The Tuesday Steal: Invest in the Best with A Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

The Story Behind The Runwell Automatic | The Journal

Today’s Tuesday Steal might seem a bit out of the ordinary — after all, if you’re investing in something as nice as one of the best men’s leather watches, isn’t that not quite exactly a steal? Well, perhaps that’s the case, but when it comes down to Shinola watches, it’s actually quite easy to get a lot of bang for your buck. That’s because Shinola men’s watches are packed with intricate details, quality construction, style points aplenty and much more for what you’re ponying up. The Shinola Runwell Watch, in its many iterations and in the timeless design shown above, hits the nail on the head, to say the least, making it as fine a purchase as any this season (and well beyond). Note that the original Runwell features a quartz movement, but you can also track down the Shinola Runwell Automatic. OK, onward!

Now, if you’ve read my blog over the years, you’ll know that I’ve long admired Michigan-based Shinola for its commitment to accessible quality, iconic designs and a nice blend of rugged and refined design. Note that the brand uses Swiss parts to make its watches in Detroit, but it’s still more than worthy of consideration when you want to dive into the best American watch brands.

What exactly makes the Shinola Runwell Watch such a solid purchase if you want standout style that delivers plenty of versatility and rugged appeal? That, my friends, is pretty plain to see. The Runwell clocks in with a case diameter of 41mm, highly wearable on most wrists, and uses a striking dial design that’s somehow classic and just a bit mid-century-modern, and yet undeniably fresh. It’s made with a high-accuracy quartz movement, one of the reasons why those who prefer more expensive, mechanical watches might not prefer the brand. But when you consider the handsome and frankly iconic design of the Shinola Runwell Watch, plus the price — a more than agreeable $595 for some models of the Shinola Runwell Watch — you start to see why this is a true Tuesday Steal in every sense of the word.

And if you’re the type of guy who’s just entering the world of watches, then something as accessible and highly wearable as any number of Shinola men’s watches is a great place to start. With the right mix of rich leather straps and bold, contrasting designs, plus options like chronograph functionality (for tracking other, smaller units of time aside from the main watch dial), Shinola men’s watches are a seriously cool and useful bet. Plus, you can wear a design like the Shinola Runwell Watch with everything from a navy wool winter suit to your favorite henley and faded blue jeans (I should know — I’ve done both). With any option you buy, the Shinola Runwell Watch gives you standout wearability and classic looks, no matter what.

Invest in the very best with a Shinola Runwell

This watch is the right way to go, any day of the week

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