The Friday Read: The Best New Filson Shirt, Best Weekend Beers & the Best Men’s Pomade

Who’s ready for a fine spring weekend, outfitted accordingly with a new Filson shirt? I know I am, and I can say with confidence I think it’s going to be an especially great one (particularly coming off of St. Patrick’s Day, looking towards a warmer spring and celebrating college basketball’s March Madness). I’ll still be clearing out the last of my St. Patrick’s Day beers and wearing one of the best men’s shirts for spring all the while, with new tunes spinning and blog planning in the process — how about you? And yes, I think you can still enjoy one of the best St. Patrick’s Day beers a few days after the fact. Style-wise, I’ve got my eyes focused forward on the best new spring gear from Filson and more, including that stylish lightweight Filson shirt as shown above (you should also layer up accordingly for the season with this Filson rain pullover). Yes indeed, the Filson Kitsap Work Shirt is going to be the ideal way to get the job done this weekend (and beyond). On that note: What’s on your spring to-do list right now?

Before we get into the rest of today’s business, there’s one more thing. Here’s your weekly reminder, of course, to hit Subscribe on my newsletter, which goes out twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday!). In The Style Guide In Brief, I talk about what to listen to for your day, what to shop this week and what to sip on (usually craft beer, or coffee, or whiskey). Again, that’s twice a week and it’s totally free! The ball is in your court now, folks. For the rest of your weekend reading and shopping enjoyment, I give you the rundown in the remaining portion of The Friday Read. Cheers!

Best pomades for men

A cool styling clay to upgrade your look in a hurry.

  • Alright, so we’ve talked a bit about the best new shirt to wear this weekend. But how are you going to style up your hair to go hand-in-hand with that new shirt? After all, a new season calls for a  grooming refresh, too. One of my favorite men’s grooming picks as of late has got to be the Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay, an expert pick if you want one of the best men’s pomades on the market. The packaging is super cool, and the product inside offers a strong hold and a matte finish. It doesn’t get any better than that for a spring hair care routine refresh. Get it now at UNCRATE.
  • OK, folks. Here’s another spring move you’re going to love. The Orvis Heritage Field Coat is a stone-cold menswear classic, the perfect type of rugged waxed jacket to wear through blustery spring rain and wind. It’s got all the proper bells and whistles, including a classic corduroy collar and cuffs, and it wears quite well with everything from light wash denim to durable work pants. Layer up accordingly, my friends.
Converse men's sneakers

Classic sneakers at a truly classic price from Converse.

  • Let’s go with one more spring style pick today, shall we? Because the weather’s been so nice in Brooklyn lately, I’ve been gravitating towards classic men’s sneakers — and adding to my wish list all the while, too. That’s what brings me to the Converse Earthy Buck Chuck Taylor All-Stars, a pair of timeless low-top sneakers to wear with rolled light wash denim on days when it’s too nice and too warm for your Orvis Heritage Field Coat. How about that, folks?
  • Watch fans, rejoice, for Hamilton is back with another excellent timepiece to add to your rotation (if you’re willing to invest a bit of coin, that is). For Maxim, I wrote about the incredibly cool, highly precise and super-sharp Hamilton Chronograph H, featuring a new, intricate movement from the legendary brand. Your accessories game just got a shot in the arm.

That’s just going to nearly wrap up today’s Friday Read. What’s caught your eye from my weekend shopping and reading picks? Is it the rugged, classic Orvis Heritage Field Coat or the lightweight, sporty and stylish Converse Earthy Buck Chuck Taylor All-Stars, perhaps? Let me know in the comments below what you happen to be digging right now. I’ll also leave you with one more pick: I wrote all about my favorite spring boots from TAFT here on the blog, and they’re more than ready to help you step out with style and functionality in mind. Cheers and thanks for reading!


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