The Friday Read: Father’s Day Weekend, Summer Style Essentials & Timex x MadeWorn

My friends, welcome to another lovely summer Friday here in Brooklyn (and hopefully, wherever you happen to be, as well!). It’s a momentous weekend for several reasons, chief among them the fact that it’s Father’s Day weekend — perhaps you might be interested in shipping Dad a last-minute or post-Father’s Day gift from the always-outstanding Huckberry x Coors Golden Hour Series as shown above? After all, what could be a better gift for Dad than rugged menswear inspired by the spirit of creativity and cold beer? Plus, who doesn’t love a refreshing Coors — call it a guilty pleasure — on a hot summer’s day? That’s what I thought. Head to Huckberry to shop the full Huckberry x Coors collection and perhaps pick up some gear for yourself, too.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, and although I won’t be with my dad, I’ll actually be heading back down to sunny Florida early next week — just in time for an extended Father’s Day visit! I hope you’re able to spend quality time with loved ones, and safely, wherever they might be. I’ll also be staying busy this weekend, with some editing and writing for The Manual coming up for me on Saturday. I’ve also been working on some new Maxim stories (one of which is below!), and my latest Huckberry Journal entry is coming up soon, too. So with all that being said, I’ll be plenty busy.

It’s a change of pace from last weekend, when I trekked upstate courtesy of Eddie Bauer to put some stellar Eddie Bauer hiking gear to the test getting around the Catskills from the cozy confines of the Getaway Eastern Catskills outspot. As it were, you can read all about my trip — and subscribe! — at my twice-weekly music-menswear-craft beer newsletter called The Style Guide In Brief. I publish two times a week, and believe me when I say there’s something for everyone, from indie rock to rugged menswear. For now, I’ve also got a few items I think you’ll enjoy heading into the weekend. Enjoy the day, enjoy time with family and enjoy a proper summer weekend!

  • Hey now, here’s a fun one for both yourself and potentially for Dad as an added bonus or a little post-Father’s Day gift. Or actually, well, one heck of an upgraded Father’s Day gift. It’s the new Timex x MadeWorn collaboration that’s really caught my eye as of late, so much so that I covered it for Maxim. The collaboration pairs up the legendary watch brand with the vintage-revival team at MadeWorn, led by artist Blaine Halvorson, and the results really are something else. Shop Timex now to get your new favorite watch after reading my guide.
  • Call this one another fun gift for Dad or for yourself if you’ve been investing a bit in new records across the past few weeks and months. Urban Outfitters stocks and sells some of the best record players out there, the kind of easy and affordable pick-up that can add some color and a whole lot of great sound to your living room, your den or Dad’s home office, easily. A pro tip: Let him know the gift is on the way with a homemade certificate, and then buy a record or two for him to spin when it arrives (Urban Outfitters also sells records!). Easy as that!
  • I talked in my last Friday Read about another undeniably cool gift for Dad, or for anyone really: A new Sean Connery Framed Print from UNCRATE. Well, how about adding this exclusive Steve McQueen Boxing Print to your shopping cart from the always-well-stocked UNCRATE Supply Shop? It’s bold, it’s rugged, it’s iconic and it’ll make a heck of an impression hanging on any wall.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read, and hopefully, you’ve got just enough time to check off a few very last-minute Father’s Day shopping pick-ups. What’s your favorite from the above, either for Dad or for yourself? I personally think the exclusive Steve McQueen Boxing Print is pretty epic, but that’s just me. Last but not least, if you want some shopping suggestions for yourself, check out my guide on how to wear a camp collar shirt this summer. That’s all for now, but you can check back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and you can also hit “Subscribe” over at The Style Guide In Brief for more new content from me. Cheers to the weekend, folks!


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