Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt – The Most Rugged Shirt For Fall Right Now

There are certain fall style essentials you come across in your search for the best menswear that make so much sense, it’s a wonder you didn’t have a closet packed full of ’em before. Be that the best boots for men, a rugged henley or today’s Style Pick of the Week, when you know, you really know. And if you’ve been a fan of San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch for as long as I have, then you assuredly know the brand is practically made to deliver cold-weather gear that’s so spot-on, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the best brands for men on the market. That leads us to the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, just the latest and greatest addition to a truly action-packed line of Taylor Stitch shirting that’s up for grabs right now. If you’ve been waiting to buy one of the best flannel shirts for fall, for instance, now is the time, and it’s simply got to be the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt. This year’s edition is everything you’d expect from the long-running brand, which hasn’t taken its foot off the gas in about a decade when it comes to making menswear essentials across the board (think selvedge denim, Oxford shirting, T-shirts and more).

The Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is among a number of styles the brand returns to time and again, including the popular Taylor Stitch California Shirt (perfect to style with a blazer or on its own, untucked), and the Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford Shirt. Each are certainly suited for everyday wear, but when the temperature really starts to drop, well, it’s the undeniably cool, rugged and ridiculously soft and wearable Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt that belongs in your wardrobe and on your shoulders. It’s a winning formula playing off a classic flannel work shirt — note the chest flap button pocket and the contrasting chest patch pocket on the other side, for starters. But truly, you can make the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt all your own this season.

With the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, which only seems to get better each year, well, it really does live up to the hype. It’s the use of hard-wearing yet still soft, relatively breathable 9oz. brushed organic cotton flannel (in a custom twill weave developed exclusively for Taylor Stitch) that sets this durable, rugged shirt apart. The Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is soft right out of the box though, with a fit that allows you to layer it over an equally rugged Taylor Stitch henley or even beneath, say, a Taylor Stitch cardigan (yes, the brand really does do it all). It could be your new favorite flannel shirt for that very reason, and it’s only going to get better and feel softer the more you wear it. It also helps that the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt comes in some seriously cool fall colors, like the rich Forest Plaid shown here.

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This Taylor Stitch shirt is the right way to go

That particular Forest Plaid pattern wears nicely with everything from indigo or black denim to olive chinos for a bit of monochromatic style. Cat’s eye buttons also help make the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt feel like a true overshirt versus a flannel shirt, yet another versatile and easily wearable touch that separates this shirt from the pack. Last but not least, the rugged Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt is made to be layered, yet also features a nicely tailored fit, so it’s not like a baggy workshirt of days gone by. Yessir, this unbelievably cool, comfortable and rugged flannel shirt just gets the job done this season. Make it yours now.


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