The Thursday Buy: Le Alfre Oxford Shirts Are Some of the Best Men’s Shirts Under $100

Best Oxford shirt for men

It always pays off to be able to score a standout deal on a tried-and-true men’s style essential, like one of the best Oxford shirts — right? If you read this blog on the regular, I’d hope you agree with that sentiment, and I’d hope you’ve given some serious thought to upgrading your selection of the best men’s shirts with New York’s own Le Alfre.

Best men's shirt for the holidays.

Perhaps you recognize the brand from the pages of this blog, where I told you all about how to save 20 percent on your new favorite shirt (a contrast collar Oxford shirt, no less). Now, that deal is getting even better: Stylish men’s Oxford shirts at Le Alfre have now been marked down — for good! — to $98 at the upstart new men’s shirting brand. Founder Brandon Snower decided to keep the same quality and attention to detail while cutting the price for stylish consumers such as yourself, and that’s as good a mindset as any to take when it comes to the best men’s style essentials.

It’s a standout deal you’d do well to shop today, especially if you want one of the best men’s shirts for the holidays. Le Alfre’s shirts are made at one of Europe’s longest-running, family-owned factories, the kind of place with a penchant for making classic shirts with handsome details like Mother of Pearl buttons and soft yet durable, heirloom-quality fabric.

Best Oxford shirt for men.

Le Alfre offers a standout variety of the best shirts for men, and they do so using 100 percent Portuguese cotton done up in cool colors like crisp Blue, eye-catching Gray or even a vibrant Pink. The end result is a nice change of pace for your shirting rotation, especially if you need to find new ways to dress business casual.

These shirts can be worn tucked in with navy chinos or else underneath a tan herringbone blazer, and feel free to wear this classic shirt with one of the best men’s cardigans, too. The key thing to keep in mind? You’re getting handcrafted quality and one of the best shirts for men from a revered European factory, and you’re now getting that for under $100. Shop accordingly right now, my friends.


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