The Thursday Buy: The Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is a Breezy Summer Style Pick

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer.

Is the search for summer menswear essentials ever really complete? At times and in my experience, it feels like it’s a never-ending quest, or at least a fun journey, to find picks that surprise and delight in terms of your wardrobe.

Everyone’s summer menswear favorites tend to look a bit different based on where you live and how your day-to-day shakes out, but it’s the tried-and-true picks that keep us all going, right? I’ve found that whether I’m working from home and wearing a breezy pocket tee, or heading to a rooftop cocktail event, the good folks at Taylor Stitch always tend to come through in the clutch.

Best camp collar shirt for men this season.

Of course, you might prize pieces that are a touch more classic or straightforward, like one of the best men’s polos or a Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt. And yet, your wardrobe should leave a little bit of room for interpretation: That’s where one of the best camp collar shirts is ready to shake up your menswear rotation just ever-so-slightly.

That shirt, my friends, is part of the always-engaging Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section, and the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt offers up retro and modern style in spades. It’s modeled off camp collar shirts of decades gone by, and you’ll notice that the collar lays flat in a more casual fashion, akin to something you might have seen Don Draper wear.

Retro camp collar shirt for men.

Crucially, the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt harnesses that same sense of casually cool style (without some of Don’s more questionable habits), and it’s every bit as well-designed as you’ve come to expect from Taylor Stitch. In my experience with the brand, texture and fabric is really where the San Francisco brand stands out, and the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is no exception.

It’s available in two dusty, pleasingly summer-friendly shades, Orchid and Sand Jacquard, with 100 percent organic cotton washed fabric that should feel remarkably soft on the skin. So, why a camp collar shirt? Well, the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is a touch more easygoing even when compared to a polo (thanks to the lay-flat collar and straight-hem, standard fit), so it’s a nice change of pace on breezy summer evenings.

Best new summer shirt for men.

The shorter hem also makes it easier to wear untucked, although I’ve found that most Taylor Stitch shirts can be worn untucked without missing a beat (including the brand’s stylish Oxford shirts) Even still, the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is another much-needed, laidback style swerve on the hottest summer days.

Plus, the medium weight means you can wear the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt on your own, or you can style it as I would — unbuttoned over a heather grey T-shirt. Effortlessly cool style is the name of the game with the throwback-inspired camp collar shirt, and the Taylor Stitch Conrad Shirt is a worthy example to add to your wardrobe ASAP.


The Tuesday Steal: Save Nearly 50 Percent On This Stylish Everyday Shirt at Bespoke Post

Best everyday buttondown shirt for men.

Some deals in the world of shopping for men’s style essentials can sometimes feel a little too good to be true, right? That’s often the case over at Bespoke Post, which regularly stocks and sells some of the coolest menswear (and home goods, and bar cart essentials, and outdoor gear!), often at outstanding prices.

Check out the Bespoke Post Sale section to be routinely blown away, for instance — and that’s where you’ll find your new favorite buttondown shirt. That’d be the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt, billed as an effortlessly versatile three-season, cotton-blend shirt — one that just so happens to be 49 percent off today, in fact.

Best casual buttondown shirt for men.

Line of Trade is one of the many brands dreamed up by Bespoke Post, bridging the gap between casual and classic style, and that shines through with the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt. It’s made from 100 percent cotton and finished off with resin buttons, giving it a bit of a shirt jacket-type feel on cool days.

The brushed End on End fabric should also feel plenty soft to the touch, whether worn unbuttoned over your favorite T-shirt or worn buttoned up alongside stylish stretch chinos at the office. Helpfully, the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt also boasts a casual chest pocket, which gives it more common ground with one of the best Oxford shirts, for instance.

And at its current sale price, it clocks in at under $40 — that makes the Line of Trade Arrrow Shirt a downright steal for plenty of stylish, versatile everyday wear. Don’t waste another second thinking about it — just add it to your cart ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: Bonobos Is Making One of the Best Linen Shirts for Summer

Best linen shirt for men.

Folks, what’s a guy to do to beat the heat in the summer months? All the while looking polished while dressing for the office, perhaps wearing one of the best men’s shirts for summer? In my experience, it’s no easy task — not in the slightest, but that’s why I leave it to the menswear experts at Bonobos. The brand has been a longtime favorite of mine, especially for its exceptionally well-fitting jeans and chinos, not to mention a full lineup of some of the best men’s shirts — is there anything the NYC brand can’t do?

Well, I’ve tried out a little bit of everything from the brand over the years, and I’m just not sure there’s an area in which they don’t have you covered in terms of menswear essentials.

Witness the latest and greatest from the brand, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt. It lives up to its billing as a comfortable, ultra-breezy and yes, easygoing shirt, exactly the kind you need to stay cool while looking polished. If it sounds too good to be true, rest easy that, well, it’s not: It’s the Bonobos way, after all.

Stylish linen shirt for men.

Crucially, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts largely the same fit options as the rest of the brand’s well-tailored, classically designed shirts. Choose from Slim or Standard, then select from one of three shirt lengths to nail that optimal fit. But the real key when it comes to the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt might be that all-important fabric. A blend of cotton and linen gives this shirt both a lightweight, breathable feel and yet some nice shape to it. Beyond that, the use of cotton in the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt means that shirt won’t wrinkle quite as easily.

The rest of the details are on point: The Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts a point collar you can wear with or without a knit tie this summer at a seasonal shindig, and the style itself should look polished and appropriate worn tucked or untucked. And the best part about the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt? Of course, you can wear it with ease alongside practically any pair of Bonobos men’s pants or jeans, from light wash denim to stretch chinos. How’s that for staying cool in the heat this summer? Go forth and get to it, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Chambray Shirt is a Timeless Spring Style Move

Best chambray shirts for men this spring.

If you ask your favorite Brooklyn style writer (ha!), I think every guy’s wardrobe should be filled with heavy hitters, reliable menswear essentials that can work in practically any style situation. Take the classic chambray shirt, for instance. Originally a workwear staple, the textured chambray fabric is at once rugged and yet versatile, more casual than your favorite Oxford shirt yet easier to wear (in terms of comfort) than a starched dress shirt.

And the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is a prime example of the style, and yet another way in which one of your favorite menswear brands delivers, well, some of the best menswear essentials.

It’s part of Buck Mason’s ongoing Menswear Spring Preview, an assortment of picks new and old made to be mixed and matched for practically anything your upcoming calendar throws your way. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Buck Mason already makes one of the most rugged spring jackets, along with dependable pieces like stylish men’s chinos and the best men’s henleys. Helpfully, this chambray shirt falls right in that same wheelhouse.

Best men's chambray shirt for spring.

The Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is one of two pleasing, timeless washes in which you can snag this soft, 100 percent indigo yarn-dyed cotton chambray shirt. It’s outfitted with a buttondown collar and chest pocket for casual style points (unlike a traditional dress shirt, which usually forgoes a chest pocket).

Beyond that, the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is just an utterly classic option, made to be layered over a Buck Mason henley and jeans, or styled with Buck Mason chinos and leather loafers at the office. If that sounds like an agreeable spring style combination, I’d urge you to move forward with picking up a new spring favorite.

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Summerweight Favorite Shirt – A Must-Buy Shirt for Warm Weather

Best men's shirt for spring and summer.

There are times when you want to hit it right down the middle of the fairway, so to speak, in terms of your spring style essentials. Times when you want to look polished and crisp without overdoing it, without looking sloppy and without veering too far away from pieces that you know and love.

Take one of the best Oxford shirts, for instance. So named for the iconic fabric that makes up its design, the classic shirt is one that’s tough to improve upon — unless, of course, you’re Todd Snyder. And that’s where the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt does its job so handily.

The all-American designer already specializes in modern updates to rugged classics, like one of the best field jackets, and something as timeless as the Oxford shirt is a ready target for the New York company to take on — and improve, for that matter. As the brand itself says, it just might be time to “say hello to your new favorite shirt,” and the Todd Snyder Summerweight Favorite Shirt steps right up to the tee and knocks it down the middle of the fairway.

Best summer shirt for men.

It’s so named because the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt features the kind of details the designer himself appreciates, from small touches like the perfectly rolled collar and the front-button chest pocket to larger details, like soft and breezy cotton construction. Plus, the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt features cool details like a locker loop — you could easily see this shirt hanging on a wooden peg in a cool menswear shop, right? That’s all the better, because the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt is exactly the kind of effortlessly cool piece the namesake brand has perfected over time.

Plus, it’s available in nine color and pattern options, from a simple sky blue number to some distinctive stripes. Best of all is the fact that you can wear the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt untucked with expertly faded blue jeans, or else tucked in underneath your favorite blazer alongside crisp navy chinos this spring and summer.

And yes, the Todd Snyder Favorite Shirt is an investment at nearly $150, but if you’ve tried Todd Snyder menswear, you know that it’s very much worth the price. Go on then — your new favorite shirt awaits.

See Now, Buy Now: This Rugged Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt Is On Sale Right Now for the Rest of Winter

Best winter shirt for men.

In need of a surefire style upgrade heading into the new year? The kind of style move you can rely on day after day, week after week as cold weather bears down relentlessly this season? You’re in luck with the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, and your good fortune is only improving by the day: You can shop your new favorite shirt over at the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale right now through January 1st, and it’s an opportunity not to be missed as far as upgrading your winter style essentials.

Especially in a rich Cardinal Check color like the option seen at the top of the page, the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is a downright dependable, stylish, hard-working style steal, the kind every guy can use in his wardrobe this season. It’s assuredly a cold-weather upgrade compared to your everyday Oxford shirt (although don’t sleep on the utility of that style this season, either).

Yet when the polar vortex rolls through town, it’s the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt you’ll want to have at the ready — either as a cozy, comfortable shirt to wear in front of the fire or to work from home, or as a mid-layer when duty calls in the great outdoors.

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

Helpfully, the Taylor Stitch Year-End Sale makes this rugged, dependable shirt an even bigger deal, literally: That end-of-year discount drops it down below $90, a solid bargain compared to a full-sale price of $128 for the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt. It’s the details that really make the difference though, be it the handsome, warm yet supple custom organic cotton twill fabric or the stylish, distinctive pattern.

The Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is also more versatile than you might expect: Wear it as an overshirt atop your favorite henley, for starters. The substantial, unique “California” collar frames the face pleasantly, while a chest patch pocket and a front button chest pocket on the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt deliver maximum EDC storage potential.

For good measure, the tail on the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is shorter, making it an easy shirt to wear untucked through casual winter style scenarios (preferably with a pair of stylish Taylor Stitch jeans). Think of it like a well-designed, well-considered fashion upgrade for the season ahead — and it’s all the better that it’s on sale this very instant. You know where to shop and save today.

See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Flannel Shirt Is One of the Coolest Shirts for Men to Buy Now

Best men's flannel shirt

Every guy needs to check certain boxes with his winter wardrobe, like ensuring you’ve got a well-stocked stable, so to speak, of the winter style essentials you’re going to wear every single day. That might be something like a stylish cashmere beanie or one of the best watches for men, but let’s go a little more broad and consider your rotation of the best flannel shirts for men. After all, be it at the office, at a weekend holiday party or even a romantic winter date, the right style moves — yes, including one of the best men’s shirts — can lift your look from good to great.

Like a beefed-up version of your favorite Oxford shirt, the best men’s flannel shirts offer serious style points and critical winter warmth, and the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt is a supremely cool pick-up right now. Made from a super-soft cotton flannel, Todd Snyder says the shirt is “as cozy as it is classic,” and the key is the addition of Tencel fibers for durability and a touch of stretch.

Stylish men's flannel shirt.

The Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt also boasts a classic fit and a button-down collar as a casual style touch (not unlike that trusty Oxford shirt). Crucially, the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt also features other small, elevated touches, like a chest button pocket for a dash of visual interest. This makes it a more casual shirt that you can wear untucked, sleeves rolled, with dark blue denim and your favorite pair of boots (unlike, say, a traditional dress shirt made to be worn tucked in).

Best of all is the fact that the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt looks seriously cool whether worn in rugged fashion with one of the best men’s cardigans or styled with one of the best winter blazers for men. This stylish flannel shirt becomes even more appealing when you consider the five neutral color options, each with enough crisp, richly crafted style for any winter wardrobe. The next time you want to amp up your seasonal style rotation, consider the Todd Snyder Brushed Flannel Shirt — it’s worth the investment.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up in Style With Faherty’s Best-Selling Legend Sweater Shirt

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

We’re just coming off shopping for the best Cyber Monday deals, to be sure, but there’s still ample time to shop one of the best men’s winter shirts — after all, ’tis the season to stock up on the best new menswear, right? And if you’ve felt that your winter wardrobe could use a shot in the arm via a highly versatile, highly rugged yet soft and stylish men’s shirt, you’re in luck today.

10% off Florsheim with code: LNK10

In fact, the good folks at New York City’s Faherty Brand are already well-known for offering deals on the best men’s shirts, but today’s offering is a bit different: Sadly, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt isn’t on sale, but it’s just as worth your time, consideration and cash. Let’s count the ways in which the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a winning winter wardrobe upgrade, shall we?

Best men's flannel shirt for winter.

Yes indeed, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a best-seller at the family-owned brand for a reason, and you might say it knocks it out of the park every step of the way. Crucially, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt uses some of the most versatile fabric on the market. It’s made from a soft, stretchy knit blend with plenty of viscose and elastane — in short, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt looks like a flannel shirt but moves with you like a cozy sweatshirt (it is a true “Sweater Shirt,” to be sure).

It’s relaxed enough to wear atop one of the best men’s henleys or your favorite graphic T-shirt, yet it’s soft enough to the touch to wear on its own.

Mack Weldon

Of course, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt comes in an astonishing array of cool colors, each enough to add a serious shot of style to your winter shirting rotation. It’s one of the best men’s shirts for a reason, given that you can wear it as a mid-layer beneath a waxed winter jacket in cold weather, or as a simple overshirt on brisk fall or breezy spring days.

No doubt about it, the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is a shirt for all seasons, but more than anything, it’s one of the best shirts for men this winter. You’ll have to pony up nearly $180 to score the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt, but given its versatility and quality, it’s well worth the purchase price.

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Alaskan Guide Shirt is One of the Warmest Flannel Shirts to Wear Right Now

Best men's flannel shirt to buy now.

If you’ve been following the blog as of late, you might recall that it’s what I now like to refer to as, well, “Filson weather” — the time of year where it’s ideal to wear one of the best men’s flannel shirts, one of the best men’s wool jackets, and plenty of other rugged gear designed to keep you warm in style.

Right now, there’s one category in particular that’s worth your time and hard-earned cash, and that’s the shirt on your back. Specifically, look to the legendary Pacific Northwest brand to get the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt, one of the warmest flannel shirts to wear right now (and one of the most classic, at that).

The Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt checks all the right boxes as you look for reliable style and rugged performance, to say the least. As far as Filson flannel shirts are concerned, it strikes the right middle ground between the spring and summer-friendly Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt and the brand’s heavier shirt jackets, with an 8 oz. cotton flannel build made from brushed cotton twill for soft comfort right out of the box. And I’d wager you’ll definitely want to wear the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt out of the box, even if you’re not in the Great White North. It’s sturdy but comfortable, and impossibly classic — but it only gets better from there.

Color options like Bottle Green or the timeless Red-and-Black design of the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt work in any style situation, especially more casual winter affairs when worn with Filson indigo denim or tan chinos (yes, Filson makes some of the best jeans for men, too). Plus, the oversized front flap chest pockets on the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt, along with its classic fit, make it easy to layer as an overshirt with room for your everyday carry in extreme conditions.

Style the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt as a mid-layer underneath a Filson waxed jacket for good measure, or wear it as a comfortable shirt jacket to grab some toasty winter beers. The possibilities are nearly endless with a shirt as well-made as the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt — make sure you add one to your wardrobe ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Scout Shirt Is the Most Rugged Men’s Shirt for Fall

Best men's fall shirt

When the going gets tough, the tough layer up with the best fall gear from Filson. That’s how your humble Brooklyn style writer feels, anyway, and there’s never been a better time than right now to get one of the best men’s shirts for fall — just in time for chilly weather and changing leaves, of course. I’d wager that you don’t need me to tell you that the Filson Scout Shirt checks all the right boxes, from rugged functionality to dependable style, especially when worn with menswear classics like Filson blue jeans and rugged leather boots.

I’ll keep it brief today, because this shirt, what with its durable, yarn-dyed fabric, classic, easy-to-layer fit and hard-wearing design, is worth shopping now — as I like to say, “See Now, Buy Now” with the best fall menswear from Filson.