The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 50 Percent Off USA-Made Menswear at American Giant

Best hooded sweatshirt for men.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to shop bona fide, American-made menswear, and it’s even more rare that you’re going to find some of the best menswear deals on gear that’s made right here in the U.S. of A. And yet, witness what American Giant has going on over at the American Giant Last Chance section.

Inventory is moving quickly of its best-selling hoodies and other gear, but the point remains the same: You can get as much as 50 percent off the best American-made menswear, with plenty of deals available on gear between 17 and 30 percent off.

Best American-made shirt for men.

Stick around, dive in and shop rugged rarities like the American Giant Explorer Shirt, or keep things classic and score a deal on the American Giant Carolina Midweight Hoodie, among a plethora of other colorful, stylish, reliable selections. These pieces use materials sourced in America, like sturdy-yet-soft cotton. Of course, each piece is crafted with care into highly durable, dependable pieces (again, also right here in the States!).

Take it from this Brooklyn writer: I tried the thick, warm and sturdy yet flexible American Giant Classic Full Zip for everything from brewery visits to fall concert-going earlier this season, and it’s the real deal. It’s all the better if you can get one of the best men’s hoodies on sale today, so shop early and often while this gear is still around.


See Now, Buy Now: The American Giant Classic Full Zip Is the Best Casual Hoodie to Shop Now

Best hooded sweatshirt for men.

Sometimes, the simple things, made in classic, long-lasting fashion, tend to gain the most traction in your wardrobe — right? No matter how simple they might seem, like one of the best casual sweatshirts for men. What’s so great about a hooded sweatshirt, or rather, what’s so great about American Giant? They’re the company that makes perhaps the best hoodie on the market, and again, it’s simple: It’s the little things done right, like quality craftsmanship and even better materials. Both of those are what helped make the American Giant Classic Full Zip such a fan favorite over the past decade.


In fact, one of the best men’s hoodies on the market just so happens to be celebrating its 10th anniversary — and your new favorite hooded sweatshirt has thousands of positive five-star reviews to back it up — so it’s worth diving into what makes this hoodie (and the company itself) a necessary part of any laidback wardrobe. You very well might know American Giant for its commitment to rugged USA-made gear like some of the best men’s work pants or the best lightweight hoodie (different than the one we’re talking about today, though!), but it only gets better from there.

Best casual men's hooded sweatshirt

You see, the American Giant Classic Full Zip is a certified modern classic in the annals of casual menswear for plenty of reasons. Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself dressing much more casually as you look for the best clothing to wear at home, and the American Giant Classic Full Zip delivers in terms of long-lasting durability.

Remmy Champagne Crystal

Chalk it up to the use of durable 100 percent combed ringspun cotton and a custom-developed heavyweight fleece for extra warmth and comfort, for starters. Take it from this menswear writer who often wears a hoodie to work from home: The American Giant Classic Full Zip can stand the test of time, no doubt about it.

Best American-made hoodie for men.

The American Giant Classic Full Zip also uses hardware like a custom metal zipper and grommets, and the small touches also make the difference as you search for one of the best men’s hoodies. What exactly are those small touches? That’d be the double-lined hood and reinforced elbow patches: Yes indeed, the American Giant Classic Full Zip is so well-made, you can even wear it out of the house. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

That’s another thing: This stylish hooded sweatshirt comes in a plethora of colors to suit every preference (11 as of right now), so you can wear it with your favorite pair of blue jeans for casual weekend outings aplenty. And because the American Giant Classic Full Zip packs such a punch in terms of quality and versatility, it’s worth the price: You’re ponying up $138 for this stylish men’s hoodie, but it’s worth it (again, take it from me). Put simply: The American Giant Classic Full Zip is a hoodie you’re going to have years from now.

See Now, Buy Now: The American Giant Lightweight Full Zip is the Best Casual Sweater for Spring

Best casual men's sweatshirt for spring.

Sometimes, the best casual style moves take something you know and love — say, one of the best men’s sweatshirts — and switch things up ever so slightly. If you read the blog, you already know that USA-made style purveyors American Giant excel at making all forms of casually rugged style gear, from heavyweight and mid-weight crewneck sweatshirts, like its famed American Giant Full-Zip and Classic Pullovers. Perhaps you’re even a fan of the rugged American Giant Roughneck Pants for work (or play). But the real reason we’re here today is the reintroduction of a classic: The American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip. Crucially, it strikes the perfect style balance these days and is, without a doubt, one of the best lightweight sweatshirts for spring — to say the least.

Like those crucial spring style moves I mentioned earlier, the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip changes things up ever-so-slightly from what you know and love. As the brand says themselves, this lightweight hoodie (available in some especially spring-ready colors) is as “light as your favorite T-shirt, as soft and comfortable as your favorite hoodie” — sounds pretty ideal to me.

The key with the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip is that fabric blend: In this case, it’s a tri-blend jersey fabric that goes heavy on the polyester for stretch, and uses cotton and rayon for softness and just a bit of sturdiness. The American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip hits that happy medium between the brand’s Heavyweight and Midweight options — it’s almost a summer-weight blend, perfect for breezy spring days and nights. The full-zip design of the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip also makes it easy to throw on or customize the fit: Zip it up all the way for extra coverage, or leave it unzipped to show off your favorite graphic tee.

You can rest easy when it comes to the quality of the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip — it’s made in North Carolina for an extra touch of care and attention to detail. It might be $90, but it’s one of the best sweatshirts for men for that very purpose. It also features raglan stitching for both durability and mobility, plus an added dose of contrasting style (you can see it most readily on the Grey Ink Heather color of the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip). Take your pick from on-trend spring colors like Burnt Clay Heather (ideal to rock with light wash jeans and your favorite chukka boots) or team a more classic colorway of the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip with dark blue jeans, a thermal henley and high-top sneakers. Casual style gets even easier with a laidback, yet well-made, essential like the American Giant Lightweight Full-Zip — get your favorite color while it’s still around.

The Sunday Sale: Get 30 Percent off the Best USA-Made Menswear at American Giant

Best USA-made menswear and gear.

As we power through March, it’s more crucial than ever that your wardrobe is well-stocked for every possible situation, be it days working from home, spring weekend getaways or even days spent back on the grind in a casual office. What if I told you there’s one place to go to get on-sale menswear essentials made right here in America? Better still, what if you could shop a brand you love, a brand known for making the best American-made menswear on the planet — from the best work pants to an iconic winter sweater? That’s where you’re in luck, to say the least, with today’s Sunday Sale: Head on over to the American Giant Almost Gone Sale to get up to 30 percent off the best spring style essentials. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not in the slightest. The inventory selection is packed with casual style moves aplenty, from one of the best henleys for men (made from premium cotton) to some of the best men’s T-shirts — and more — on the market. Now, sizing can be limited, so act quickly if you see something you like.

The American Giant Almost Gone Sale has all the variety your wardrobe needs, both in terms of the essentials themselves (T-shirts, hoodies, twill jackets and sweatpants) to the sort of durable design you require on the daily. The deals are outstanding in their own right, with items knocked down to prices well below $100 and $200. If you want to put together an entire look using only American Giant menswear — at sale prices, to boot — the American Giant Almost Gone Sale is an ideal resource these days. Select the colors you love, the styles you need and the essentials you’ve got to have, all the while saving some serious cash with the American Giant Almost Gone Sale. It’s yours for the taking, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The American Giant Roughneck Pants are the Most Versatile Everyday Pants on the Market

Best everyday pants for men.

Every guy’s wardrobe should be rounded out by a variety of pants, should it not? Be it the best men’s jeans or something with a little more hard-wearing edge, a guy’s got to have options (and yes, I’m talking well beyond PJ bottoms or even sweatpants, too). What if you could get the versatility of classic blue jeans, the toughness of work pants and the ability to rock those same pants from day to night? That’s what you’re getting with the American Giant Roughneck Pants, some of the most versatile everyday pants for men on the market at present, seriously.

If you read the blog or if you’ve scoured any American Giant reviews as of late, then you know the brand has a penchant for taking solid basics and making them even more sturdy, wearable and classic, be it the USA-made Oxford shirt of your dreams or the best men’s thermal shirt. Maybe you’re also aware of the fact that the brand makes some of the best casual jackets for nearly all occasions, too, but let’s get back to the durable, tough and smartly designed American Giant Roughneck Pants, which check off all the right boxes in your search for real pants once more.

Best work pants for men.

Available in both Slim and Straight cuts — the Slim are nicely tailored and not too skinny in the slightest — the American Giant Roughneck Pants sit right in the middle of work pants, jeans and chinos, and that’s not a bad thing at all. When you really think about it, the utility of the American Giant Roughneck Pants makes perfect sense, seeing as they’re made to fill that void if you’re searching for the best pants for men. They feature a riveted five-pocket design for a sturdy build, plus cotton canvas construction for a rugged finish. Custom metal hardware makes the American Giant Roughneck Pants stand out ever so slightly, but these stylish work pants have a more tailored, clean look than other reinforced work pants.

That means you can wear the American Giant Roughneck Pants to the office in more casual situations (say, on a day where you can wear an Oxford shirt, sans blazer, for instance). If your office isn’t quite that casual, save the hard-wearing yet comfortable American Giant Roughneck Pants for the weekends and for casual weeknight outings (brewery visits and a concert or two at a small club come to mind). They can do it all, like your favorite pair of blue jeans, yet you should also be able to really bear down and get work done (or just retrieve some firewood and pour another dram of whiskey) when the time comes. For a USA-made pair of pants available in three wear-with-anything shades, the $150 asking price isn’t too bad in the slightest. Gear up with the American Giant Roughneck Pants and get the job done, whatever it might be.

See Now, Buy Now: This American Giant Midweight Crew is the Perfect Casual Winter Layer

Best crewneck sweatshirt for men.

I’m of the opinion that a guy can never have too many of a good thing, especially when it comes to American-made menswear essentials like the sort you tend to get from American Giant. That’s especially true when you dive into the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew, one of the very best men’s sweatshirts and the sort of durable, comfortable and warm style pick you need in spades right now. Hopefully, you’ve checked out an American Giant review or two here on the blog, from the brand’s stylish, cozy waffle crew shirt to other must-buy picks, like the office-ready, USA-made Oxford shirt the company also crafts with great care. As luck would have it, the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew steps things up to the next level beyond what you might expect from a casual crewneck sweatshirt, and it does so in a way that only the brand can do. That’s good news for your winter style ensembles, in short.

Crucially, the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew really is true to form in terms of its name and construction. It all starts out with 100 percent cotton in a mid-weight knit, the kind you can layer up atop your favorite long-sleeve shirt or again, atop the brand’s Oxford shirt for a nice blend of hybrid style. Then, layer the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew underneath one of the best men’s parkas or a waxed trucker jacket to get the most out of your utilitarian-yet-stylish seasonal look. It’s what you’d expect from one of the best sweatshirts for men, after all.

The brand itself says the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew has the “familiarity of your favorite everyday hoodie right out the box,” which is good news if you want a grab-and-go layer you can team with everything from flannel-lined work pants to the best men’s jeans and more. It’s available in two neutral colors, Black and a rich Varsity Blue, both of which have proven hot sellers right now. But the good news is, of course, that the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew is but one piece in the brand’s rotation of well-made, hard-wearing, USA-designed and crafted style picks.

Of course, it nearly goes without saying that the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew is actually made in North Carolina, and it’d be the perfect sweatshirt to wear on its own through a more temperate Carolina winter, or else layered up with ease alongside other winter style essentials. Thankfully, American Giant gives you plenty of options, so the American Giant Carolina Midweight Crew is but the latest standout pick to add to your wardrobe. Happy layering and happy winter shopping, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: This American Giant Waffle Crew is the Coziest Layer to Wear This Winter (And Beyond)

Casual essentials that aren’t so casual — and are actually, surprisingly stylish and well-made — are the name of the game this season, and that’s where American Giant comes into play. If you’ve been looking for upgrades to your laidback looks for cold-weather days and holiday-minded lounging, American Giant can help, and the American Giant Waffle Crew is one of the best men’s shirts to fit the bill quite perfectly. The brand has stepped up its game in recent months, expanding beyond its essential basics to now craft one of the best Oxford shirts for men, and they also do quite the job at crafting plenty of the very best American-made menswear beyond that, too. And if you want a long-sleeve shirt that’s much more than an average long-sleeve shirt, well, the American Giant Waffle Crew delivers on all fronts.

It’s made in Los Angeles, a burgeoning spot for some of the best men’s knitwear, plus denim and the best men’s long-sleeve shirts, to boot. The waffle cotton construction makes this both a distinctive base layer (underneath a rugged shawl cardigan, for example) or a shirt you can wear all on its own with some American Giant men’s pants or tailored joggers. It would also be a valuable piece layered under the American Giant Moto Zip Jacket, for starters. What’s not to love about that? There’s plenty more where that came from, too.

The color and texture of the American Giant Waffle Crew really sets itself apart, too. It’s got an ever-so-slightly lived-in look and feel that’ll only get better over time the more you wear it. And given the 100 percent cotton construction and comfort of the American Giant Waffle Crew, you’ll want to wear this shirt a heck of a lot. Use it as a base layer beneath your favorite waxed trucker jacket, or give yourself some added warmth by wearing it underneath a classic crewneck sweatshirt. You can also style it beneath a rugged flannel shirt for just the right amount of layering on a crisp winter morning. Just about any way you choose to style it, the American Giant Waffle Crew looks great and delivers functional comfort all the way through.

Color options like Evening Blue (shown here) and the deep, dusty red El Camino, deliver just the right amount of seasonal style, making either option practically perfect to pair with faded jeans, grey joggers or even tan chinos beneath an unstructured, garment-dyed navy blazer. It’s rare to find a long-sleeve shirt that can do all of that, but the American Giant Waffle Crew is that shirt, without a doubt. Try it on for size and see for yourself.

Style Pick of the Week: American Giant Supima Oxford Shirt – The Best Oxford Shirt for Men to Buy Now

Is there anything that American Giant can’t do? The made-in-America retailer has you covered across the board with staples like one of the best polos for men and plenty of the best USA-made menswear, and you can add another item to that list: One of the coolest new Oxford shirts I’ve seen in some time, made with all the quality you’d expect from the famed retailer. I’ve grown to appreciate the brand over the years for its commitment to durable designs and fabrication in all respects, right down to its affordable bundle of T-shirts, and they’ve really hit the nail on the head once again with the American Giant Supima Oxford. It’s a step up in terms of everyday style and dressy appeal from a brand that excels at making casual style staples, and if ever you wanted more of the best American-made menswear in your life, well, here’s your chance to start stocking up on pieces like your new favorite Oxford shirt. What makes this classic piece so essential? My friends, I’m glad you asked.

Naturally, the American Giant Supima Oxford checks all the right boxes from the very start, including the use of that soft Supima cotton fabric, all the better to make this a shirt you can truly live in. It’s also made in Los Angeles, another step that signifies quality and attention to detail throughout. That USA-made build is also why it’s more expensive than your average Oxford shirt from a fast-fashion brand – the American Giant Supima Oxford clocks in at $118, but it’s more than worth the price tag.

It’s your new favorite shirt for work or play, and easily one of the best shirts for men that you can buy right now. Take your pick from classic Oxford Blue or crisp White, both of which are downright essential and easily wearable with plenty of your other wardrobe staples. Team either option with classic slim blue jeans or tan chinos at the office or on the road. Wear the American Giant Supima Oxford to the office tucked in underneath a classic fall blazer, or break it out this winter underneath a rugged shawl cardigan with your favorite pair of blue jeans. Any which way you slice it, the USA-made American Giant Supima Oxford works as hard as you do. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

A single chest pocket and that buttondown collar are details that keep this Oxford shirt firmly classic and ready for anything, especially for business casual style at the office. And the best part is, you can even wear the American Giant Supima Oxford with other picks from American Giant — try it untucked atop an American Giant cotton T-shirt, for starters. It also works well buttoned up and then layered underneath an American Giant crewneck sweatshirt, a look that’s ready for the beer garden or a Friday meeting in equal measure. When you find a well-fitting, well-made shirt like the American Giant Supima Oxford, it’s absolutely in your best interest to step up to the plate and snag (at least) one for yourself. Happy shopping.

SHOP: The American Giant Supima Oxford

The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Basics, Summer Beer & the Best 4th of July Sales

My friends, you know what weekend is upon us. It’s 4th of July weekend, a patriotic occasion that calls for reflection on both our freedoms and what we can do better as a country (there’s a lot, and I know you don’t need me to tell you that, right?). It’s also a time to gather safely with friends and family, ideally with some of life’s greater pleasures close at hand (I’m talking about cold beer and menswear, of course). On that last front, you know where to go to get some of the best men’s style essentials for summer, don’t you? That’d be the well-stocked digital shelves of Huckberry, purveyors of everything you need to go from the trail to the town, and from town to the beach, and then back. It’s always worth shopping the Huckberry Sale Section, too — a lot of stellar gear is still up for grabs. In fact, you can get up to 50 percent off at Huckberry right now. It’s just one of more than a few of the best sales for the 4th of July, so keep on scrolling through below. A quick note: Huckberry isn’t the only major retailer offering up discounts. We’ll get into it more below, but the Filson Summer Clearing Sale gets you scores of deals on Filson classics, like the Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt or the rugged Filson C.C.F. Watch Cap.

As for me, I’m going to try to spend only a bit of time coveting Huckberry menswear picks this weekend. I’m back in Brooklyn after a trip down to Florida — you can read more about my trip in my twice-weekly newsletter — and I’ve got some fun plans in store. As per tradition, whenever I’m in New York City for the 4th of July, I always make my way down to Coney Island to take in the sights and sounds — beer is also on the docket at Coney Island Brewery, of course. What’s on your agenda for the holiday weekend? I’ve got some last-minute writing to do for sites like Jacob Graye, plus this blog, but once that’s taken care of, I’ll be enjoying some much-needed time off. Check out the best menswear for the 4th of July, and the best 4th of July gear sales, below. Then kick back, relax, crack open a cold one and celebrate. Cheers and thanks for reading!

Men's jackets – Buy jackets – JACK WOLFSKIN

Alright, folks: Hopefully, you’re rolling into the weekend with some of the best Fourth of July sales top of mind from some of your favorite brands, be it a new American Giant partnership, a deal on the best adventure gear or the remarkable Taylor Stitch Peak of Summer Sale. Whichever one you choose to shop, I hope that gear makes its way to you in good time. And before I let you go, allow me to recommend one more must-read pick: My guide on how to wear a lightweight jacket is going to sort you out with breezy style in mind this season. Happy shopping and stay cool out there — and oh yeah, enjoy the 4th of July!

The Sunday Sale: Score a Deal on Three of the Best Men’s T-Shirts from American Giant

What’s on your shopping list today? Do you have time to score a deal on the best T-shirts for men from American Giant? I bet you do. If you’ve been following along with The Sunday Sale, then you know it’s quite the place to find out all about the best deals on the best new menswear, including today’s deal: Nearly 10 percent off three of the best men’s T-shirts from American Giant (keep reading for more). You’ve got to simply make hay while the sun shines, as it were, be it getting your new favorite summer shirt, a deal on the best men’s bomber jacket or in this case, one of the best deals on a new T-shirt for men. To be more specific, we’re actually talking about three new T-shirts from the famed purveyors at American Giant.

Shop Pact Today.

If you read the blog, you know all about this truly all-American brand, makers of some of the best American menswear and of course, makers of other staple pieces like one of the best henleys for men. But let’s talk more about the American Giant Premium Slub Tee, shall we? This deal today is part of an excellent series of American GIant bundles, and to be more specific, you’re getting three T-shirts for $120 (regularly $144), and you’re not just getting any old T-shirt either.

SHOP: The American Giant Premium Slub Tee

Make no mistake, when it comes to quality construction and reliable, design, that’s what the American Giant Premium Slub Tee is all about. These T-shirts use a custom slub cotton fabric that American Giant developed over the course of a year. Having tested out these T-shirts, it’s substantial and will keep its shape, but it’s not overwhelming or too heavy. The fit is classic and slimming, but not too tight by any means. Fit-wise, the American Giant Premium Slub Tee is the perfect T-shirt to wear with jeans, for example, but you could also wear this classic tee (in just about any color you please) with tan chinos and white canvas sneakers for easygoing spring and summer style.

Shop Western Rise Today!

The slub jersey fabric is made in North Carolina, and the T-shirts themselves are sewn in Los Angeles, so it’s American-made all the way through. Lest we forget, you can mix and match between 12 cool colors (eight of them limited-edition, including the Green Tide color shown above) to get that coveted deal: Three T-shirts for $120. Just in time for spring and summer, that’s the deal you need right now on the best T-shirts for men.

SHOP: The American Giant Premium Slub Tee