See Now, Buy Now: The American Giant Roughneck Pants are the Most Versatile Everyday Pants on the Market

Best everyday pants for men.

Every guy’s wardrobe should be rounded out by a variety of pants, should it not? Be it the best men’s jeans or something with a little more hard-wearing edge, a guy’s got to have options (and yes, I’m talking well beyond PJ bottoms or even sweatpants, too). What if you could get the versatility of classic blue jeans, the toughness of work pants and the ability to rock those same pants from day to night? That’s what you’re getting with the American Giant Roughneck Pants, some of the most versatile everyday pants for men on the market at present, seriously.

If you read the blog or if you’ve scoured any American Giant reviews as of late, then you know the brand has a penchant for taking solid basics and making them even more sturdy, wearable and classic, be it the USA-made Oxford shirt of your dreams or the best men’s thermal shirt. Maybe you’re also aware of the fact that the brand makes some of the best casual jackets for nearly all occasions, too, but let’s get back to the durable, tough and smartly designed American Giant Roughneck Pants, which check off all the right boxes in your search for real pants once more.

Best work pants for men.

Available in both Slim and Straight cuts — the Slim are nicely tailored and not too skinny in the slightest — the American Giant Roughneck Pants sit right in the middle of work pants, jeans and chinos, and that’s not a bad thing at all. When you really think about it, the utility of the American Giant Roughneck Pants makes perfect sense, seeing as they’re made to fill that void if you’re searching for the best pants for men. They feature a riveted five-pocket design for a sturdy build, plus cotton canvas construction for a rugged finish. Custom metal hardware makes the American Giant Roughneck Pants stand out ever so slightly, but these stylish work pants have a more tailored, clean look than other reinforced work pants.

That means you can wear the American Giant Roughneck Pants to the office in more casual situations (say, on a day where you can wear an Oxford shirt, sans blazer, for instance). If your office isn’t quite that casual, save the hard-wearing yet comfortable American Giant Roughneck Pants for the weekends and for casual weeknight outings (brewery visits and a concert or two at a small club come to mind). They can do it all, like your favorite pair of blue jeans, yet you should also be able to really bear down and get work done (or just retrieve some firewood and pour another dram of whiskey) when the time comes. For a USA-made pair of pants available in three wear-with-anything shades, the $150 asking price isn’t too bad in the slightest. Gear up with the American Giant Roughneck Pants and get the job done, whatever it might be.


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