Style Pick of the Week: Proof Volt Parka – The Best Men’s Winter Jacket for Layering

Now that we’ve incredibly hit the first of the new year, believe it or not, let’s turn our attention to the matter at hand: Snapping up one of the best men’s winter jackets for immediate winter warmth and plenty of style. Of course, Huckberry is the place to go for said winter jacket, and as to be expected with the San Francisco retailer, they’re doing a little bit more than just stocking and selling any old winter parka. No sir, the Proof Volt Parka is probably one of the coolest winter jackets this Brooklyn writer has seen, and that’s a compliment of the highest order.

If you quite literally want a jacket that’s engineered to deliver heat with the touch of a button, you’ve found it in the Proof Volt Parka. That’s right: This durable winter parka is built with three battery-powered heating panels within the jacket itself (one back panel and two chest panels), making it unlike any winter jacket on the market. It’s the kind of innovation seemingly only Huckberry can dream up, and that’s great news for yourself and anyone else who wants one of the best men’s winter jackets.

It’s like a warm hug to lift your soul through cold winter days, but beyond that, the Proof Volt Parka is simply a great winter jacket for layering and seasonal excursions, innovative technology aside. The nylon shell, made with stretch fabric for ease of movement, is coated with DWR technology to take on blustery winter winds and snowy weather. And beyond just those helpful and remarkable heating panels, the Proof Volt Parka features down insulation to deliver stunning warmth all on its own, especially when layered with one of the best thermal shirts and a rugged flannel overshirt. The rest of the specs on the Proof Volt Parka are also too good to pass up, from the metallic lining (made to store heat from the battery packs) to the useful drawstring hood. Equipped with an energy-efficient rechargeable battery (which you’ll have to snag on your own), the heating panels can last for up to 8 hours in especially chilly conditions.

For hitting the slopes, hitting the road or hitting the town, there might not be a better jacket to have in your wardrobe and on your shoulders than the ready-for-anything Proof Volt Parka. It’s more expensive than your average winter jacket, sure, but then again, that’s the Huckberry difference. If you do manage to snag it, let me know on Twitter. Cheers and here’s to the new year!


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