#OOTD: What to Wear to the Beach for Guys This Summer

Who among us can pass up a trip to the beach these days? As heat waves roll across the country, it can be a nice respite to hit the surf and sand, especially as we roll into the dog days of summer. Enter today’s #OOTD, my ultimate guide on what to wear to the beach for guys this summer. We’re going much more laidback and casual than you might dress on a breezy summer weekday, so stow away one of your favorite lightweight jackets and keep things cool and easygoing. You’ll want to start your look with the basics, the fundamentals of truly getting dressed for the beach with style and utility in mind. That means going with some sustainable men’s swim trunks, specifically a pair with a throwback-inspired cut. They’re a change of pace from the everyday, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Fear not: We’ve got plenty of the best new men’s gear along for the ride, including one of the best T-shirts for men, plus a durable and surprisingly stylish pair of dependable beach sandals, plus another crucial beach essential: Iconic and investment-worthy Steve McQueen Persol Sunglasses, which happen to have the approval of the style legend himself. These picks are going to serve you well for hours at the beach, and yet, you won’t miss a beat when you roll up to a beach bar. It helps that your United By Blue swim trunks even look a little bit like on-trend, stylish men’s shorts. Put it all together, and you’ve got the right look for a stellar day at the beach. Just be sure to pack up your Huckberry x Coors Banquet Cooler (more on that in a second) with the best beach beer for the occasion. Let’s hit the beach, folks. Cheers!

  • The Classic Swimwear: United By Blue Organic Throwback Board Shorts, $78 — What’s not to love about the sustainable men’s swim trunks on offer here from United By Blue? They’ve got a trim, throwback-inspired cut, distinctive detailing and on-point style. The brand also offers more classic boardshorts, too.
  • The Sunglasses: Steve McQueen Persol 714 Sunglasses, $480 via UNCRATE — Aside from your stylish swim trunks, a pair of the coolest sunglasses for men might be the one of the most important accessories to bring to the beach. Luckily, these Steve McQueen Persol Sunglasses, as sold by UNCRATE, fit the bill perfectly. Instantly iconic.
  • The T-Shirt: Wellen Hemp Tee, $36 — Just as important as your classic sunglasses has got to be the right T-shirt. This sustainable T-shirt is well-made, nicely priced and available in a range of versatile colorways, like the one shown here. Plus, it’s a bit more polished than a tank-top when you need a bit more coverage.
  • The Slip-On Shoes: Huckberry x Chaco Chillo “Agave” Sandals, $60 — I don’t often recommend stylish men’s sandals here on the blog, but when Huckberry and Chaco team up on functional, understated beach sandals, well, that’s as good as anything when it comes to what to wear to the beach this summer.
  • The Watch: Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic, $1,005 — Invest in one of the coolest watches for men on the market, and one that’s uniquely beach-ready (it’s a remastered version of the Nautoscaph Watch worn by Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws). It’s the perfect blend of style and functionality, folks.
  • The Hat: Seager Co. The Seager Boys Snapback, $30 — Wondering how to dress for the beach? Top things off with a vintage-inspired ballcap from Huckberry, the kind you can wear for years and plenty of beach trips to come.
  • The Cooler: Huckberry x Coors Banquet Cooler, $95 — Packing up for any beach trip is going to require one of the most durable, best coolers on the market. Huckberry and Coors Banquet have teamed up on a fittingly inspired, legendary partnership, so load up this cooler accordingly with your favorite beer.
  • The Bluetooth Speaker: DemerBox DB2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $349 — You’ve got your cooler loaded up with some of the best beer for summer, and all you need now are some of your favorite tunes played one of the most durable Bluetooth speakers for the beach. Don’t hit the surf and sand without it.

When you start off your beach look with a pair of the sustainable men’s swim trunks, you really can’t go wrong. With United By Blue, you’re getting both eco-conscious construction and an on-trend design, and things only get better from there as far as this #OOTD is concerned. Keep on building your look in breezy fashion with the iconic and seriously cool Steve McQueen Persol Sunglasses, as sold by UNCRATE — that pair is going to set you apart from the pack the right way. And a well-made, sustainable T-shirt is a perfectly breezy tee to wear to the beach, topped off in rugged, retro fashion with a vintage-inspired ballcap. The whole look gets even better and even more throwback-minded, if you can believe it, with one of the coolest watches for men, an instantly recognizable, investment-level watch that’ll turn heads in the best way possible.

Now that you’ve got those style staples down, including a pair of understated beach sandals, it’s time to load up one of the best coolers with perfectly crafted light lager for summer. Be sure not to forget a set of durable Bluetooth speakers to stream your favorite tunes all day long. The ideal beach day is well within reach, so use this #OOTD as your perfect guide as you plan out how to dress for the beach this summer. Once again, cheers to the season.


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