The Thursday Buy: The Buck Mason Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is Your New Go-Anywhere Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

Quick, name at least one summer style essential you can’t live without. It very well might be one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, right? The type of shirt you can wear with ease to the office on a casual day, not to mention for weekend days aplenty, from the brewery to the BBQ and beyond, right? And folks, can you ever have enough when it comes to a rotation of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts? I think not — that’s where the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is going to shake up your wardrobe in the best way.

Hopefully, you’re well-acquainted with what Buck Mason brings to your wardrobe, be it one of the best lightweight jackets for expert travel style or some of the best summer shorts — now, you can add another tried-and-true essential to your list just as the thermostat really starts to climb. The Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt seems simple and subtly stylish on the surface, and that’s not a bad thing to have close at hand in the months ahead. It all starts, of course, with the tightly woven yet lightweight cotton twill blend, the kind that’s going to feel substantial and yet breath easily (without wrinkling as much as a linen shirt might, for instance).

Buck Mason shirting review.

The Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt checks plenty of other boxes, too, including a mid-length fit that looks great untucked or tucked in. Heck, the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is so surprisingly polished, you could even wear it under your favorite summer blazer to stay cool without missing a beat. The use of rayon within the cotton blend also makes it super-soft to the touch and comfortable against your skin, no undershirt required. Crucially, the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt also fits slim through the body but offers room to move up top, thanks to the pleated back design.

The range of colors in which you can snag the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is also impressive: Five neutral colors make up the offering, each easily wearable with a pair of expertly faded Buck Mason jeans or chinos, for starters. Colors like Fog or Natural are perhaps easiest to mix and match, but any option you select when it comes to the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt just works, well, quite well for spring and summer style. Priced fairly at $95, it’s the short-sleeve shirt you can work into many a summer ensemble. Go for it right now, then thank me later. Happy shopping!


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