The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the Best Men’s Casual Jacket to Shop Now

Best casual jacket for men.

There are certain casual style essentials where it’s nice to treat yourself and really step things up with the “best of the best,” so to speak, and that’s where Mack Weldon can do wonders for your wardrobe. Specifically, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is one of the best casual jackets for men, the kind you can incorporate into just about anything you’re doing, day in and day out, in these increasingly, well, casual times. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with the New York City basics brand, known for making everything from one of the warmest men’s henleys to one of the most comfortable flannel shirts — not to mention a wide selection of some of the best-reviewed boxer briefs on the planet. The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, recently launched as part of the brand’s mix-and-match, innovative, go-anywhere Daily Wear System, ties everything together as a polished-yet-casual outerwear option, ideal for everything from Zoom calls to coffee meetings to laidback Fridays back in the office.

The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the kind of jacket your laidback wardrobe very well might be missing, made with a water and wrinkle-resistant lightweight poly fabric you can easily layer over your favorite Mack Weldon henley alongside classic blue jeans — or else, the Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants.

Best casual everyday jacket for men.

Taken altogether, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket checks all the right boxes as far as the best casual jackets for men are concerned. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, and the hidden interior pocket is ideal for keeping your look streamlined and your everyday carry essentials safe. Versatile color options are also the name of the game with the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, which comes in a crisp black as well as Charcoal Heather and Total Eclipse, a sharp navy shade you could wear to the office with tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt (in place of your favorite cardigan, perhaps). The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is seemingly simple on the outside, yet ready for just about anything — including long days on the road.

You can team the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket with just about any other basics in your wardrobe, be they joggers or jeans or chinos, plus this laidback jacket works great with everything from graphic tees to one of the best men’s polos from Mack Weldon. It’ll set you back $128, but when you consider that the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket could become a jacket you wear casually most days of the week — especially if you work from home — then that price is certainly worth it. As ever, if you want one of the best jackets for men — and more — Mack Weldon is the place to go. Shop accordingly, my friends.


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