The Sunday Sale: This Bonobos Stretch Shirt Is The Best Menswear Deal to Buy This Season

Product Image

When is a shirt so much more than just a shirt? When it’s the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, and namely, when it’s on sale for one heck of a solid deal heading into the depths of fall and the start of the holiday season. There are plenty of great reasons to consider upgrading your shirting rotation for the weeks and months ahead, and helpfully, the makers of some of your favorite pants are also offering up quite the slew of deals in the Bonobos Sale Section these days. If it’s the best menswear deals that you seek, then I’ve got some news for you: You’re going to find them at Bonobos. The long-running brand, founded on making perfect pants for men, is now so much more than that, with the chops to prove it across the board. That goes for cozy outerwear, warm sweaters and of course, one of the best casual shirts for men, too. The Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt is the kind of core piece that Bonobos does so well these days, and it’s ideally suited to be paired with Bonobos chinos for casual and dressy days at the office and at home this holiday season (starting soon with Thanksgiving, of course).

Where to begin with the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, right? For starters, it’s the kind of shirt you really can wear every single day, with classic buttondown construction made to be worn untucked, underneath a shawl cardigan or paired up with your favorite blazer (all of which you can find at a place like the Bonobos Sale Section). The Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt has the proper specs for maximum versatility, too — it all starts with a cotton-elastane blend that’s just as stretchy and comfortable as the brand’s Stretch Chinos (again, look for a deal on these in the Bonobos Sale Section).

The shirt available right now comes in a Slim Fit and Regular length, but other sizing options are available in plenty of other Bonobos men’s shirts. In fact, the Blue Check Light Chambray iteration of the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt (which you can wear with everything from tan chinos to burgundy corduroys) retails for $79 and has plenty of sizes available. Whichever color, pattern and fit you select of the essential Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, it’ll certainly prove to be your new favorite daily shirt.


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