See Now, Buy Now: Start Gearing Up for Fall with Buck Mason’s Vintage Thermal Henley

Best men's henley for early fall.

Since when is it too early to prepare for the coming menswear season? Well, if you ask your Style Guide editor and writer, I’d say it’s never too early — hence my recommendation that you start shopping ASAP at Buck Mason for one of the best men’s henleys as early fall inches ever closer. The mercury might still be soaring out there, but if you do yourself a favor and snag the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley, you’ll be more than ready when the day dawns crisp and cold — and being prepared with the best men’s style essentials just makes perfect sense, does it not?

THICK Body Wash 300x250

Hopefully, you recognize Buck Mason as a purveyor of essentials for all seasons, be it one of the best men’s Oxford shirts or a pair of the best men’s pants, and you should assuredly add the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley to your early fall shopping list now. For starters, the Natural Venice Wash echoes the cool, dusty, versatile colorways of the brand’s array of the best T-shirts for men, so it’s a style splurge worth taking (note that the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is somewhat pricier than other henleys at $70 — but worth it all the same!).

Best new henley for men this fall.

Of course, the essence of the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley really comes down to its fabrication and construction, and the all-American menswear masters at Buck Mason do quite the job there, too. The key is the 100 percent cotton in a vintage thermal weave for durability and warmth in the cold.

Satchel and Page

To wit: You can (and should!) easily layer the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley beneath, say, one of the most rugged men’s jackets from Buck Mason when cool fall and winter weather comes calling. Beyond that, the classic, not-too-tight fit makes this one of the best men’s henleys for all sorts of layering, too. Invest in the best right now, then reap the rewards when it’s time to break out some of the best fall style essentials.

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