The Sunday Sale: Save Hundreds on the Best Men’s Winter Outerwear at UNCRATE

I’m all about finding the proper resources to get you outfitted for the season ahead, and then sticking with those resources, especially when it comes time to find the best men’s gear for winter. Let’s dial it in a little further and focus today not only on the best men’s jackets for winter, but the best on-sale winter jackets out there this season. And hey, let’s go even deeper than that: The UNCRATE Surplus Shop is going to prove, handily, why it’s one of the best places to shop for men’s winter jackets, and then some. Hopefully, you already know UNCRATE as a plentiful source for a rugged winter jacket or two, but things only get better when you look at the well-stocked, discount-laden UNCRATE Surplus Shop, the sale outlet for UNCRATE’s full line of menswear essentials. I’ll make it easy for you in a special edition of today’s Sunday Sale: Here are a few of the best winter jackets for men, on sale and yours for the taking. Happy shopping, folks.

The Best Jackets On Sale Right Now at UNCRATE

Barbour Gold Standard Supa Fission Jacket — $589 (Regularly $895)

Save more than $300 on a remarkably tough, rugged Barbour jacket, packed with unique features like hidden back pockets and a rollaway hood. The waxed cotton exterior is as tough as it gets, too.

Taylor Stitch Dispatch Jacket — $99 (Regularly $188)

This Taylor Stitch jacket is but one reason you should trust UNCRATE reviews when they say the site stocks, well, everything. It’s rugged, perfect for layering in temperate weather, and on sale for quite the deal.

Topo Designs Tech Shirt — $89 (Regularly $128)

Here’s another one of the best winter jackets for men, although this is a dependable overshirt that’s perfect as a mid-layer or perhaps on its own if the weather is slightly warmer. Layer it with ease over your favorite men’s henley.

Outerknown Plaid Blanket Shirt — $99 (Regularly $148)

If you seek versatile layers, it’s hard to go wrong with the well-reviewed, much-loved Outerknown Blanket Shirt, yet another one of the best men’s shirt jackets for rugged winter layering any time of year (yes, especially with a durable UNCRATE men’s henley).

Barbour Gold Standard CPO Quilted Shirt Jacket — $199 (Regularly $400)

Technical performance and remarkable heritage style is always the name of the game with Barbour, and this exceptional CPO shirt jacket is just the latest and greatest Barbour standard to get a major markdown through UNCRATE. How can it get any better than that, ehh?

UNCRATE has long stood for the coolest, most stylish and high-performing gear on the market in a number of categories, and that certainly includes the best men’s outerwear on sale right now. Hopefully, these picks are to your liking and are enough to get you started on your quest for one of the best winter jackets for men. If you like what you see, be sure to let me know in the comments. Again, happy shopping and saving, my friends.


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