See Now, Buy Now: Upgrade Your Tailoring with This All-Season Wool Blazer from Huckberry

Best all-season blazer for men.

Even as we roll through 2023 and move ever closer to March, it can still feel like a bit of an odd sensation to dress up in one of the best men’s blazers, right? Of course, you very well might have been back in the office a while ago, but dress codes are ever shifting, formal events seem somewhat less formal and yet, there’s still the need to put your best foot forward. What’s a guy to do? My suggestion, of course, is to head over to the good folks at Huckberry and shop your new favorite blazer.

Yes, that’s right — Huckberry. The retailer seems to nail the perfect balance between rugged and refined gear: You can shop your favorite waxed trucker jacket one minute, then swap it out for stretch chinos and something as polished as the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer, and you can do so at a moment’s notice… without missing a beat. Made in part from a blend of wool and elastane, this stylish men’s blazer boasts comfortable stretch (as so many menswear essentials do these days), yet it’s backed by the experience of Huckberry’s Portuguese tailoring partners.

Best wool blazer for men.

That means you can order the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer in your regular suiting chest size, and it arrives with hand-finished details like collar and front placket stitching, plus a half-canvas construction for improved drape, structure and durability. Buying a blazer online can be tricky, but if the reliability, service and performance of Huckberry gear is to be believed, then the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer — which also comes with matching trousers — should certainly hold true.

It features standard flap suit pockets and a medium-width lapel for a classic look and feel, while the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer boasts a single rear vent (like the suit coats most recently worn by James Bond), which is a bit more modern and sporty in terms of design. Crucially, you can pick up the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer in timeless colors like Grey and Heather Navy, but more distinctive colors like Heather Bourbon are a way to nod to current suiting trends without overdoing it.

Satchel and Page

And if you pair up the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer with its matching trousers (also available in an agreeable range of sizes), then you’re getting both a fairly classic suit and sportcoat for just over $500 for the two pieces. That’s versatility and timeless style that can’t be topped, so shop your new go-to blazer today at Huckberry.


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