The Sunday Sale: This Best-Selling Bonobos T-Shirt Is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best men's T-shirt for summer.

Folks, let’s waste no time this weekend in directing you towards the menswear essentials you can make use of right now — and then the rest of the season. I’m talking, of course, about a handy deal and a tried-and-true essential that’s going to come through in the clutch: One of the best men’s T-shirts, naturally.

And the brand making your new favorite T-shirt? Of course, it’s Bonobos, the same brand that also makes your favorite classic chinos. In my experience, Bonobos can do no wrong — but allow me to expand on that.

The T-shirt is a staple in every guy’s wardrobe, no question — for conference calls (underneath a lightweight blazer), for summer travel, for fall and winter layering and for, well, every single style situation you can dream up.

And I’ve got just the T-shirt for you, one that’s available for 50 percent off right now. Yessir, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee delivers the goods, and it’s one of the softest tees on the market, for my money’s worth (as the name would imply). It’s regularly priced anywhere from $29 to $35, and available in a range of fits and sizes, so pay attention to your selection of choice (assuming this deal is too good to pass up for you!).

Now, let’s get into what makes the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee tick — it’s $15 on sale right now, and that’s a deal that doesn’t stick around forever. But is the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee worth it? Take it from me: It assuredly is, and it wears much better than its low sale price tag might indicate.

Sizes are moving very quickly, but the cotton-poly blend is the perfect touch in terms of the right amount of stretch and a soft handfeel. Plus, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee comes in breezy colors like Heather Beach, Heather Moss and Heather Apple, each of which should wear nicely on its own or underneath a Bonobos denim jacket.

The real selling point here, though, might be that absurdly excellent sale price. Yes indeed, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee delivers the perfect mix of standout style, affordability and comfort. That’s a T-shirt worth having in your corner.


The Tuesday Steal: Save 50 Percent On Some of the Best Jeans for Men with the Bonobos Travel Jeans

Best men's stretch jeans

If you ask your favorite Brooklyn style writer (me!), dressing well is about always meeting the occasion as best you can with some of the best men’s style essentials — and yes, that still includes traveling. There’s definitely a line to walk between comfort and style, and there are certainly ways to look great, feel good and stick to your style guns… even with a flight or train ride ahead of you. For my money’s worth, few brands are rising to meet that moment quite like Bonobos.

Sure, they’re already quite well-known around here for the best chinos for men, not to mention some of the best work-from-home pants on the market — but what about the best stretch jeans? That’s where the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans come into play, and here’s the great news: Select pairs of the best men’s stretch jeans are as much as 50 percent off today.

Best stretch men's jeans.

Note that you can score three seasonally friendly colors of the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans for that deep discount, with a fourth pair up for grabs at about 17 percent off (as of press time). Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with any pair of the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans, even at full price, simply because they’ve improved upon the best-selling Bonobos Travel Jeans in an even bigger way.

Think: An “extra-stretchy” garment-dyed jean in a five-pocket style, the kind that looks great at the office and then on the road — and then out to dinner afterwards. Pick up a pair of the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jean in a cool color like Madeira Olive and you’ve got both a colorful (yet still muted!) pair of winter pants, plus an excellent pair of pants to shake up your wardrobe the rest of the year. And again, as if you needed another reminder: The Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans are as much as 50 percent off for a limited time. Go forth and shop, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: These Bonobos Corduroy Pants Are Some of the Best Men’s Pants for Fall

When getting dressed for fall with the best men’s style essentials, how do you get ready? I mean, really truly, get ready? The answer, in my book, is to turn to a trusted brand that you can already trust when it comes to making essentials for the rest of the year — like Bonobos. Enter the Bonobos 5-Pocket Corduroy Pants, a pair that checks all the right boxes as some of the best men’s corduroy pants, while also mimicking the same fit and styling details as, say, the rest of the Bonobos pants you know and love.

Best men's corduroy pants for fall.

If you read this blog, you’re hopefully well-acquainted with the fit and fabric of Bonobos men’s pants, and for good measure, you can bet the Bonobos 5-Pocket Corduroy Pants deliver those same crucial points in spades. The key is the use of a stretch Spanish corduroy fabric that blends cotton and spandex, making the Bonobos 5-Pocket Corduroy Pants almost as comfortable (almost) as your favorite pair of tailored sweatpants.

Best corduroy pants for men.

The rest of the details on the Bonobos 5-Pocket Corduroy Pants are as good as expected, including the brand’s signature curved waistband for a standout, comfortable fit. Speaking of fit: As is the case with the full lineup of Bonobos men’s pants, you can pick from four distinct fits (from Slim Taper to Athletic), along with 15 colors and a good number of waist sizes.

Throw in the plethora of fall-friendly colors and the Bonobos 5-Pocket Corduroy Pants are a perfect fall style move — and possibly your new favorite pair of pants. Shop accordingly, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: These Bonobos Stretch Pants are the Most Comfortable Pants On Sale Now

Most comfortable fall pants for men.

If you’ve gotten used to juggling working from home with returning to the office, you’re still very much aware that the best work-from-home style is very much top of mind at the moment — you’re still looking to blend comfort and style, after all. Put it another way: Bonobos, makers of some of the best pants for men, period, still has you covered with some of the most comfortable pants to wear to work from home (or to the office, for that matter), and they’re on sale right now for more than 30 percent off.

I’m already a major fan of super-comfortable, polished styles like the Bonobos WFHQ Pants — and perhaps you feel the same way! — and the Bonobos All Week Flex Pants deliver just as much reliable performance and great looks. Consider them the latest and greatest addition to any rotation of the best men’s pants, with the specs to match. It all starts with super-stretchy 100 percent polyester fabric, and the Bonobos All Week Flex Pants also feature a go-anywhere, hidden-front elastic waist.

Best men's work from home pants.

Crucially, the Bonobos All Week Flex Pants deliver the kind of tailored looks you need to head back to the office, with the easy-to-wear fit you crave when at home and on the road. The front snap closure looks as crisp and polished as your favorite pair of chinos, and the design is streamlined and tailored, yet the aptly named Bonobos All Week Flex Pants are designed to go everywhere with supreme comfort top of mind.

The Bonobos All Week Flex Pants are available in three lengths and in sizes ranging from Extra Small on up, based on the color you select. And that’s another thing: The Bonobos All Week Flex Pants are on sale for less than $80 in six highly wearable colors.

You can pair your new go-to set of work from home pants with anything from a Bonobos T-shirt to a stretch denim shirt for men without missing a beat. All the while, the Bonobos All Week Flex Pants deliver that crucial mix of softness, stretch and style. Go forth and shop them on sale right now.

See Now, Buy Now: The Bonobos All-Season Jeans are Some of the Best-Fitting Jeans for Men

Best blue jeans for men

As you search high and low for the best men’s style essentials on the market, you should know that reliability is key. At least, that’s what we think here at The Style Guide. That is to say, if you find a brand — like Bonobos — that consistently gets things right when it comes to details, fabric and fit, then they’re worthy of your continued support.

So while you might know Bonobos for making some of the best chinos for men, they’re also quite adept at delivering some of the best pants for men — across all categories, including denim. Yes indeed, that means the new Bonobos All-Season Jeans could just become your new favorite pair of denim.

The idea behind the Bonobos All-Season Jeans is simple: Craft a pair of classic men’s blue jeans you can wear reliably (there’s that word again!) across all four seasons, with plenty of fit, color and wash combinations available. That’s just like the famed Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos, for instance. The best-fitting pants on the market are a big part of the Bonobos DNA, and the Bonobos All-Season Jeans don’t skimp on that promise.

Bonobos blue jeans for men.

Take your pick from four fit options (ranging from Slim to Athletic), and rest easy knowing that there are also plenty of sizes available in virtually every color and wash of the Bonobos All-Season Jeans. They’re also made from a blend of cotton, TENCEL and elastane — think durability and stretch in spades. Note that you can also find the Bonobos All-Season Jeans in plenty of rich shades of indigo for distinctive fades and aging.

And for good measure, premium metal hardware also helps elevate the Bonobos All-Season Jeans — wear them in a biz casual setting with your favorite fall blazer, or use them as a weekend style move alongside one of the best men’s henleys. When it comes to fit and fabric, Bonobos always seems to win out.

See Now, Buy Now: The Bonobos Stretch Lightweight Chinos Are the Only Pants You Need This Summer

If we’ve talked about it on the blog before, we’ve talked about it, well, plenty of times. There’s going to come a time, once again, this summer when you’ve got to step out in tailored style… wearing a pair of stylish pants, all in spite of the heat. The pants in question you should be wearing? Well, that part, to me, is easy: The Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos are a go-to style move that should keep you looking sharp and staying plenty cool for the rest of summer, and that’s an understatement.

Goodlife Clothing - Try Before You Buy

You’re hopefully well-aware that Bonobos makes some of the best men’s style essentials across each of the four seasons, from one of the best lightweight jackets to the best stretch jeans, but this new pair of breezy pants might be the best of the bunch — for right now, at least. The key with these stylish summer pants really is right in the name: The Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos live up to that billing, and then some.

Crucially, the Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos truly are a stretchy blend of polyester, rayon, cotton and spandex for ease of movement and a hand feel that’s a step up from even the brand’s classic Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 (those might already be one of your favorite pairs of pants, as luck would have it).

Helpfully when it comes to the Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos, you can also take your pick from three cool-as-can-be colors, including the ever-versatile Dark Surf as worn above. Beyond that, you can pair up each set with everything from a white short-sleeve henley — for high-low casual style — to a crisp Oxford shirt. To round things out nicely, you can score the Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos for under $100. The next time you want to beat the heat in style, this pair might just be your best bet.

The Thursday Buy: This Bonobos Shirt Jacket is the Best Casual Layer for Spring

Best casual spring shirt jacket for men.

It’s hard to go wrong, in my humble opinion, with the menswear being designed and sold by Bonobos. Sure, that’s a lofty claim to make, but when a brand that started out making the best chinos for men has since expanded into a major global fashion player, it’s a worthy claim to make. That’s especially true when you step back and consider the fact that NYC-based Bonobos also now makes one of the best shirt jackets for spring. Scratch that: One of the best casual layers for spring, period.

Spring is, after all, a time to make sure your entire outerwear rotation is on-point, be it dressing for the office with one of the best lightweight blazers or an utterly classic leather moto jacket. But back to the task at hand. Not every situation or every day is suited for a spring blazer or a moto jacket. What about all those times when you want a casual layer you can throw on at a moment’s notice, perhaps over your favorite T-shirt or henley? That’s where the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket steps into the ring. This durable yet soft fleece shacket is the perfect hybrid style — cooler on the surface than a zip fleece jacket or quarter-zip fleece, easy to move around in and layer with thanks to the button front, and of course, available in a classic array of Bonobos colors. Yes indeed, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket checks all the right boxes, and then some.

Best shirt jacket for men.

Crucially, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket lives up to its billing: It really is super-soft, made with a cotton-poly fleece blend that’s been sueded for an extra luxurious feel. Yet, that cotton-blend fabric shouldn’t prove as heavy as your favorite winter flannel shirt, so you can more readily wear the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket atop your go-to spring T-shirt without breaking a sweat. Oversized buttons and two large front chest pockets add to the hybrid design details of this easygoing yet warm shacket — the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket is made to be worn in leisurely situations (say, with tailored joggers to get a weekend coffee), but it can also be worn as a mid-layer beneath a rugged field coat if it’s an especially chilly spring day.

The Antique color option is a vibrant shade of yellow that you could style with black or charcoal jeans or chinos to really let this “shacket” pop, but the Blue iteration of the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket is your best bet for maximum versatility. For good measure, one of the best men’s shirt jackets actually won’t break the bank — as of right now, it’s marked down to $89 (previously, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket was $119). So, to recap: You’re getting what’s truly a super-soft fleece shirt jacket in a spring-ready weight, one made from stretchy, comfortable material. And what’s more, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket is on sale for a terrific deal. Sounds to me like you’ve found your new favorite spring layer.

The Tuesday Steal: Get the Best Men’s Chinos for Spring for Under $100 at Bonobos

As we cruise through a new month and a new season, I would hope you’ve got your sights set on some of the best spring menswear, and specifically, the best men’s chinos. To get even more specific, I would hope your go-to chinos brand is going to be NYC-based Bonobos, long-running makers of some of my favorite chinos (and jeans, and soft buttondown shirts, and so on). And to dial things in even further: The Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 are a revamped pair you need now, with the proper quality and comfort you’d expect from a brand founded on perfecting the style. And in the spirit of today’s Tuesday Steal, these unbeatable chinos are available for under $100 ($99 to be exact) right now. Yes indeed, there’s lots to love with a comfortable durable pair of workhorse chinos, and Bonobos has you covered. You already know the brand makes everything from retro cardigans to classic Oxford shirts, so why not amp things up with a new pair of the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0, right? This new design features non-iron, 4-way stretch fabric, all the better for constant wear this season.

Without a doubt, you’ve probably already read a Bonobos review or two on this blog, specifically on a pair of the best chinos for men from this very brand, but this new edition is back in spring-ready colors and with plenty of that same comfort and stretch you’ve come to expect.

The best chinos for men.

Take your pick from a whopping 19 different colors and three (or four) sizing options in terms of fit, plus a wide range of inseam and waist measurements. The Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 check off all the right boxes, as any good pair of chinos should do. The best chinos for men, after all, are the perfect hybrid between your favorite jeans and tailored dress pants — wearable at the office or on the weekend, yet with more spring-ready comfort and mobility than wool dress pants, for instance. Especially when it comes to the relatively tailored cut of the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0, they’re wearable with your favorite blazer and an Oxford shirt, yet you can also style the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 with an easygoing pocket tee (it definitely helps that Bonobos sells all of the above menswear essentials, does it not?).

Styling potential is nearly limitless with the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0, and given the fact that they’re available right now for a shade under $100 — and potentially lower, if you shop the Bonobos Sale Section — they’re a deal not to be missed. And again, just because Bonobos menswear is on sale doesn’t mean it’s of inferior quality; in fact, it’s a great opportunity to get high-quality gear while saving some dough. And for my money’s worth, the Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 should be the first purchase you make right now.

The Sunday Sale: This Bonobos Stretch Shirt Is The Best Menswear Deal to Buy This Season

Product Image

When is a shirt so much more than just a shirt? When it’s the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, and namely, when it’s on sale for one heck of a solid deal heading into the depths of fall and the start of the holiday season. There are plenty of great reasons to consider upgrading your shirting rotation for the weeks and months ahead, and helpfully, the makers of some of your favorite pants are also offering up quite the slew of deals in the Bonobos Sale Section these days. If it’s the best menswear deals that you seek, then I’ve got some news for you: You’re going to find them at Bonobos. The long-running brand, founded on making perfect pants for men, is now so much more than that, with the chops to prove it across the board. That goes for cozy outerwear, warm sweaters and of course, one of the best casual shirts for men, too. The Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt is the kind of core piece that Bonobos does so well these days, and it’s ideally suited to be paired with Bonobos chinos for casual and dressy days at the office and at home this holiday season (starting soon with Thanksgiving, of course).

Where to begin with the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, right? For starters, it’s the kind of shirt you really can wear every single day, with classic buttondown construction made to be worn untucked, underneath a shawl cardigan or paired up with your favorite blazer (all of which you can find at a place like the Bonobos Sale Section). The Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt has the proper specs for maximum versatility, too — it all starts with a cotton-elastane blend that’s just as stretchy and comfortable as the brand’s Stretch Chinos (again, look for a deal on these in the Bonobos Sale Section).

The shirt available right now comes in a Slim Fit and Regular length, but other sizing options are available in plenty of other Bonobos men’s shirts. In fact, the Blue Check Light Chambray iteration of the Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt (which you can wear with everything from tan chinos to burgundy corduroys) retails for $79 and has plenty of sizes available. Whichever color, pattern and fit you select of the essential Bonobos Stretch Everyday Shirt, it’ll certainly prove to be your new favorite daily shirt.

See Now, Buy Now: This Bonobos Merino Wool Sweater is the Top Sweater to Wear All Fall

As far as fall style essentials are concerned, I should hope that you’re well-stocked by now. If not, well, there’s just enough time to start layering up the right way, and these days, it often starts with one of the best men’s sweaters. Heading to the office and want to change up your look without investing in a new blazer? Get the sort of stylish sweater you can wear with ease atop your Oxford or chambray shirt. Looking for an easy grab-and-go layer to throw on with trusty work-from-home pants? Again, here’s where the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater enters the equation (and your wardrobe). It’s the latest from a retailer that’s always prided itself on innovation, be that through its perfectly fitting men’s pants, its range of handsome Italian tailoring or an always well-stocked selection of the best seasonal menswear.

When temperatures start to drop without stopping, something like the wear-with-anything Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater is going to be your best friend. It all starts, as you might expect, with the use of merino wool, a fabric I simply can’t get enough of. If you read the blog regularly, you might recognize the fact that merino wool is moisture-wicking (yet warm), plus anti-microbial and, in the case of the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater, very easy to wash and wear repeatedly. That’s unlike other more expensive sweaters, like cashmere, which calls for professional cleaning more often than not. No sir, the hit list of positives surrounding the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater only keeps growing.

So, the fabric in and of itself makes the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater highly covetable (as does the agreeable price — it retails for $99, a heck of a steal for a sweater you can wear more than once weekly). What’s that, you say? Wearing the same sweater more than once? Absolutely. Take your pick from multiple color options, including Heather Green, and rest easy knowing you can wear the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater to the office (atop a white Oxford shirt with tan chinos) or at home alongside tailored sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee. Talk about cozy fall weekend comfort, right? Plus, the details are exactly on-point, just as one might expect from a lauded retailer like Bonobos.

Ribbed stitching helps accentuate your shoulders, and it also adds an unexpected touch at the cuff and collar. The best part about all these design details might just be the fact that you can do so much with the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater, from the office to a fall weekend and back. And at that highly agreeable price (again, $99 at Bonobos), you very well might want to pick up more than one. Do yourself a favor and layer up in style this fall.