Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket

Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket

Here’s your new favorite jacket — there, I said it.

Put it this way: The Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket could be the last jacket you need to buy for the rest of winter (and heck, next fall). Perhaps you thought your seasonal outerwear situation was all set? Not so fast. The¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket¬†is the right way to refresh your winter jacket collection as the season rolls along, what with its classic blend of workwear style and durability. It’s a step down in terms of dressy style from, say, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the¬†¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket¬†every other time you need a tough, dependable jacket. It’s made in the U.S.A, a signifier of that extra attention to detail and quality for which Flint and Tinder is known across the board.

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The quality behind the¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket¬†starts with its construction and fabrication — for instance, it’s made with tough cotton canvas from North Carolina, a haven for excellent textiles. It’s there that the¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket¬†really starts to take shape, from the cotton corduroy flip-up collar (a classic workwear touch) to the quilted interior lining.

Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket

Also available in Grey, this jacket is complete with a functional quilted lining.

And as you can see above, it comes in both Grey and my personal favorite, a rich shade of Brown that wears well with all of your other favorite menswear essentials (think indigo denim and brown leather boots, for starters). The¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket¬†also wears nicely with slightly dressier pieces, like slim olive chinos and a white Oxford (topped off with classic leather chukka boots, of course). And that versatility means this tough workwear jacket is much more versatile than you might think — try it with a denim shirt and grey chinos to head to a weekend happy hour or a casual coffee date.

What’s more, the¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket¬†is pretty darn affordable considering what you’re getting — a dependable, warm winter jacket that you can wear for both work and play. The cotton canvas exterior is going to take on chilly weather and snow with ease, while even the YKK coil zippers get the job done in terms of durability. There really isn’t any downside to picking up the¬†Flint and Tinder Mill Jacket, that much is clear.¬† What’s your take on this soon-to-be winter style staple? Feel free to chime in on Twitter!

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Style Pick of the Week: Flint and Tinder Type 3 Sherpa-Lined Trucker Jacket

A stunner of a jacket, from a well-respected brand, to boot.

There are jackets that immediately get your attention, jumping off the screen and easily grabbing a spot on any list of the best men’s winter jackets — are we on the same page so far? Good, because the exceptional Flint and Tinder Type 3 Shera-Lined Trucker Jacket is a sight to behold, and I personally think it could be¬†your new favorite denim jacket. That might be my bias talking — I sure do love the American-made style purveyors at Flint and Tinder — but if first glances say anything, then the¬†Flint and Tinder Type 3 Shera-Lined Trucker Jacket¬†is going to be mighty, mighty impressive. Much like its warm-weather counterpart, the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket, the Sherpa-Lined Trucker delivers rugged, classic style in spades — starting with that iconic silhouette. It carries through to the stonewashed cotton fabric from which this tough denim trucker jacket is cut (not all that dissimilar from the Flint and Tinder Stonewashed Jeans, come to think of it). That sets the tone for a tough jacket that’s also surprisingly easy to layer. It’s ready-made to wear with all sorts of men’s style essentials, from a classic flannel shirt to a slim henley on your top half.¬†¬†
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Flint and Tinder

All the right details in all the right places here.

But, wait just a second … there’s more good news when it comes to this outstanding jacket. The use of one percent stretch should provide even more comfort and mobility, while the deep-pile sherpa lining gives the¬†Flint and Tinder Type 3 Shera-Lined Trucker Jacket¬†its name. Quilted polyester sleeve lining also makes it easy to slip this jacket on and off — it’s suitable to wear outside in chilly winter weather, yet shouldn’t prove too sweltering once you’re seated at the bar of your favorite brewery. And that’s another huge selling point when it comes to the¬†Sherpa-Lined Trucker. The blending of a classic trucker jacket design with warm sherpa fabric means you can wear this as a winter travel jacket (thanks to the front-button chest pockets) or as a cozy extra layer atop a classic crewneck sweater during a weekend coffee date. To top it all off, custom hardware gives the¬†Sherpa-Lined Trucker¬†a unique, handsome finish. Oh, and it’s entirely made in the States, an extra touch that lends it that special feeling. Hopefully, you feel that way every time you put on the¬†Sherpa-Lined Trucker. Don’t take my word for it, though. It’s yours for the taking.

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Style Pick of the Week: Proof Field Jacket

A reliable jacket to wear with your favorite winter sweaters — the modern man’s coat.

When the going gets tough, when the weather starts getting really nasty this winter, what are you going to wear? Easy — the Proof Field Jacket. This modern take on the classic field coat has to be one of the best men’s winter jackets, easily. That being said, if you read the blog regularly, you know we’re all about gear from brands like Proof, which emphasizes mobility and versatility. From the remarkable Proof Strong Shirt (a unique, performance-ready take on the classic chambray shirt) to the exceptional Proof Performance Oxford — a serious upgrade from the typical Oxford shirt — these pieces pack in functionality, versatility and yes, performance.

That same approach is what makes the Proof Field Jacket (available in both Olive and Navy) so exceptional and so useful … yet stylish at the same time. A tough combo to nail, right? But you don’t craft one of the best winter jackets for men without putting some serious work into the little details.Now, this isn’t a bulky, overly puffy winter coat — and that’s great news for you. In the case of the world-beating¬†Proof Field Jacket, a better design approach means you start with a sleeker take on the classic M-65 field jacket — first used in the military and packed with pockets and heavy fabric. Here though, the streamlined¬†Proof Field Jacket¬†transforms that bulky cotton into a reasonable mid-layer with a water-resistant nylon-poly exterior and two front field pockets for all of your everyday carry essentials.

This sleek field jacket is also available in navy for the sleek city dweller in you.

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In addition to the tough technical fabric and storage space, the¬†¬†Proof Field Jacket¬†is surprisingly easy to wear — again, the option of either¬†Olive¬†or¬†Navy¬†seems to help in that regard. Complete with the tailored fit and helpful functionality, it’s the type of jacket to layer over a classic crewneck sweater¬†for a chilly winter weekend — add the¬†¬†Proof Strong Shirt, your favorite chore pants and tough leather boots, then you’re good to go. The¬†Proof Field Jacket¬†can even be paired with something as sleek as slim tan chinos and a classic white Oxford to get you through a breezy morning commute. In short, the¬†¬†Proof Field Jacket¬†is the type of coat you can wear in multiple seasons, it’s perfect for layering, and in either¬†Olive¬†or¬†Navy, it simply looks like … well, the type of¬†classic field coat¬† you’re going to want to wear all the time. Like what you see? Feel free to let me know on Twitter.

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Style Pick of the Week: JackThreads Munro Leather Biker Jacket

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Possibly your new favorite leather jacket? Munro Leather Biker Jacket by JackThreads. Scarf by S.N.S. Herning. 505C Denim by Levi's. Kimbo Chelsea Boots also by JackThreads. Red Wing Leather Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Glasses by Frameri.

Possibly your new favorite leather jacket? Munro Leather Biker Jacket by JackThreads. Scarf by S.N.S. Herning. 505C Denim by Levi’s. Kimbo Chelsea Boots also by JackThreads. Red Wing Leather Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Glasses by Frameri.

If you’ve ticked through your list of classic men’s style essentials as of late — from tough winter gloves to a classic Oxford, dark denim and¬†stylish¬†leather boots¬†— maybe, you’ve found your wardrobe is missing just a bit of … edge. Coming from a writer who loves his outerwear, that’s what I found as of late. And while there’s something to be said for classic pieces like an authentic U.S. Navy peacoat and even a maritime-inspired wool jacket,¬† adding that edge can be a neat way to switch things up no matter the season. Folks, that’s where the JackThreads Munro Leather Biker enters the picture this week on The Style Guide.¬† It’s another stellar addition to an ever-expanding menswear line that should be on your radar ASAP. A leather biker jacket is an edgy-yet-classic piece, worn by the likes of Marlon Brando¬†decades ago, popularized by legendary rockers The Ramones and found through the present day on the likes of The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. It really is¬†among just a few menswear pieces that have true staying power. And lucky for all of us, JackThreads has taken that classic approach and put its own affordable and still-stylish spin on it. I’ve had the chance to rock the Munro Leather Biker around Brooklyn these past few weeks, with pleasing results. Although I love my¬†rugged denim jacket and my slim topcoat as much as the next guy, it just might be my new favorite piece of outerwear — not least because of the slightly edge vibe and excellent fit.

Just one way to wear this jacket. Classic Henley by Todd Snyder. 505C Denim by Levi's. Kimbo Chelsea Boots also by JackThreads. Ranger Gloves by Grifter Company.

Just one way to wear this jacket. Classic Henley by Todd Snyder. 505C Denim by Levi’s. Kimbo Chelsea Boots also by JackThreads. Ranger Gloves by Grifter Company.

JackThreads, as is the brand’s custom, keeps things simple and straightforward with a bit of¬†characteristic flair in the form of¬†a slanted chest pocket. It looks and wears slightly thinner than the beefy leather jackets¬†of years past, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it makes it perfect for layering over other casual weekend pieces (my reliable-as-ever Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt among them). It also adds a bit of flair when worn more simply — say, with a striped henley and the concert-ready Levi’s 505C denim.¬† Of course, there might not be a more rock-and-roll combo than Chelsea boots and a biker jacket, so it’s also worth trying that move when¬†styled up for Saturday night — or when dressing for your next concert in general. Now, a leather biker jacket is certainly a bold move — it’s one thing to wear this jacket out to your favorite local pub, and it’s another to show up to your next meeting wearing it. So, I’d say tread carefully — agreed? Rest assured though, it can work as a blazer substitute in the right setting — worn with slim navy trousers and a blue Oxford, for example. And for under $250, you’re at least saving some coin compared to buying a more expensive jacket from a legacy brand. So, that’s also a plus.¬†With those style tips in mind, I’d say you should pick up the Munro Leather Biker and get ready to rock. (Cue fist bump, air guitar).



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Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Winter Accessories To Buy Now

Editor’s note: Click through this link to see more men’s style shopping picks.

Just a couple of weeks ago on The Style Guide, we talked about the best men’s gloves to buy for winter¬† — a pretty specific category that can nonetheless make a big difference in how you tackle cold weather on the daily.¬† You might not think much of getting the right winter gloves, but again, the devil is in the details. Such is also the case with other stylish winter accessories — we covered the topic last year on the blog, but we’re updating it for 2017 today. There are certainly multiple ways to go as you gear up for winter — that is to say, you can snap up pieces that are either rugged and built for work & adventure, or more refined and made to dress up (a la some of James Bond’s accessories in “Skyfall”). With that versatile approach in mind, we — and by we, I mean me — compiled choice picks for the chilly weather ahead. So, prepare to dress for the polar vortex and get shopping while there’s still time. Happy shopping!

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket — $198 OR Outerknown Nomadic Parka — $195

Either a parka with technical flair, or a rugged-yet-casual wool jacket. Your call.

Either a parka with technical flair, or a rugged-yet-casual wool jacket. Your call.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to stock our closets chock full of coats for every type of situation — sadly, there’s not enough time or money to go around for that. With a versatile approach and comfort — plus warmth — in mind, either the Maritime Submariner Jacket¬† or the reliable, hard-wearing and easy-to-layer Outerknown Nomadic Parka ¬†are really solid winter outerwear picks. The Submariner Jacket¬† is made from beastly boiled wool, and the Nomadic Parka is a great piece to layer up with when wearing everything from a casual crewneck sweater to a tailored winter outfit.

The Gloves: J. Crew Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves — $98 OR Hestra Granvik Gloves — $180

Again, the choice between casual style and dressy appeal is up to you.

Again, the choice between casual style and dressy appeal is up to you.

So, here we are again¬†with an underrated style accessory — critical, yet underrated. There’s that tricky balance between dressy and casual here — if you find yourself suiting up on the regular, a pair of refined, cashmered-lined leather gloves is the perfect pick (the smartphone-capable fingers are a nice touch, too). And for all kinds of rugged winter style adventures, there might not be a better pick than the Hestra Granvik Gloves¬†— truly, these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting great winter gloves.

The Hat: Columbiaknit Watch Cap — $17


As sold by Style Guide favorites Huckberry¬†, there’s something refreshingly no-frills about a well-made, simple and affordable winter hat like the Columbiaknit Watch Cap. Again, winter accessories are an underrated way to complement your overall look — just look at how well our man David Beckham dresses for winter with a simple puffer jacket and yes, a neutral beanie cap. Your ears will definitely thank you when the polar vortex hits.

The Scarf: S.N.S Herning Torso Scarf — $96.60

A scarf that's easily wearable, comfortable and worth the price.

A scarf that’s easily wearable, comfortable and worth the price.

Am I encouraging you to spend nearly $100 on a scarf? Well, yes. If you can only pick up one scarf, you might as well make it a well-made, neutral and versatile piece you can match with anything in your closet. Whether you team it with a slim topcoat or a more rugged piece like the Nomadic Parka, you truly can’t go wrong with this ribbed black scarf. In fact, you could even steal some winter style from Daniel Craig and team it with a¬†thick-knit shawl-collar cardigan.

Frank & Oak

The Socks: Wigwam Merino Lite Hiker Socks —¬†$12.98 OR¬†American Trench Fair Isle Sock in Merino & Cashmere — $28.98

Your call -- simple, well-made socks or a pair with winter-friendly pattern.

Your call — simple, well-made socks or a pair with winter-friendly pattern.

We’ve once again reached that tricky balance between a casual winter accessory and a piece that’s slightly more dressed up. For simple functionality and comfort, there might not be a better value on the market than the Merino Lite Hiker Socks. And if you want a pair with a bit more visual interest — yet the same quality and versatility, the Fair Isle Sock in Merino & Cashmere is about as good as it gets.¬† Heck, you could snag two pairs of the Merino Lite Hikers, and throw in a pair from American Trench for good measure. Not a bad deal, ehh?


OK, is your closet fully stocked yet? If you still need to upgrade your winter accessories, I hope the above picks give you a place to start. It always pays to reach for quality and versatility — particularly in terms of outerwear like the Submariner Jacket¬†or the essential Nomadic Parka. And with the rest of your accessories, you should hunt for similar quality — so, a thick-knit ribbed scarf and tough winter gloves from the likes of Hestra are wise additions to your ensemble.¬† And although you might not think too much of it, a comfortable winter hat like the Columbiaknit Watch Cap¬†is going to provide you with long-lasting comfort and warmth (as are functional socks from Wigwam or American Trench). Did you take notes? Open up a few browser tabs? Either way, happy shopping and stay warm out there!


Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Blazers for Fall and Winter

Editor’s note: For a plethora of Online Shopping Picks delving into accessories, footwear and knitwear, head right this way.

Ready to take on fall in this "old" photo circa 2014. Blazer & chambray shirt by J. Crew. Slim jeans by Scotch & Soda. Shawl cardigan by GAP. Knit tie by Frank & Oak. Brown wingtip boots by JC Penney. Photo credit: Khoa Nguyen.

Ready to take on fall in this “old” photo circa 2014. Tan herringbone blazer & chambray shirt by J. Crew. Pocket square by Banana Republic. Slim jeans by Scotch & Soda. Shawl cardigan by GAP. Knit tie by Frank & Oak. Brown wingtip boots by JC Penney. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta. Glasses by Burberry. Photo credit: Khoa Nguyen.

As is often the case in the world of men’s style, it seems that sometimes the seasons change too quickly — on the writing front, that is. Last week, we tackled excellent henleys to transition into fall weather in earnest (for most of us, at least), and now your humble author will gladly take a stab at the best cold-weather blazers out there on the market — because those things have been on shelves far too long now for you not to buy one, right? Keep in mind that a great lighter weight blazer (one from this list) could definitely transition into the slight chill of fall when layered appropriately. Heck, I even have an unconstructed blazer I’ve worn in the Michigan winter, layered up with a V-neck sweater (of course). But let’s say you want something thicker to stand up to chilly weather — a la the trusty J. Crew blazer (sadly, long gone from shelves) at the top of the page. That’s what this edition of Online Shopping Picks will cover — but you’ll have to foot the rest of the bill for a new jacket. [Editor’s note: Some might take issue with the definition of a blazer here — these styles are sometimes called sportcoats — but we’ll stick with blazer terminology for now. To clear up any confusion, head here].

#1. Uniqlo Wool Blended Comfort Jacket — $99.90

As previously seen on this site's Fall Style Wish List, Uniqlo delivers on another great fall & winter blazer.

As previously seen on this site’s Fall Style Wish List, Uniqlo delivers on another great fall & winter blazer.

Does this jacket look familiar at all? Of course it does (at least if you caught it at the top of my Fall Style Wish List). Some might have issues with Uniqlo’s fit, as the tail of its jackets and its sleeves generally run a little shorter and slimmer than most, but the brand does make an outstanding jacket (is it a blazer? a sportcoat) for the price. These jackets certainly lean casual given the lack of construction, but in a deeper, saturated shade like the Grey Plaid on the far left or even the Dark Green option as seen on the site, it’s a jacket that could absolutely be paired with dress trousers and some sharp black shoes for the office.

#2. J. Crew Factory Thompson Elbow-patch Sportcoat in Tweed — $168

A four-season shade of navy merged with suede elbow patches for fall and winter.

A four-season shade of navy merged with suede elbow patches for fall and winter.

Rustic, slightly throwback-focused details like suede elbow patches have been making a comeback in clothing items for the past couple years now, and designers aren’t pulling the plug on this added touch just yet. In the case of this blazer, it works quite well, calling to mind old hunting jackets. And this piece has some other things going for it, too — namely, you get J. Crew-like quality at a lower price than some similar models at the big brother retailer. The slightly flashier touch of those elbow patches is grounded by a nice shade of navy, which should work well over dark denim or grey wool trousers. The patches make it more casual and thus a little less versatile — thus dropping it to spot no. 2 here. Still, it’s a jacket that could see a lot of use in the coming months.  If you’ve got some bulk to you and want a jacket that ditches the elbow patches, the mainline brand is making a blazer in a similar shade in its roomier, more athletic Crosby fit.

#3. Apolis Indigo Wool Blazer — $388

The ideal balance of tradition and modern style, done up in an on-trend color and luxurious fabric.

The ideal balance of tradition and modern style, done up in an on-trend color and luxurious fabric.

Whoa, now. Almost $400 for a blazer? In spot #3? Yes, yes indeed — and here’s why. The argument can definitely be made here for investing in quality pieces that provide a long-term benefit; a terrific wool blazer, sure to be warm, well-made and endlessly versatile, can serve you well for seasons and years to come. And the way Apolis makes ’em, you know you’re getting a quality product. Not everyone has the kind of, er, capital to invest in such a piece, but this option has all the makings of a classic jacket if you do take the plunge. The double vents and deep indigo color make it the closest to a traditional blazer of any of the bunch seen here, yet it leans modern thanks to the slim fit. Wear it with some broken-in denim,  wear it with black corduroy pants for some edge — heck, wear it over a T-shirt.

#4. GAP Herringbone Blazer — $89.95

A nice color combo and casual patch pockets make this one blazer to take business-casual ... or just casual.

A nice color combo and casual patch pockets make this one blazer to take business-casual … or just casual.

Now, that’s more like it. We turn to a reliable standby at an affordable price for option #4. It’s somewhat concerning that the fit looks a bit … off in these photos, so this might be a good pick to try on in store. The price is not so expensive that it’d be too much of a pain to tailor. But note that the sleeves feature functioning cuffs, which can be an absolute mess to get tailored. However, the fabric blend, cool grey color and patch pockets make this an ideal blazer to throw on over, say, a white Oxford, red V-neck and dark jeans in a business casual setting — if the fit is on-point. Since the patch pockets do push it into casual territory, you could even mix it up and toss it over a long-sleeve henley. A word to the wise — keep your eyes open for the launch of The Hill-side’s capsule collection for GAP very soon; there’s likely to be a great blazer or two in there (Editor’s note: Check out the full rundown via GQ as of 9/23). 

#5. Everlane Luxe Sweater Blazer — $165

Part blazer, part sweater and all casual style in one high-quality Everlane piece.

Part blazer, part sweater and all casual style in one high-quality Everlane piece.

Is this a sweater? A blazer? A swacket? Whatever you call it, the Luxe Sweater Blazer definitely walks the line between casual and crisp style — exactly the type of versatility a nice blazer (or swacket) should provide in the colder months. It should almost wear like the Uniqlo wool blend jacket seen at the top of the page — easygoing enough over a crewneck sweatshirt (for both warmth and casual style), and high-quality enough to pair with a chambray dress shirt. From personal experience with Everlane, its products fit slim, and jackets like these often feature a nice hint of stretch — key when you still need mobility underneath a topcoat. This is one blazer in particular that would pair especially well with high-low combos — think slim chinos  plus vintage-inspired runners.

The competition across the board as this post was assembled was pretty cutthroat (or as cutthroat as writing about blazers can be). Brands like Bonobos, with its Italian Knit Blazer, are giving more established brethren like J. Crew a run for their money in the looks (and price) department. As was previously alluded to, The Hill-side is also quickly establishing itself as a player in the splurge blazer game — this Selvedge Mini-Houndstooth Tailored Jacket in Indigo has a great workwear vibe to it, not to mention a high price. Stick to affordable (or at the very least, classic) and versatile options when picking up a great blazer or two this season though, and you’ll reap those rewards as soon as the leaves start to turn.
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What’s your go-to fall and winter blazer? Are you planning on refreshing your closet with any of the picks here?

Ernest Alexander