See Now, Buy Now: GREATS Is Now Making Some of the Best Men’s Boots for Winter

GREATS Dante Hiker Boots

A new take on hiking boots from one of your favorite sneaker brands.

If at first you’re confused by the headline — how can Brooklyn-based sneaker brand GREATS be making rugged hiking boots, after all? — well, I’d urge you to bear with me as we dive into the latest and *greatest* See Now, Buy Now entry covering some of the best men’s boot, period, and the best boots for winter, and just in the nick of time. That’s because the GREATS Dante Hiking Boots take every bit of the same DNA that makes GREATS men’s sneakers so, well, great, and amps it up to another level via a highly versatile, exceptionally rugged silhouette. Just when you might have thought you had your rotation of the best men’s winter boots all figured out, this pair enters the fray with the sort of quality you can only get from a brand that blends Portugese leather with sustainable practices. It’s the best of both worlds, seeing as the leather for the GREATS Dante Hiking Boots is tanned with 20 percent less water than traditional leather. You’re still getting a classic pair of brown leather boots, yet with far less waste.

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GREATS boots review

The best details set these newly iconic hiking boots apart from the pack this season.

Call ’em the best leather hiking boots for men or call ’em your new favorite pair, but just know that they can pack a punch when it comes to dealing with inclement winter weather. A sidewall welt sits atop a durable and rugged sole, one that so happens to be made in part with recycled rubber for comfort and sustainability. The contrasting blue laces on this particular pair are a nice pop against drab winter weather, while the silhouette is fairly sleek and not overly clunky. In my view, that means you can team them with looks that include tailored wool trousers, a classic Oxford shirt and a cashmere cardigan.

Of course, you can rock the GREATS Dante Hiking Boots with dark selvedge denim and your favorite henley with ease, too. Again, think of these like a versatile pair of dress boots as much as a pair of snow-ready hiking boots, especially on snowy city streets and outdoor brewery beer gardens. It’s also rare to find a great pair of boots under $300, yet the GREATS Dante Hiking Boots clock in at $250. Score ’em right now, wear the heck out of ’em this season, and reap the rewards all the while.

SHOP: The GREATS Dante Hiking Boots


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