The Tuesday Steal: The Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt Is The Best On-Sale Shirt to Shop Now

The Ledge Shirt in Deep Sea Plaid | Men's Shirts | TS

Is there a better place to go to get more bang for your buck on menswear essentials than the always-well-stocked Taylor Stitch Workshop? It seems that rarely a day goes by, or a week, when the Taylor Stitch Workshop isn’t stocked with on-sale choices on the best men’s gear. Of course, stocked is a bit misleading, as the famed San Francisco brand still has to go about producing its menswear staples after each piece (like the rugged and ready-for-anything Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt) is funded by loyal customers. But that being said, it’s worth the wait, and that’s an understatement when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt, the best on-sale men’s shirt to shop right now.

Over the years, Taylor Stitch has consistently come up with ways to top itself, which really is saying something when you consider the fact that Taylor Stitch reviews (including some by yours truly!) have raved about the brand — and rightfully so. The Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt distills everything you love about the rugged-yet-versatile brand into one go-anywhere shirt that’s here just in time for a fitting new wardrobe refresh.

What exactly goes into the stellar and expertly crafted Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt? Only a little bit of everything, as with any standout Taylor Stitch release. The rich 100 percent organic cotton, in a layering-friendly 7oz. weight, is washed for a soft feel right out of the box, the kind that’s only going to get softer the more you wear it. Of course, you’ll want to wear the Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt all the time, be it atop a Taylor Stitch henley or a Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, or even another stylish purchase from the Taylor Stitch Workshop.

The Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt can act as both a stylish standalone shirt or a mid-layer atop a thermal shirt and beneath a rugged waxed trucker jacket, for instance. If the weather is breezy rather than frigid, the Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt even acts as a reliable shirt jacket-style layer, and it’s a classic one, at that: The Deep Sea Plaid colorway is as good as it gets. It’ll wear nicely with dark indigo jeans or classic Taylor Stitch chinos, and that’s the type of versatility that can’t be beat these days. Wear it as a workshirt, wear it as a comfortable layer for weekend lounging, or wear it underneath a winter blazer – just make sure the Taylor Stitch Ledge Shirt is in your rotation while it’s still in the Workshop at Taylor Stitch.


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