The Thursday Buy: Western Rise Is Making the Best Short-Sleeve Shirt on the Market

Look toward the great outdoors and the wild West to find the best men’s short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer today, my friends. It’s coming at you courtesy of Western Rise, based in Colorado and makers of gear that perfectly blends performance and style with ease. The shirt in question today is the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown, easily one of the best shirts for men when the thermostat climbs and yet you’ve still got to look polished. It’s all in keeping with that crucial blend of innovative fabrics and classic silhouettes, as best seen in other Western Rise staples, like the best men’s shirt jacket or the best long-sleeve shirt for outdoor adventures. The list goes on, of course, but the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown is here just in time for a new season of fun in the sun.


It’s the perfect kind of shirt for the demands of these days, which could encompass anything from weekend errands or day trips to working on your patio on a Friday to dashing out for an outdoor beer when the day is done. Through it all the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown is going to perfectly blend great looks with comfortable, breezy fabric (and that’s an understatement). The key is the AirLight cloth, which starts with texturized SUPPLEX® nylon and incorporates a post-consumer recycled polyester to really drive home the warm-weather nature of the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown . It’s then woven into a lightweight weave that breathes easily and dries quickly. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s finished off with a light water-repellent finish to handle spring mists and, well, light rain.

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If it wasn’t clear right away that this is one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, hopefully, you’re coming around now. To top things off, it also features a UPF50 finish, ideal for wearing (along with sunscreen!) on spring and summer hikes and park strolls. I’d also strongly urge you to wear it with some of the best men’s pants for summer, also from Western Rise (see, there’s that blend of technical functionality and style again!).

Crosstown Bomber

I personally love the Light Blue color — a key component of the style points this shirt has going for it — but it’s also available in a crisp Fog and a clean, classic Black colorway. Of course, the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown has the small details taken care of accordingly, too — that means you’re also getting a hidden buttondown collar and a handy chest pocket. Take it from a guy who’s tested his out frequently even just this month — it’s going to become your new favorite spring and summer shirt. Who can say no to that, ehh?

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#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Shirt for Summer

When you want summer style that’s both inspiring and functional, you’ve sometimes got to take a new approach — that’s what Taylor Stitch has done here with one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer via its Taylor Stitch West Winds Collection. For starters, the collection also features unique, desert-inspired artwork from artist Shane Miller, so that’s pretty darn cool. We’ll get to the classic short-sleeve shirt you need this season in just a second, but know that Taylor Stitch used the inspiration of the desert itself to craft a perfectly garment-dyed short-sleeve Oxford shirt you can rock with your favorite summer style staples. It pays to have an #OOTD that’s different than average, even in these strange quarantine times, so that’s why you’ll see we’re pairing up the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt with cool, corresponding pieces that are anything but normal. Take a stylish light wash denim jacket and mix it up with classic men’s chinos from the good folks at Buck Mason,  then throw on some suede chukka boots — boom, there’s your next summer ensemble (for now and later). This is the type of ensemble that’s going to serve you well when you want to freshen up at home for an evening of grilling and porch beers, and it’s going to put in equal work when you head back into the outside world to fill up your favorite growler or pick up some cold brew coffee. Heck, if I were you, I’d rock the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt  just about as often as possible in place of a T-shirt for casual-but-cool spring style. The choice, though, is up to you. How are you going to style this unique short-sleeve shirt? Check out the full look below, and feel free to get in touch with your thoughts on Twitter.

The stylish short-sleeve shirt to wear all summer — part of a new Taylor Stitch collection.

If you want to freshen up your short-sleeve shirting game this summer and perhaps add a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to your home, turn toward the Taylor Stitch West Winds Collection — it delivers in more ways than one, starting with the best short-sleeve shirt for summer. This shirt is breezy, colorful and as easygoing as your favorite T-shirt, so feel free to pair it up with rugged style staples aplenty, like the Levi’s Trucker Jacket and Buck Mason chinos. Talk about a one-two punch, right? Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt is as cool as can be, but the whole look doesn’t work without the right accessories, from the rugged appeal of the Tanner Goods Classic Belt to the dependable durability of the Timex MS1 Maritime Sport Watch.  And even if it feels odd to put on proper footwear at the moment, a pair of classic suede chukka boots is going to prove plenty reliable now and through the summer months (and on into fall!). Keep track of all your musings and your future plans using a stylish leather journal from Billykirk, and protect your eyes from the sun with some of the best sunglasses for summer. If you haven’t yet given much thought to your summer shirting rotation, now’s the time to start. Luckily, you know just how to wear the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt for the months ahead.


Style Pick of the Week: Howlin Light Flight Short-Sleeve Shirt

The unique short-sleeve shirt to wear all summer.

How much of your summer to-do list have you checked off to date? Have you enjoyed a summer happy hour (in style, of course) or an outdoor concert? How about a visit to your favorite brewery? And most importantly, what are you wearing to tackle each and every single one of these pursuits? Answer: A stylish short-sleeve shirt like the Howlin Light Flight Shirt has to be the menswear essential you need — that’s a fact. It’s an investment at $140 as sold via Huckberry, but this is practically a do-it-all shirt. While at first it might seem like too much of a departure from what you’re used to wearing for off-duty style (perhaps something as simple as a USA-made T-shirt), give the Howlin Light Flight Shirt a try when you want that same laidback comfort — and just a bit more polish. That’s what makes it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men this season; it’s all about balance, and all about not overdoing it. What I mean to say is, leave the starched dress shirt at home for Casual Friday, and head into the office wearing the Howlin Light Flight Shirt, plus some slim tan chinos and suede chukka boots — then, get yourself to your favorite bar for happy hour after work. Made from a breezy cotton-polyester blend, it’s the laidback short-sleeve shirt that’s got more in common with a simple tee than anything else — for summer, that’s great news indeed.

SHOP: The Howlin Light Flight Shirt

The Howlin Light Flight Shirt looks a little bit like something Mr. James Bond himself would wear on a tropical getaway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you — even if you’re only wearing it to grab a round of rooftop cocktails. The classic free collar is a retro-inspired touch, akin to a camp collar shirt, that looks refreshingly modern today, particularly if you pair this navy short-sleeve shirt with off-white chinos and brown leather loafers for a bit of dressy appeal. Plus, the Howlin Light Flight Shirt  just so happens to be made in Belgium — it can handle a hot European summer or a breezy NYC day with ease. And if you’re searching for a shirt to keep you cool underneath a classic cotton blazer, take a style hack from the old blog and try the Howlin Light Flight Shirt under said blazer — you’ll be grateful you did as the thermostat climbs. Your search for the perfect summer shirt is finally over, just in time for the weekend.

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Online Shopping Picks: The 5 Best Short-Sleeve Shirts for Spring and Summer

Editor’s note: For a host of online shopping picks that’ll have you ready for every occasion, head this way.

A short-sleeve shirt can be worn all kinds of ways, but particularly with classics like dark denim and navy sneakers. Vintage 'drinks' shirt. Dark denim by Mott & Bow. Navy Rosen Runners by GREATS Brand. Glasses by Warby Parker.

A short-sleeve shirt can be worn all kinds of ways, but particularly with classics like dark denim and navy sneakers. Vintage ‘drinks’ shirt. Dark denim by Mott & Bow. Navy Rosen Runners by GREATS Brand. Glasses by Warby Parker.

Here we are, practically on the verge of summer travel season really heating up. Memorial Day is barreling toward us and it’s time to reach for spring style essentials like a casual watch or a nice pair of spring and summer shorts. Yet, how to finish off those ensembles? A polo is a foolproof go-to underneath a blazer (or on its own) at the office, and a popover offers a change of pace visually from a standard T-shirt in casual situations. Let’s say you’re feeling a tad more daring, or the occasion calls for something a bit more … eye-catching. It’s always fun to inject pattern and color into your wardrobe, and it’s all the better to be able to do it comfortably — that is, you’ll ideally only be needing a short-sleeve shirt, not a ton of winter layers (or even a spring jacket). That brings us to the below picks — feast your eyes on the best short-sleeve shirts for spring and summer. Take ’em to the beach, take ’em on a stylish spring bar crawl, and rock them everywhere in between (yes, even at the office). Any brand you see missing? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

#1. JackThreads The Chambray Short-Sleeve Shirt — $39

A slight deviation from the standard chambray shirt in terms of pattern (and the lack of, y'know, sleeves).

A slight deviation from the standard chambray shirt in terms of pattern (and the lack of, y’know, sleeves).

Interested in taking the plunge into short-sleeve territory but don’t want to spend a ton of money doing it? Having a tough time putting away that essential chambray shirt after rocking it all winter? We’re in the same boat. And given both those things, it’s a really solid bet to reach for a JackThreads chambray short-sleeve shirt that doesn’t overdo it on the pattern, keeps the price nice and low, and comes in that oh-so-familiar chambray material (with a color that’s easy to pair with, as well). For more on what makes JackThreads so great, check out this feature.

#2. Saturdays Surf NYC Esquina Gingham Shirt in White/Indigo — $115

No zany patterns here -- just an effectively stylish gingham print and a modern fit.

No zany patterns here — just an effectively stylish gingham print and a modern fit.

If, on the other hand, you’re more than ready to hop into the short-sleeve shirt pool, give this nice number from Saturdays Surf NYC a try. The brand does lots of things well when it comes to warm-weather gear, from its selection of neutral yet well-crafted knitwear to surfboards actually made for catching waves. While there are more eye-catching patterns from the brand on the site, this gingham pattern pairs easily with more standard style staples, like slim tan chinos and classic white sneakers. Be prepared to pay more for this piece, but know that (at least in this writer’s experience), you’ll be able to wear a shirt like this one for months on end.

#3. Bridge & Burn Thomas Pacific Latitude Shirt — $108

A major pop of pattern that manages to stay grounded thanks to the deep indigo color.

A major pop of pattern that manages to stay grounded thanks to the deep indigo color.

For times that you want something more than gingham or a lighter floral print, grab the truly excellent Bridge & Burn Pacific Latitude Shirt. The cotton-linen blend (50 percent either way, as it were) will keep you cool when temperatures heat up, and the fit is flattering but not too trim. The best part about this shirt? The rich leaf pattern indigo print, which works surprisingly well even atop the striped fabric. It’s nothing short of the ideal shirt to wear on vacation or to the beach — it’s a style upgrade from the standard Hawaiian shirt in every way.

#4. Old Navy Classic Slim-Fit Shirt in White — $21

Dirt-cheap and classic. Not bad at all!

Dirt-cheap and classic. Not bad at all!

Unlike some of the other picks on this list, the Old Navy Classic Slim-Fit Shirt  is downright cheap. That doesn’t lessen its quality though, for the most part — Old Navy reliably delivers on classic pieces for not a lot of money. Again, if you want to test out something more standard before grabbing a printed shirt (like the pick right below this one), this shirt is the one for you. Lest you avoid comparisons to Dwight Schrute, it’d be wise to pair this shirt with, say, some navy shorts and a quilted jacket on the weekends (like this Style Guide #OOTD feature).

#5. J. Crew Factory Slim Short-Sleeve Linen Printed Shirt — $38.50

Linen is the way to go in terms of keeping cool this summer -- short sleeves make it all the easier.

Linen is the way to go in terms of keeping cool this summer — short sleeves make it all the easier.

It truly wouldn’t be an Online Shopping Picks feature without a pick from J. Crew or J. Crew Factory, right? Aside from a store like Old Navy, they continue to get things right in terms of quality, price point and selection. Given that there’ve been so many blue or white shirts on this here list, this red linen short-sleeve shirt was an easy pick. They’ve given this shirt the full linen treatment here, so it should be extra breezy and cool — as a summer style hack, you could definitely rock this short-sleeve shirt underneath a slim khaki blazer at a summer wedding (preferably sans tie). Wait for a sale, and the price could drop even lower.

As more and more brands truly try to become four-season brands, there are certainly some other options you should consider. For a premium feel and distinctive patterns, check out Bonobos short-sleeve shirts . If you still find yourself searching for a lower price point, swing through Uniqlo for a mixture of plaid and neutral options that are definitely affordable. And a perennial favorite of this site, Grayers, is also stocked up on short-sleeve shirts for the season. No matter where you buy, keep in mind that fit trumps all, even when trying out something a bit different stylistically. So that means a slim body, sleeves that hit about mid-bicep and a length that can definitely be worn untucked. Got all that down? Go to it!

Stay stylish,


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