The Friday Read: The Todd Snyder Summer Sale, Tag Heuer’s New Watch & The Best Corduroy Shorts

My friends, it’s proven another busy, whirlwind week, and we’ve got plenty of ground to cover in today’s Friday Read, so let’s get right to it. I’m going to start things off in proper fashion, of course, by recommending one of the best menswear sales to shop right now: That’d be the Todd Snyder Summer Sale, which offers standout savings on some of the best menswear essentials around.

You won’t want to miss those savings, and you’d also do well to check out yesterday’s post on the best new polo to shop for the season at hand. These are the sort of style picks I’ll be shopping for on my own this weekend as I kick back and relax in Brooklyn (helped along by plenty of coffee and craft beer, of course). Be sure to follow along on my Instagram to keep up with the fun — the rest of today’s Friday Read is below, of course. Cheers, folks!

  • Now, I’m a huge fan of a refined, versatile watch, which is why it was such a treat to write up my latest feature for Maxim — head over to the site ASAP to read about and shop the new Tag Heuer Carrera Red Dial, with words by yours truly. Talk about a stunner of a timepiece, ehh?
  • A guy’s wardrobe assuredly needs options when it comes to summer style, and that includes your rotation of stylish, lightweight shorts. With that in mind, I wrote all about a retro style pick that’s made a major comeback as of late: The best corduroy shorts for the season. Head over to SPY to check ’em out, my friends.
  • I mentioned it earlier, but consider this a proper introduction to one of the best men’s polos from one of the country’s best menswear designers — Todd Snyder, of course. Check out yesterday’s blog post ASAP, folks.

If you ask me, those picks will round out today’s Friday Read nicely, will they not? Here’s to starting your weekend in style — be sure to check back here for this weekend’s Style Pick of the Week, too. Cheers!

See Now, Buy Now: It’s The Last Day to Shop More Than 1,300 On-Sale Items at Huckberry’s Summer Sale

I’m of the opinion that when it comes to building a great wardrobe, or figuring out the menswear essentials that work best for you, it’s all down to one thing: Repetition. That’s why I’m repeating myself ever-so-slightly to start the week, and I’m directing you to once again shop the Huckberry Summer Sale.

As you might have read on the blog over the weekend, Huckberry’s Annual Summer Sale only runs through today — yes, today as in Monday — and it’s packed with a stunning array of gear you can actually wear the rest of this summer (unlike other sales, which tend to feature menswear from last season).

The fact that the sale gives you up to 45 percent off the best menswear essentials is impressive in its own right, as is the array of stylish menswear on tap from the lauded San Francisco and Austin retailer. If you haven’t yet shopped this sale, rest assured that there’s still just enough time to get everything from the best men’s shorts to your new favorite T-shirt — and so much more, assuredly.

A few of my favorites? Of course, it’s tough to pick just a few, but I’m all about Wellen’s stylish swim trunks, a pair of the best men’s shorts from Flint and Tinder, and some of the best summer slip-ons for easygoing style. Act now to make each of these picks yours, because time is of the essence. Stay stylish, my friends!

The Weekend Sale: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale Features the Best Menswear Deals Around Right Now

Huckberry Summer Sale 2022

When a once-a-season sale rolls around, especially one jam-packed with some of the best menswear and best gear of the moment, it’s in your best interest to shop that sale — of course, if you read the blog, you know this too well. The sale in question today? It’s an impressive one, and notably, it only runs for one more day — it’s the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale, boasting up to 45 percent off some of the most rugged menswear and gear on the market. Again: The Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday, so it’s high time for you to start shopping (if you didn’t hop right on it earlier this week, that is).

Shop and save now at Huckberry

These deals run through July 25th

Of course, we’ve talked plenty in the past about how rare it can be to get deals on the best in-season gear — as in, gear you can actually wear once it arrives on your doorstep. As one would hope, the Huckberry Summer Sale features plenty of gear picks that hit the mark, including fan favorites like the much-loved Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, plus some of the best men’s T-shirts and even some stylish summer slip-ons for your next breezy vacation.

It’s worth repeating that the Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday — in the spirit of giving you plenty of time to shop, I’m going to wrap up this post, folks. Stock up, save and get ready to take on the rest of summer in style: I’ll see you out there.

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Summer Sale, The Best Outerknown Menswear & A New Shinola Watch

Best summer menswear deals.

Folks, is it hard to believe it’s already (almost) the end of July? Summer is rushing by, yes indeed, and although I might be on the road this weekend — in lovely Portland, Maine, as you might have seen on my Instagram! — there’s no time to waste when it comes down to getting dressed in style this summer. Case in point: Today’s featured sale in our Friday Read, the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale. It runs through Monday and offers you up to 45 percent off the best men’s style gear of the season, and it won’t be the last time you hear about it this weekend. I can guarantee you it’ll give you the best chance yet to step into summer in style — and yes, there’s still plenty of time to dress well in the heat right now.

As for me, well, as I said, the weekend rolls along as I check out a beloved Northeast city in this intense heat wave. With that being said, here are just a few key style reads to get your Friday rolling the right way. After all, the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale awaits, so let’s get right into the rest of your weekend, yes? Yes indeed. Cheers!

  • Here’s one weekend kickstarter I think you’re going to love, especially if you’re a boating enthusiast, and especially if you’ve had your eyes on a stylish Shinola men’s watch. Head over to Maxim to read my take on the newest Shinola watch, one that’s more than ready to hit the high seas, thanks to its sailing-minded functionality. Your new favorite timepiece is up for grabs, folks.
Most sustainable style for men.
  • We’re not done talking about the best men’s style deals quite yet, my friends. Make your way over to Outerknown — the sustainable style brand founded in part by legendary surfer Kelly Slater — to shop a plethora of the best menswear deals in all manner of categories for the rest of this season (and beyond).
  • How about one more pick to jumpstart your weekend, yes? I’ll take you back over to Huckberry to shop the perfect mix of rugged, casual and throwback-inspired gear: The Huckberry x Coors partnership harnesses Huckberry’s principles of rugged adventure and plenty of fun, and it does so with serious style in mind. I’ve got you covered with yesterday’s blog post, my friends.

I’m going to wrap things up here in the spirit of keeping you on your toes — and in the spirit of giving you time to shop plenty of covetable menswear via the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale. Good luck out there and stay cool, folks!

The Tuesday Steal: Shop Filson’s Semi-Annual Sale for 40 Percent off the Best Outdoor Gear

My friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, something that’s a key part of how we do things here at The Style Guide: When some of the best men’s outdoor gear goes on sale, it’s crucial you hop on those deals as soon as possible. I suppose that’s not the biggest secret of them all, but it’s especially relevant in today’s Tuesday Steal: The Filson Semi-Annual Sale is rolling along right now, offering 40 percent off some of the best outdoor gear for men, with picks aplenty for this season and each season thereafter.

If you read the blog on the regular, you’re well aware that the legendary heritage outfitter can upgrade your gear in the blink of an eye with picks like one of the best lightweight summer shirts, and there’s plenty more where that came from in the Filson Semi-Annual Sale.

Within the sale itself, you’ll find just about rugged gear pick you could ask for, from work pants to work shirting, durable jackets and breezy T-shirts — to name but a few categories in which Filson excels. I’m going to keep things brief today, because the Filson Semi-Annual Sale won’t be around for very long. Shop these deals ASAP, folks.

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 60 Percent Off the Best Menswear at the Everlane Men’s Sale

The best menswear at Everlane.

Finding the best early spring menswear is actually easier than it sounds, although the challenge of sorting through the latest and greatest new releases can be daunting, no doubt. Enter the Everlane Menswear Sale, an ongoing, rotating selection of gear to outfit you for any occasion this season and beyond. It’s March, after all, and spring looms, so versatility is key. That goes for dressing to head back to the office or layering up to fight back against spring rain — Everlane, a favorite brand of mine (and of customers, according to Everlane reviews) is your new go-to. You’ll get up to 60 percent off more stylish menswear than you can shake a stick at, figuratively speaking: All you need to do is shop the Everlane Menswear Sale and add as many picks as you please to your cart, as it were. What exactly should you buy? Reader, I’m glad you asked.

Everlane has a knack for delivering high-quality staple pieces in neutral, easy-to-wear colors, whether it’s a pair of the best shoes for men or a rugged overshirt for layering on the go. And at the Everlane Menswear Sale , you’ve got the chance to pick up plenty of similarly well-designed, dependable gear. Get performance chinos for under $60, save 60 percent on the best sneakers for men and even get a selection of men’s T-shirts for under $10 — yes, under $10. The Everlane Menswear Sale is one of the better deals I’ve seen in some time, and once you peruse the well-made, well-curated offerings, I think you’ll agree. Let’s get into a new season by saving money in style. Cheers!

The Tuesday Steal: Take $60 Off this Billy Reid Sweatshirt Right Now

Now, here’s the thing with shopping the best menswear deals: They tend to go quickly, which is why you’d do well to stock up on the stylish, classic men’s sweatshirt it’s $60 off at Billy Reid ($138, versus $198). That’s quite the deal, especially when the brand in question is led by one of the country’s best menswear designers, Billy Reid. It’s all part of the outstanding and fast-selling Billy Reid Winter Clearance, so I’d do yourself a favor and act quickly. Now, if you’ve read any of my Billy Reid reviews, you know that the Alabama-based brand takes a distinctly cosmopolitan approach to menswear, upgrading classic pieces with refined touches in a way that only Billy Reid can do. Take the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt seen here, after all. It’s one of the best men’s sweatshirts in its own right, made in Peru from a medium-weight cotton blend that’s not too overwhelming for layering atop, say one of the best men’s winter shirts. It then gets a neat, rugged upgrade thanks to leather sleeve patches for a tough of old-school cool. Yes indeed, they simply don’t make ’em like the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt anymore, except for, well, Billy Reid.

If you weren’t convinced already by that standout deal, just know that the Billy Reid Winter Clearance is moving quickly and won’t be around for very long. It’s rare to find deals on stylish shirting, essential knits, classic sweaters, some of the best men’s denim and more, particularly when you consider the fact that Billy Reid menswear can get quite pricey on its own. Even the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt normally retails for close to $200, so seeing $60 get knocked off the purchase price is a very welcome sight indeed. When you want plentiful menswear deals, it’s the Billy Reid Winter Clearance you should shop right now. If you end up scoring this sweatshirt, let me know in the comments. Happy shopping and saving, my friends!

The Friday Read: The Olivers Apparel Mystery Box, BACARDI Rum & A Taylor Stitch Sale

Taylor Stitch Waxed Bomber Jacket

Here’s the deal: It’s Friday, it’s the holiday season and in my estimation, that makes it one heck of a great time to shop and save. It’s never a bad thing to get a deal on some of the best men’s outerwear, and starting tomorrow, that’s what San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch is offering up. The famed brand, one of the best online menswear shops for guys, is running an Outerwear Flash Sale, giving you 25 percent off select outerwear and 50 percent off select archive styles. The Taylor Stitch Outerwear Flash Sale only runs Saturday and Sunday, so mark your calendars accordingly and then get shopping. How’s that for the right way to start a weekend? It’s not bad at all, if you ask me.

It’s one heck of a way to jumpstart your winter wardrobe, and it’s a pretty fitting one in my neck of the woods. I’ll be bundled up on a winter weekend trip back to Michigan to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday (Chris Spyke, whom I met on the first day of kindergarten, no less!). I can’t believe this milestone is already here, and my own 30th birthday follows next month. Expect great beer and plenty of bundled-up ensembles if you follow me on Instagram, and if not, well, what are you waiting for? I’ll be sure to share more details on the Taylor Stitch Outerwear Flash Sale on social media, too. Stay tuned, shop safe, be well and cheers to more weekend menswear deals!

  • Interested in stocking up on some of the best new menswear at a discount? With some additional goodies up for the taking, to boot? Well, Olivers Apparel has you covered with its Mystery Box promotion right now. Here’s the scoop While supplies last, customers will get to pick between a $150 or $275 Mystery Box. These boxes are both a ‘surprise’ in that the contents of the box are unknown, and they’re also sold for 50 percent off retail. How’s that for finding the best menswear on sale now, right?
  • Who can turn down cozy holiday style? Not I, and I can’t quite turn down the chance to both test out some new apparel and try some classic BACARDI rum. It’s very good news, then, that the legendary brand just launched an apparel collection with Aviator Nation, here just in time for the holidays and plenty of laidback (yet stylish) lounging. While you check that out, of course, you should also use Drizly to get BACARDI delivered to your door. Happy shopping and sipping, folks.
  • If you missed this feature just yesterday, well, have I got the menswear pick you need now. Layer up for winter with this rugged Relwen tanker jacket, the sort of pick you’ll only find within the well-stocked digital shelves of Huckberry. It’s perhaps my new favorite jacket of the moment, and I think you’ll more than agree.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read just in the nick of time, seeing as I’ve got some Michigan winter festivities to enjoy this weekend. I hope you’ve got a fun, safe, holiday weekend planned yourself, ideally outfitted in the most stylish menswear on the market. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Style Guide!

The Sunday Sale: This Bonobos Stretch Shirt Is The Best Menswear Deal to Buy This Season

Product Image

When is a shirt so much more than just a shirt? When it’s the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, and namely, when it’s on sale for one heck of a solid deal heading into the depths of fall and the start of the holiday season. There are plenty of great reasons to consider upgrading your shirting rotation for the weeks and months ahead, and helpfully, the makers of some of your favorite pants are also offering up quite the slew of deals in the Bonobos Sale Section these days. If it’s the best menswear deals that you seek, then I’ve got some news for you: You’re going to find them at Bonobos. The long-running brand, founded on making perfect pants for men, is now so much more than that, with the chops to prove it across the board. That goes for cozy outerwear, warm sweaters and of course, one of the best casual shirts for men, too. The Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt is the kind of core piece that Bonobos does so well these days, and it’s ideally suited to be paired with Bonobos chinos for casual and dressy days at the office and at home this holiday season (starting soon with Thanksgiving, of course).

Where to begin with the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, right? For starters, it’s the kind of shirt you really can wear every single day, with classic buttondown construction made to be worn untucked, underneath a shawl cardigan or paired up with your favorite blazer (all of which you can find at a place like the Bonobos Sale Section). The Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt has the proper specs for maximum versatility, too — it all starts with a cotton-elastane blend that’s just as stretchy and comfortable as the brand’s Stretch Chinos (again, look for a deal on these in the Bonobos Sale Section).

The shirt available right now comes in a Slim Fit and Regular length, but other sizing options are available in plenty of other Bonobos men’s shirts. In fact, the Blue Check Light Chambray iteration of the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt (which you can wear with everything from tan chinos to burgundy corduroys) retails for $79 and has plenty of sizes available. Whichever color, pattern and fit you select of the essential Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, it’ll certainly prove to be your new favorite daily shirt.

The Friday Read: New Jeans from Mott and Bow, Work-From-Home Footwear & Grayers Face Masks

Get a tee, give a tee — a perfect way to give back to charity relief efforts.

As we kick off another Friday Read here on The Style Guide, we’re going to dive right in the best way possible: By highlighting a great way to give back to front-line first responders. Those relief efforts come courtesy of Huckberry, who just launched its For the Frontlines program. The scoop is this: Put your hard-earned dollars toward both style and a good cause through buying the Proof 72-Hour Frontlines Donation Bundle. You get a stylish merino tee for yourself, and another shirt is being sent to a frontline worker — how cool is that? You can also request a T-shirt of your own if you happen to be a frontline worker. If that’s the case, thank you on behalf of this small Brooklyn style blog for your extraordinary service. The cause is a noble (and stylish) one, so kudos to Huckberry for launching this program.


In the meantime, there are other ways you can give back to COVID-19 relief efforts. For instance: Head to HELM Boots to pick up your new favorite leather boots, then use the code “donate20” to get 20% off your purchase — while $20 goes to relief efforts. It’s a great inititiave with some excellent benefits from one of the most stylish boot brands I’ve come across. There’s also plenty more covered in today’s Friday Read when it comes to new gear, including the best new dive watch on the market (available for pre-order right now from Martenero — more on that below). Now that we’ve covered those items of business, what else is on your weekend to-do list? I’m looking forward as always to tucking into some strong coffee (this time via the Brooklyn outpost of Ninth Street Espresso) and playing a new vinyl record I just got in, the terrific 2017 album “Antisocialites” from Canadian indie rockers Alvvays! Are you a fan? And how are you using your added time at home this weekend? Give me a shout on Twitter, and enjoy the Friday Read below.

Now’s your chance to get an early deal on one of the best new dive watches around.

  • OK, let’s talk watches for a second — like the stylish dive watch shown above. If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a coveted Martenero timepiece (as seen here on the blog), you know they’re the real deal. This stylish watch brand is back in a big way with yet another opportunity to crowdfund a new timepiece — the  Martenero Belgrano is one of the coolest watches to buy now (well, pre-order, at least). Here’s the deal: It’s Martenero’s first dive watch, paying homage to classic models while delivering style all its own. 200 meters of water resistance and a crisp, sharp design help blend fashion and function, and the 316L stainless steel construction ensures plenty of durability. Right now, you can pre-order the Martenero Belgrano for an early bird special of $299 (it’ll ship this September), with prices increasing from there if you don’t snag the deal in time. Act quickly, because that’s a great deal compared to the full retail price of $790. If looks and design are any indication, Martenero has just come out with your new favorite watch — maybe pick up one in every color if you feel so inclined. 


  • Here’s your reminder that that yes, yes indeed … you can still shop for and try on some of the best men’s jeans to wear at home. Crucially, stylish jeans with stretch are the kind you should be searching for, and that’s where NYC’s Mott and Bow (a longtime favorite of mine) comes into play. Right now, you can use the code beau10 to get 10 percent off your first purchase at Mott and Bow! Keep in mind, the brand also makes stylish henleys and some of the softest, coolest T-shirts known to man. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your spring at-home style.
  • It’s heartening to see how so many brands are pivoting their operations and looking for ways to give back to COVID-19 relief efforts, is it not? Found under the New Arrivals section, you’ll come across a unique-but-crucial addition to the Grayers brand and its lineup of summer style essentials. That’s right, Grayers is now selling (non-medical) face masks in an array of cool-looking and high-quality fabrics. It’s a sign of the times, to be sure, but it’s a welcome way that the brand is giving back. Pick up a four-pack (or two-pack!) now.
  • NYC-based men’s shoes brand Ankari Floruss (started by prominent menswear aficionados Moti Ankari and Marcel Floruss), recently debuted its first-ever pair of slides for cool, refined at-home style. They’re handmade from 100 percent leather and retail for $117, with a portion of sales going to helping frontline workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t think of a more stylish way to give back.

Is it really the weekend if you aren’t kicked back, cup of coffee (or cold beer) in hand, perusing some of the best menswear deals of the moment? Not quite. If you’re new here, I’m going to direct you toward another edition of The List — it’s  my weekly roundup of the best men’s gear for plenty of different style situations. Rest assured, although we’re all at home, it’s crucial that you stay dressing in style. Correct? Indeed. OK, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading — stay safe, stay healthy.