie this look together. It’s all on the table when it comes to dressing the right way this winter, so let’s get into it for the new year.


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