The Friday Read: Filson’s Sem-Annual Sale, The Best Summer Colognes & A New Huckberry Watch

Folks, welcome back to another edition of the week-closing Friday Read here at The Style Guide, where we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Let’s start with the fact that yes, as the headline would imply, the Filson Semi-Annual Sale just kicked off, and it’s got a ton of the best summer style essentials up for grabs. It’s rare that a retailer like the famed Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter offers up the best in-season gear (and gear for the seasons ahead!) at a discount, so you’d do very well indeed to check out the Filson Semi-Annual Sale.

The rest of the way forward this weekend, well, I’d recommend you keep things rolling along with a few choice style reads below, of course. As for me? I have stories to write up for as well as Effortless Gent, and in the midst of it all — including recovering from my standout trip to London last week! — I’ll be prepping for yet another trip.

The jaunt in question? A return to Michigan for the wedding of a longtime college friend (Go Green!), plus some Fourth of July celebrations. What’s on the docket for you? Besides, of course, checking out my recommended menswear shopping and reading picks? Without further ado, let’s get into it below. Cheers, my friends.

  • If you happen to read the blog on the regular, consider this one a bit of a refresher — there’s a standout new, perfectly rugged, highly stylish watch up for grabs right now at Huckberry, and the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro Diver Titanium is well worth the investment. The timepiece, as I wrote about here on the blog, celebrates the Swiss watchmaker’s 140th anniversary, and it does so with both excellent looks and high-performing capabilities in mind. Check it out for yourself ASAP.
  • Summer is high time to refresh plenty of things all around — be it your wardrobe or your travel plans, or your summer scent. Think light and airy, and of course, head on over to Maxim to read about my latest guide to the best summer colognes.
  • I’ll leave you with one more recommended style pick from my neck of the woods. The best shorts for summer are a must-have in these casual, increasingly hot times, so you’d do very well to keep it locked here on the blog and check out the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts, as written about by yours truly. They’re as good as it gets for summer, my friends.

That’s going to wrap things up for my latest Friday dispatch, my friends — here’s to a great start to the holiday weekend, and here’s to stepping out in style this summer. As always: Thanks for reading! 

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