The Sunday Sale: Shop Filson Surplus for More Than 50 Percent Off This All-Season Shirt

Filson men's shirts

A rugged flannel shirt in a Western cut for all sorts of spring layering.

The time is here to stock up on rugged spring style essentials aplenty, the sort of gear picks that won’t let you down when spring unexpectedly turns chilly, breezy or rainy (or all three). That’s where the Filson Surplus section comes into play, offering up final sale deals on the best men’s gear for outdoor adventures, yard work and casual spring get-togethers (of the small variety, that is!). It’s what you’d expect from a dependable retailer that’s been around for more than a century, and it’s that commitment to quality and craftsmanship that makes the Filson Flannel Western Shirt the exact sort of shirt you need in your rotation ASAP.  It’s one of the most versatile men’s shirts for spring, what with its iconic Western build, and it’s available in plenty of sizes and two classic patterns for under $65. It normally retails for $135, so we’re looking at more than 50 percent off here. How about that, huh?

Now, if you read the blog on the regular (where I’ve talked plenty about the best gear to buy from Filson), you know that Filson’s menswear is an investment, at the very least. So to find one of the best men’s shirts for spring for 51 percent off, well, that’s a deal worth getting your hands on.

SHOP: The Filson Flannel Western Shirt 

Filson Western Flannel Shirt

A midweight cotton flannel shirt for all kinds of seasonal layering and expert style.

Your search for one of the best men’s shirts has to check plenty of boxes (including versatility in color options, but let’s start with the basics. As luck would have it, this is a seemingly simple area where Filson excels. In this case, it’s the 6.2oz. cotton twill fabric used in this rugged flannel shirt that gives it, a not-too-heavy and not-too-light feel. It’s been brushed for softness, to boot (can you say bingo?). The fabric weight gives the Filson Flannel Western Shirt the ability to be layered atop a classic Filson men’s T-shirt or a thermal shirt when temperatures dawn particularly cold. You can also wear it underneath a spring-friendly denim jacket  or a Filson rain pullover with ease.

The button-snap front and button flap pockets are akin to what you’d find a much more expensive Western shirt. So, it’s got style points and rugged good looks aplenty going for it. Pair it with a white T-shirt and your favorite pair of blue jeans for all-American style, or rock it with tan chinos for a unique take on a casual Friday when you do return to the office. The Filson Flannel Western Shirt doesn’t hold anything back, so the fact that you can get your new favorite shirt for more than 50 percent off is quite the bonus. Welcome spring the right way, starting today.

SHOP: The Filson Flannel Western Shirt 


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