Style Pick of the Week: Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt – The Best Men’s Shirt for Summer

Best men's shirt for summer.

When you get down to it, your summer wardrobe needs options that both fight the heat and keep you sharp in style while doing so. After all, for as much as a guy needs casual summer style essentials like one of the best men’s T-shirts, he also needs slightly more polished (yet no less rugged and useful) style moves close at hand, too. Enter Filson’s Summer Shop, a standout offering filled to the brim with the best menswear for summer — including the Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt. The legendary Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter knows a thing or two about how to outfit you for every season, and that includes when the mercury rises, too.

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The Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt is a must-buy for plenty of reasons, chief among them the fact that it’s an ideal option when you want to quite literally look buttoned-up without the stuffy nature of wearing, say, a more thick Oxford shirt in the heat. The Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt uses lightweight 100 percent cotton, the kind that’s been washed for softness — and washed plenty of times, at that. Even the dusty, breezy color options in which you can snag the Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt are a nice complement to, say, your favorite pair of light wash jeans or even chino shorts and canvas sneakers.

It helps that this shirt also features handy front-button chest pockets, all the better to store your everyday carry essentials. If it seems like the Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt really can do just about anything, that’s because, well, for the summer months, it certainly gets the job done in style.


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