The Only Thing You’ll Like About Working From Home Are These Birddogs Pants

How I probably looked trying to translate my office life into a WFH wardrobe.

I’ll be honest: My work-from-home wardrobe in the early stages of quarantine was a bit all over the place. I needed some direction — OK, a lot of direction. I only wish I’d known about Birddogs sooner, but now that I’ve had the chance to test out the brand, I’m all-in — keep reading, because I know you’ll feel the same way.

[Editor’s note: This post is presented by Birddogs. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support The Style Guide!]

Settling into your new routine of Zoom conference calls, frozen pizza for lunch, and an ever-dwindling reserve of streaming television … on and on, and on? Great! It’s best to just lean into the work from home vibe (I know I have). One great way to do that? Streamlining getting dressed in these Birddogs pants with built-in underwear.

They’re super comfortable pants that look like legit professional chinos. 

Your new favorite work from home pants.

What’s the Deal with Built-In Underwear?

You’ve probably logged more than a few hours this week already with your butt in a dining room chair, or some other less-than-ergonomic sitting position (guilty as charged from my perspective as I work from home in Brooklyn). Your backside might be aching and inner thighs sticky. But with Birddogs pants, it’s like getting a gentle spandex hug, while your mid-section remains as cool and dry as when you sat down in the morning.  

You can chalk this mind-bending comfort up to the pants’ built-in underwear.

Built-in underwear is exactly what it sounds like – underwear sewn inside your pants.  It’s super simple…and very comfortable. Everything stays perfectly in place, no wedging, no nudging, no nothing.  Wearing pants feels better because of it. 

Get Birddogs pants to upgrade your WFH life in style.

Where Did Birddogs Come From? 

I first heard about Birddogs gym shorts with built-in underwear from friends who raved about them. The revelation that they also made stretch chino pants? That came later.

After logging an embarrassing amount of time on Facebook over the past couple of weeks and months, it became very apparent that your humble Brooklyn menswear editor spends way too much time online searching for the best men’s clothes. Up popped Birddogs ads aplenty! 

Wear Birddogs … anywhere.

Some might make you laugh, like this “couple” shopping at a farmer’s market, but don’t be fooled. The quality backs up the product.

This isn’t just an Instagram or Facebook pop-up brand — Birddogs are here to stay, and once you try them, you’ll know why.

The pants fabric itself not only feels incredible but looks like legit professional chinos.  Not that looking professional matters anymore, but it’s good to know for some indeterminate “later” time.

When things get back to normal, maybe you’ll delete Zoom from your computer and give up frozen pizza, but I bet Birddogs pants with built-in underwear will be part of your work wardrobe for good.



The Friday Read: Myles Apparel, The Best New Sunglasses & Huckberry Face Masks

Keep reading to get 10 percen off these stylish everyday pants from Myles Apparel.

How best to start off the weekend, you might be wondering? I’ve got just the thing for you. If I were you, I’d head over to Myles Apparel and pick up the Tour Pants in Sage as seen above (among other standout colors). They’re made from quick-drying, wrinkle and stain-resistant fabric with handy features like an easy-to-store front phone pocket and reflective pant cuffs. Take it from me: They’re some of the best pants for men to buy now. I’ve been testing Myles Apparel  this week, and I’m here to report back that the brand is good as advertised.

Here’s what that means for you: You can (and should!) use the code MYLES10 to get 10 percent off the best men’s workout gear and heck, the best everyday gear for men, fit for work or play. We’re talking stylish stretch shorts, comfortable pants to wear to work from home, durable workout shirts, classic pocket tees … a bit of everything.


Myles Apparel can practically do it all. Even better? When you don’t want to spend a lot upfront, check out the Myles Apparel Try Before You Buy program, offering convenient returns and shipping. Seriously, all your bases are covered. Having fun yet? Good, let’s keep today’s Friday Read rolling. For starters: I mentioned this last week, but early next week, I’ll be debuting The Style Guide Shop, a chance to check out the best men’s style essentials of the moment — classic picks and seasonal selections from brands you know and love, all on one easily shoppable page. 

Frank And Oak

It’s another lovely summer Friday in Brooklyn, but it’s hard not to pay attention to the news elsewhere — thank you for taking time out of your day to head on over here … seriously. When I spend too much time scrolling, I try to step back and put on some soulful music. Lately, that’s meant revisiting albums by Michigan’s Lord Huron (as mentioned in my newsletter!). I can’t recommend the lilting, beautiful stylings of frontman Ben Schneider & co. enough. I’ll be listening to the band this weekend as I explore Brooklyn, grab some brews at the lauded Threes Brewing, and of course, test out all my gear from Myles Apparel. Sound like a plan to you? Alright, alright. Before you kick off your own weekend, check out more from my neck of the woods below. Thanks for reading!

Frank And Oak

An anti-aging face serum designed to fight fine lines and the effects of, yes, aging.

Do these fit the bill when it comes to the coolest men’s sunglasses? They sure do.

Belstaff UK

Before I let you head out for the weekend, I’ve got one last must-read for you. Even as we cruise through summer, maybe you’re still in search of a few crucial men’s style picks for that camping trip, that adventure off the grid, or heck … your next morning spent working on your patio, coffee in hand.

As ever, you’re going to want to head to my ongoing series The List, where I recently wrote about the 20 best men’s style essentials for whatever you’ve got in store this season. From a new camp shirt to a rugged Timex x Todd Snyder watch and some classic summer sneakers, I hope I covered all the bases. Alright, now it’s finally time to take on the weekend — see you out there, thanks for reading!

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase


Style Pick of the Week: Western Rise AT Slim Pants

Tough, rugged-yet-versatile pants cut from innovative fabric.

Your search for the best men’s pants is nearly over — well, at least it will be if you take my words to heart during today’s Style Pick of the Week. That’s because we’re talking all about the Western Rise AT Slim Pants, simply some of the toughest, best pants for men any time of year (and particularly when the going gets tough during winter). You need rugged pants that won’t quit or suffer an untimely blowout, and Western Rise is going to come through in the clutch. And that’s where the AT Slim Pants enter the equation (and your wardrobe). What’s the catch, Beau? Heck, in my mind, there isn’t really a catch — the Western Rise AT Slim Pants just deliver on multiple levels. For Western Rise, that all starts with a focus on fabric. The brand focuses on “elevated apparel” that calls to mind adventure and versatility — from the city to the great outdoors and back (it’s right there in the Western Rise name, after all). And that approach all goes back down to the small details — crucially, the Western Rise AT Slim Pants are made with tough stretch nylon featuring air-texturized fibers. It’s certainly the best of the new (that tech-focused fabric) with the old-school (the design is based on tough outdoor rivet pants from the 1870s).

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

The Western Rise AT Slim Pants are simply as good as it gets in terms of tough, dependable style.

Even if you’ve got a closet packed full of the best men’s jeans and chinos, there’s not a chance you’ve got some slim five-pocket pants like these from Western Rise. That’s because the Western Rise AT Slim Pants have plenty of added value, including the fact that the AT Cloth (also made with canvas) is abrasion-resistant and treated with DWR technology to shed water. These could just be the perfect pants for your commute  (especially if you favor biking to work when it’s warmer), yet they really won’t miss a beat at the office, either. The range of colors, including the slate blue option seen here, gives you the opportunity to wear these rugged men’s pants with anything and everything you can dream up, from a tough trucker jacket and your favorite henley on the weekend to a Western Rise flannel shirt and classic chukka boots at the office. End your search right now for your new favorite pants — the only question left is what color you’re going to buy.

SHOP: The Western Rise AT Slim Pants

Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.

See Now, Buy Now: The Proof Rover Pants Are My New Favorite Pants — Here’s Why

The perfect pants to carry you into fall — I nearly guarantee it.

So, the headline really says it all today: The Proof Rover Pants, as sold by the ever-stylish team at Huckberry, are my new favorite pants. And what’s more, they’re some of the best men’s pants on the market, period. As the weather starts to turn slightly chillier, you’re going to need some rugged, go-anywhere trousers — and again, the Proof Rover Pants are those pants. Get the picture? Good — now, let’s dive in. You’ve seen these before on the blog, particularly in my guide to dressing for early fall, but they’re back again today — for good reason. With the cut of chinos and the styling potential of slim denim, plus the rugged appeal & functionality of tough chore pants, the Proof Rover Pants just get the job done: At the office with an Oxford shirt and a classic navy blazer, on the weekend with a rugged long-sleeve henley, and as you travel on an upstate day trip with a tough field jacket in tow. How does that work exactly? It’s simple, and it starts with the exceptional fabric and comfort — two reasons I can’t seem to stop wearing my Proof Rover Pants.
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SHOP: The Proof Rover Pants

The tough styling potential and functionality you’ll need all fall.

They’ve got the classic five-pocket design of denim, and yet the tailored cut of chinos — and we haven’t even discussed the exceptional fabric used to craft the Proof Rover Pants. It’s a specially engineered fabric made with cotton, Sorbek and lycra for durability, a hint of stretch & ease of movement. Throw in the fact that these rugged work pants feature a gusseted crotch and darted knee seams, and you’ve got a pair of pants that you can actually wear to, y’know, tackle yard work … or simply tackle another IPA at your favorite brewery.

Shop Mott & Bow Today!

The rivet points on the Proof Rover Pants are also sturdy and tough, while the fabric is custom pigment-dyed — that means these slim fall trousers are going to break in like your favorite pair of jeans, month after month … after month. And what’s more, they retail for under $100 at Huckberry, a heck of a deal when you consider how much you can wear ’em (every day of the week??). And one last point: I just might have to get a pair of Proof Rover Pants in every color, seeing as the rich options (from Midnight Navy to Khaki) are as versatile as can be. Hopefully, that captures why I love the Proof Rover Pants so much — and why you might feel the same way. Cheers!

SHOP: The Proof Rover Pants

See Now, Buy Now: The Proof Nomad Pants are Your Go-Anywhere Pants for Spring and Summer

The sharp, travel-ready pants you need for spring and summer.

Want a pair of stylish pants that can go anywhere and everywhere you go this spring and summer? Of course you do. Hence, I give you the Proof Nomad Pants, the latest highly versatile entry in our See Now, Buy Now series. They’re a more-than-fitting addition to your list of spring menswear essentials, I know that much to be true. If you follow the blog, you’ll recall that we’ve talked about the Proof Nomad Pants in the past, but they’re now back and better than ever. Much like the rest of Proof’s gear (including a personal favorite, the Proof Oxford), the Proof Nomad Pants look like any other day-to-day style staple, yet are made to move with you. To wit: The Proof Nomad Pants are crafted with a new-and-improved Toray twill from Japan — that means they’re durable, ever-so-slightly stretchy and yet breathable at the same time. They’ve also upgraded the Proof Nomad Pants with two versatile, equally polished cuts — Slim (my preferred pick) and Straight (for a crisp-but-relaxed vibe — never baggy, though). The Proof Nomad Pants are also designed in San Francisco — a city known as much as any for style that demands mobility and versatility.

SHOP: The Proof Nomad Pants

The author’s favorite color of the Proof Nomad Pants.

And the truly great thing about the Proof Nomad Pants is that although they’ve got the technical prowess you need for a long day of travel or a long day on the job, they don’t look at all like overly technical pants. I’d certainly say you could wear the Proof Nomad Pants to the office (a grey chino blazer and a white Oxford are fine complements) with the same ease as you could wear them to head to the bar (try ’em with a white short-sleeve henley and brown leather chukka boots). But again, the Proof Nomad Pants can do nearly anything you ask of them — try them on and see for yourself.

SHOP: The Proof Nomad Pants