The Tuesday Steal: Invest in the Best with A Classic Shinola Runwell Watch

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Today’s Tuesday Steal might seem a bit out of the ordinary — after all, if you’re investing in something as nice as one of the best men’s leather watches, isn’t that not quite exactly a steal? Well, perhaps that’s the case, but when it comes down to Shinola watches, it’s actually quite easy to get a lot of bang for your buck. That’s because Shinola men’s watches are packed with intricate details, quality construction, style points aplenty and much more for what you’re ponying up. The Shinola Runwell Watch, in its many iterations and in the timeless design shown above, hits the nail on the head, to say the least, making it as fine a purchase as any this season (and well beyond). Note that the original Runwell features a quartz movement, but you can also track down the Shinola Runwell Automatic. OK, onward!

Now, if you’ve read my blog over the years, you’ll know that I’ve long admired Michigan-based Shinola for its commitment to accessible quality, iconic designs and a nice blend of rugged and refined design. Note that the brand uses Swiss parts to make its watches in Detroit, but it’s still more than worthy of consideration when you want to dive into the best American watch brands.

What exactly makes the Shinola Runwell Watch such a solid purchase if you want standout style that delivers plenty of versatility and rugged appeal? That, my friends, is pretty plain to see. The Runwell clocks in with a case diameter of 41mm, highly wearable on most wrists, and uses a striking dial design that’s somehow classic and just a bit mid-century-modern, and yet undeniably fresh. It’s made with a high-accuracy quartz movement, one of the reasons why those who prefer more expensive, mechanical watches might not prefer the brand. But when you consider the handsome and frankly iconic design of the Shinola Runwell Watch, plus the price — a more than agreeable $595 for some models of the Shinola Runwell Watch — you start to see why this is a true Tuesday Steal in every sense of the word.

And if you’re the type of guy who’s just entering the world of watches, then something as accessible and highly wearable as any number of Shinola men’s watches is a great place to start. With the right mix of rich leather straps and bold, contrasting designs, plus options like chronograph functionality (for tracking other, smaller units of time aside from the main watch dial), Shinola men’s watches are a seriously cool and useful bet. Plus, you can wear a design like the Shinola Runwell Watch with everything from a navy wool winter suit to your favorite henley and faded blue jeans (I should know — I’ve done both). With any option you buy, the Shinola Runwell Watch gives you standout wearability and classic looks, no matter what.

Invest in the very best with a Shinola Runwell

This watch is the right way to go, any day of the week

Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Leather Watches To Buy Now

Whereas recent online shopping picks entries have covered everything from the best men’s home goods  to smaller accessories like the best gloves to buy for winter,  we’re going back to basics today and telling you all about an everyday essential. That is, we’re shifting gears to something that should likely be a part of your daily style ensemble — a great leather watch. We’ve taken a deep dive with rugged casual watches and stylish dive watches, but a simple, sharp leather watch can — and likely should — become an easy-to-wear, everyday go-to in your rotation. Even if you don’t consider yourself a watch aficionado, adding a crisp leather watch to a simple outfit — say, a classic chambray shirt and dark denim — can add visual interest, subtle style and a sense of purpose (notice how more folks use their phone to check the time than a watch?). At any rate, we’re focused on affordability, classic looks and wearability when it comes to today’s #menswear picks. Shop away, chime in on Facebook and follow yours truly on Instagram for a look at how I wear my favorite watches.

#1. Shinola Runwell Watch — $550

A clean, simple and versatile watch worthy of an investment.

A clean, simple and versatile watch worthy of an investment.

Let’s call this “the watch that started it all” — at least for this menswear writer. It’s tough to argue with Shinola’s crisp, classic and durable approach to watch construction — even if some oppose the brand’s marketing practices — but make no mistake, you’re buying quality when you buy a Shinola timepiece.  In fact, this very watch made a past men’s style holiday wish list on this site, and it’s still a coveted timepiece. Anyone out there have any experience with Shinola?

#2. Orient Bambino Second Generation Watch — $198.98

Orient Bambino

Super-sharp, classic and easy to wear with just about anything.

Whereas the Shinola Runwell leans more casual, the Orient Bambino Second Generation  is all dressy, refined and crisp style. With a textured leather strap, a just-right 40.5mm case diameter and minimal dial markings, it’s the watch you’ll want to wear with your best tailored suit this winter, and then slim stone chinos and stylish suede Chelsea boots come spring. In fact, the refined, sharp aesthetic means it’ll class up even a T-shirt and denim — give it a shot sometime in place of a more casual rubber strap watch.

#3. Seiko Dive Watch — $319.98


A leather watch that can pull double duty at the office and on the weekend.

Leave it to Huckberry to offer up a versatile, tough dive watch with not one, but two strap options (suede leather from Lum-Tec and a rubber strap option). In an eye-catching red-and-blue color combo, the 40mm case diameter hits the sweet spot for those of us with larger or smaller wrists. The option to switch up the straps means this timepiece will work just as stylishly at the office with the leather option as it will with high-top sneakers and a classic crewneck sweater as you swap in the rubber strap. Two for the price of one, ya dig?

NOV CAMPAIGN: Photo of brown boots with logo (no border)

#4. MVMT Watches The 40 in Blue/Brown Leather — $120

A clean watch with an eye-catching dial-and-strap combination.

A clean watch with an eye-catching dial-and-strap combination.

The folks at MVMT Watches make essential, no-frills watches fit for situations both casual and dressy — and that makes ’em a Style Guide favorite. If you saw our January 2016 MVMT Watches product review, perhaps you’re already acquainted with the brand’s classic 40 Series. If not, consider this a great introduction. The  brown leather strap and blue dial are a study in handsome contrasts, and the relatively slim case means this is a great watch to offset everything from a tailored navy suit to a classic blue Oxford this winter — and well beyond.

#5. Linjer The Minimalist — $224.98

Clean, essential and unique. Everything you could want in a nice leather watch.

Clean, essential and unique. Everything you could want in a nice leather watch.

If you’ll recall, this site reviewed a sharp Linjer Leather Goods wallet all the way back in 2015 — the brand has certainly grown quite a lot since then, including its introduction last year of crisp, sleek watches.  In particular, the brand’s Minimalist Watch solidifies its place on this list, what with its super-sharp looks and a very clean dial. This is certainly a dress watch for any and all occasions, but again, the crisp design means you can wear it casually with dressed-down ensembles. And hey, you need a watch to offset your Linjer wallet, right?

Honorable Mention: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Timex Fairfield — $98


A recent introduction from Timex meets a classic, tough leather strap.

If you’re looking to upgrade your watch collection on a budget, you’re going to want to check out this honorable mention. It’s comin’ at ya from our pals at Form-Function-Form and Timex — in particular, the Form-Function-Form team knows how to make a sturdy, handsome leather strap to reliably complement any watch. And when that watch happens to be a clean timepiece like the Fairfield, that’s all the better. It’s been refreshing to see Timex update its designs as of late, and the result is a surefire winner that looks great and pairs well with picks like a slim cardigan and dark denim.

That’s a wrap on today’s online shopping picks, folks. Which of the above watches are you thinking of adding to your collection? If you’re looking for sharp versatility, a pick like Linjer’s The Minimalist is tough to beat. On the more rugged end of the spectrum, Seiko packs plenty of functionality and eye-catching design into its timeless Seiko Dive Watch, while perennial Style Guide favorites MVMT Watches serve up go-anywhere style with the brand’s 40 Series. Hopefully, you’ve found these picks affordable and stylish — right? Shop on, stock up and see you out there.

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The GQ x Tiffany’s CT60 Watch Collection Preview

Vintage GQ magazines, fine watches & fine whiskey — the preview of the CT60 Collection.

Vintage GQ magazines, fine watches & fine whiskey — the preview of the CT60 Collection.

Last night, I was lucky enough to get another great opportunity through the fantastic GQ Insiders program. I had the chance to attend a special preview for Tiffany’s CT60 Watch Collection — a set of limited-edition timepieces that honor Charles Tiffany, founder of the iconic brand. He’s perhaps best remembered for installing one of the first — and largest — public clocks in the city (#TiffanyNYMinute, anyone?) As if the watches themselves weren’t impressive enough, the event was held at a new GQ-sponsored space, The Gent — complete with a complementary whiskey tasting and delicious (if small) appetizers. In addition to the new watches, select offerings from other Tiffany’s collections (like the Seattle Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl ring) were also on display. (I was also fortunate enough to get another look at the watches during the Thursday morning launch at the Tiffany’s flagship, and they’re just as lovely in the light of day).

The limited edition rose gold chronograph, inspired by a Tiffany's watch given to FDR in 1945.

A limited edition CT60 rose gold chronograph, inspired by a Tiffany’s watch given to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945.

First, the CT60 Collection watches themselves: beautiful, absolutely beautiful. 23 (23!) different dial & strap combinations, powered by automatic Swiss movements. I’m not necessarily a watch snob by any means (although I do love me a great timepiece), so I’m not bothered too much by the automatic vs. quartz debate. I can, however, appreciate great design and heritage quality — and that’s exactly what these timepieces bring to the table.

Two square-dial watches from Tiffany’s East West Collection alongside four variations of the CT60 Collection.

Granted, the price points are hardly for everyone (or anyone, for that matter?). On the low end, one of these will set you back $4,250 — while the limited edition rose gold calendar chronograph seen in the second photo is … $19,000. Yes, for the price of a watch you could also pay for a year of college tuition (and plenty of other things). So, best to put that wallet away for now. Eye-popping prices aside, it’s always great to see what an iconic company can do in terms of design — and these really are well-designed timepieces.

Simple numerals on the dial and smaller case diameters make these crocodile strap options classic & understated.

The entire collection calls to mind simpler times, with understated, no-frills designs — minimal dial comlications, crisp numerals and smaller case diameters (up to 42mm). In addition to the pricey Calendar option seen above, there’s a Chronograph and a more basic Three-Hand style, too. There’s a men’s-sized 40mm option in the Three-Hand variation, and a smaller women’s 34mm option, too. Strap variations include brown & black crocodile leather bands, as well as a stainless steel band with (among others), stunning a blue or dark brown or slate grey dial.

On the left: The women's 34mm stainless steel option. On the right: the 40-mm men's option.

On the left: The women’s 34mm stainless steel option. On the right: the 40-mm men’s option.

In particular, the crocodile strap options were drool-worthy (and yet insanely pricey!). They call to mind other designs that focus on classic (but not stuffy) refinement — like Shinola’s Runwell watch. These timepieces are certainly cost-prohibitive, but the design cues they emphasize mean it’s easy to get something relatively simliar for WAY less cash — look to Shinola, for starters. Only the lucky few will be able to pick up something from this collection, but in the meantime, a guy can dream — right?

Which watch is on your wish list? How much is TOO much when it comes to a nice watch?