See Now, Buy Now: Upgrade Your Tailoring with This All-Season Wool Blazer from Huckberry

Best all-season blazer for men.

Even as we roll through 2023 and move ever closer to March, it can still feel like a bit of an odd sensation to dress up in one of the best men’s blazers, right? Of course, you very well might have been back in the office a while ago, but dress codes are ever shifting, formal events seem somewhat less formal and yet, there’s still the need to put your best foot forward. What’s a guy to do? My suggestion, of course, is to head over to the good folks at Huckberry and shop your new favorite blazer.

Yes, that’s right — Huckberry. The retailer seems to nail the perfect balance between rugged and refined gear: You can shop your favorite waxed trucker jacket one minute, then swap it out for stretch chinos and something as polished as the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer, and you can do so at a moment’s notice… without missing a beat. Made in part from a blend of wool and elastane, this stylish men’s blazer boasts comfortable stretch (as so many menswear essentials do these days), yet it’s backed by the experience of Huckberry’s Portuguese tailoring partners.

Best wool blazer for men.

That means you can order the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer in your regular suiting chest size, and it arrives with hand-finished details like collar and front placket stitching, plus a half-canvas construction for improved drape, structure and durability. Buying a blazer online can be tricky, but if the reliability, service and performance of Huckberry gear is to be believed, then the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer — which also comes with matching trousers — should certainly hold true.

It features standard flap suit pockets and a medium-width lapel for a classic look and feel, while the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer boasts a single rear vent (like the suit coats most recently worn by James Bond), which is a bit more modern and sporty in terms of design. Crucially, you can pick up the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer in timeless colors like Grey and Heather Navy, but more distinctive colors like Heather Bourbon are a way to nod to current suiting trends without overdoing it.

Satchel and Page

And if you pair up the Wills All Seasons Stretch Wool Blazer with its matching trousers (also available in an agreeable range of sizes), then you’re getting both a fairly classic suit and sportcoat for just over $500 for the two pieces. That’s versatility and timeless style that can’t be topped, so shop your new go-to blazer today at Huckberry.


Style Pick of the Week: Alex Mill Double Twill Blazer – The Best Summer Blazer for Men

There will come a time this summer when you’re going to have to step up and look sharp, even in the heat — this is where one of the best men’s blazers can save the day, so to speak. But not just any old blazer will do: Try the Alex Mill Mill Blazer on for size and see the kind of versatility and sharp style that one of the best summer blazers for men can deliver when you need it the most, be it at a summer outdoor wedding, a big-time meeting or a rooftop patio date night. You can rest assured you’re getting quality in the mix — plenty of quality, at that — as this is one of the many casual blazers for men up for grabs this very moment at Huckberry right now.

Shop summer blazers at Huckberry right now

Tailored style is yours for the taking

And the specs on the Alex Mill Mill Blazer absolutely pass muster, as one might expect when shopping for menswear essentials at Huckberry. The garment-dyed 100 percent cotton should prove soft, flexible and summer-friendly, while the design details on the Alex Mill Mill Blazer also check all the right boxes this season, from the casual flap patch pockets to the fact that the Alex Mill Mill Blazer features a classic “three-roll-two” design (a three button-front, rolled to look like the jacket only has two buttons).

Pair it up with light wash jeans and stylish leather loafers for a more casual office look, style it with olive chinos for a tonal date night #OOTD, or else team it with dark blue denim and a white Oxford shirt as we move from summer into fall. But starting right now, the Alex Mill Mill Blazer is the one you need in your corner as the warmer months roll on.

The Sunday Sale: This Linen Todd Snyder Blazer Is 50 Percent Off for Tailored Summer Style

Best summer blazer for men.

As nice — and essential — as it is to have a wardrobe well-stocked with tried-and-true classics you can wear on just about any day of the week or in any situation, it’s equally nice to be able to splurge every so often on a menswear pick-up that’s just plain, well, fun. And today’s Sunday Sale pick certainly fits the bill — the Todd Snyder Italian Linen Sportcoat channels the throwback vibes of the ’60s and ’70s with its color palette and pattern, and best of all is the fact that this jacket is now 50 percent off. Of course, it’s coming to you courtesy of the very well-stocked Todd Snyder Sale section.

Now, if you read the blog on the regular, there’s perhaps no designer that balances fun and yet classic, throwback-minded and yet fresh, than NYC-based Todd Snyder. One of the country’s best menswear designers, he makes everything from some of the very best chukka boots for men to affordable watches with Timex.

Best linen summer blazer for men.

Luckily, this Todd Snyder Italian Linen Sportcoat hits the right mark through and through, including the use of that premium Italian linen and a tailored (but not overly tight!) fit. This jacket would wear well with other breezy style staples: Think off-white jeans, perhaps navy chinos for a more grounded look, or even olive linen trousers to really drive home those summer style vibes.

Best of all is the fact that this jacket, one of the best men’s blazers out there right now, is going for under $300, marked down from $598. It’s still not cheap, and it’s one heck of a style splurge, but hey: Getting dressed should ultimately be fun

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Archie Jacket is the Best Spring Blazer to Buy Now

The best men's blazer for spring.

It feels to me like we were just talking about the best moleskin jeans for winter, among other seasonal style essentials, from the retailer in question today, the great Billy Reid out of Florence, Alabama. And yet, the time has now come to upgrade your seasonal wardrobe in a new way with some of the best spring style essentials we’ve seen yet from the famed American menswear designer. Sure, you know Billy Reid’s bestsellers by heart, I would hope: We’re talking rugged denim shirts, hard-wearing selvedge jeans and of course, the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, but the designer also does a number when it comes to more refined spring menswear essentials. Take the Billy Reid Archie Jacket, one of the best blazers for men and a special standout as we move into breezy spring and summer dressing situations.

It’s the kind of blazer worth investing in, one that can be worn more casually with some of the best jeans for men — note the more laidback patch pockets — or in dressier situations with some of the best Billy Reid tailoring out there. Now, unlike on-sale menswear at Billy Reid’s Clearance Sale, this jacket is brand-new and full-price at just a shade under $600, but like most things Billy Reid, it’s worth spending a bit more to get one of the best men’s blazers.

Best casual spring blazer for men.

The design of the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is exactly what you would expect — in a great way — from a designer that knows how to toe the line between ultra-casual and ultra-versatile. The aforementioned casual patch pockets make it easy to wear the jacket casually with light wash jeans or sans tie, with a chambray shirt, as part of a full suit. It’s made from lightweight, garment-dyed 100 percent linen for a breezy feel and finish on hot spring and summer days — if you’re looking for insight on how to dress for a summer wedding, starting with the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is but one way to go.

That fabric is then garment-dyed for an even softer look and feel, right out of the box. The Billy Reid Archie Jacket could very well be one of the most comfortable blazers you’ve ever worn. It’s lined in cotton, with cotton-blend sleeve lining for an easy-on, easy-off design. It’s also unstructured and looks better when worn with a more casual edge (again, skip the tie and wear a rugged denim shirt for a change of pace). The Billy Reid Archie Jacket is finished off with premium pick (or raised) lapel and pocket stitching, a sartorial touch that separates this blazer from the pack. The fit is modern and tailored, with plenty of size options available. For my money’s worth, and yours, the Billy Reid Archie Jacket is one of the best men’s blazers out there, period. Find out for yourself now before wedding season begins in earnest.

#OOTD: How to Wear a Blazer This Fall, The Right Way

Today, my friends, we’re doing something that might seem a bit out of left field in these increasingly casual days. We’re going to tell you all about how to wear a blazer, and not just any blazer — a slightly bold, very sharp Todd Snyder Madison Suit Jacket that injects your next fall #OOTD with some serious style and a bit of flair. It’s one of the best men’s blazers for a reason, and you’ll see why below. To keep it casual — perhaps, as you head back into the office or head out of town for a socially distanced wedding or road trip (those are still happening, right??) — we’ll team it up with your favorite blue jeans and a pair of the best chukka boots for men for the ultimate in rugged, versatile fall style. After all, you’re going to have really get dressed again eventually, and if that timing has caught you off guard, you might as well go with tried-and-true classics to help get the job done.

Elsewhere, we’re talking all about one of the best weekender bags for fall trips, available at a discount from Boarding Pass NYC when you use the code BEAUKNOWS. How cool is that?? Naturally, classic picks like one of the best Oxford shirts help to ground this outfit even further, and in a way that’s cool and fall-friendly. When it comes time to look sharp and to look put-together, you really can’t go wrong with one of the best blazers for men, so let’s get you geared up for the occasion. How about it? And hey, here’s a reminder to follow me on Twitter if you like the look of this ensemble below.

The perfect way to wear a blazer this fall? You be the judge.

My friends, how are we doing out there? Are we ready, slowly but surely, to dress again in style for fall with one of the best men’s blazers, teamed up with perfectly casual and classic menswear picks? I know I sure am, and I couldn’t be more excited for you (any one of you!?) to try out, say, the Todd Snyder Madison Suit Jacket for a bit of bold fall style. Of course, it’s all grounded the right way with one of the best Oxford shirts, not to mention the best blue jeans for men and a fitting pair of the best chukka boots for men. Each of those pieces are so classic and so well-made, you can wear this look just about anywhere (but especially to the office or to a casual country wedding this fall). It all gets even better with one of the best leather belts for men, a critical pairing alongside a classic brown leather watch from Timex. And it really wouldn’t be a fall outfit without the best men’s socks to wear with boots, courtesy of my friends at American Trench. If you can believe it, it’s all tied together by the “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel Bag from Boarding Pass NYC, one of the best weekender bags for a trip out of town or a day on the road (don’t forget the discount code BEAUKNOWS for $20 off!). So, folks … what do ya say? Who’s ready for fall dressing in earnest? I know I am. As always, thanks for reading!


See Now, Buy Now: The Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Blazer is Winter’s Best Blazer

Assuredly one of the best winter blazers you’ll find.

How tough is it to find an American-made blazer? It can be very, very tricky at the right price point — and yet, that’s precisely why the Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Blazer is, quite possibly the best winter blazer (and the best bang for your buck) right now. Would you expect anything less from Huckberry? Assuredly not. But how has Flint and Tinder managed to churn out a blazer made in the U.S.A, and at an agreeable price? It looks like magic, but it’s not quite that involved — or is it? Anyways, enough with the questions — for now. The Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Blazer checks all the right boxes if you want a blazer that’s versatile enough to wear to the office, yet casual and cool enough to wear on a date (perhaps atop your favorite henley for some high-low style). It’s also Flint and Tinder’s first take on a blazer, so truly … what’s not to love? The tailored two-button cut is fresh and modern, as are the lapels — they’re not too skinny, nor too wide. So, they should match up nicely with a classic knit tie and Oxford shirt in terms of dimensions (Note: Effortless Gent has a great guide to men’s ties here for more insight on this). So, you can wear it with a tie or on its own — but what about the specs?

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Blazer

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

The difference is in the details when it comes to this Flint and Tinder blazer.

This stylish winter blazer can do just that — in this case, stand up to winter weather ably when layered underneath a classic topcoat. The blazer itself is crafted from Japanese wool-blend fabric — it’s also finished off with brushing for softness, so this isn’t the scratchy wool blazer you might have expected. Yes indeed, the Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Blazer is a unique take on the blazer, one that can be worn as many ways as you can dream up (but particularly with a crisp Oxford shirt and slim dark denim, for starters). Take your pick between Grey (apt for pairing with khaki chinos and a chambray shirt), Olive, or Charcoal (try it with slim black denim and a white Oxford shirt for a pop of contrast). When’s the last time you came across a blazer made in America that was A) Affordable and B) Versatile? I’d bet my bottom dollar this is the first time — if not, let me know on Twitter!

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder Wayfarer Blazer

Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.

Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Ambassador Blazer

The rare blazer that’s suited for the office, holiday travel and everything in between.


If you’ve previously thought of your winter blazer as a “one-trick pony” of sorts, able to be worn only to the office or in more dressed-up situations, think again. Yes indeed, the Outerknown Ambassador Blazer, one of the best men’s blazers on the market, is here to make you rethink your blazer game (and not a moment too soon with the holidays quickly rolliing by). It’s the  perfect blazer to wear to a holiday party, but it can also pull that crucial double-duty at the office, and even as *gasp* a stylish travel blazer. Yes indeed, it delivers the goods. But why Outerknown? Allow me to enlighten you. The Outerknown brand is one born of a two-fold approach, that of the mind of legendary surfer Kelly Slater and menswear designer John Moore (as you’ve previously read about on the blog) — that means you’ve got both laidback cool and modern style covered in one fell swoop. In short, pieces like the Outerknown Blanket Shirt are as at home when worn after an early-morning surfing session as they are around a roaring fire this holiday season — and the rugged-yet-versatile Outerknown Ambassador Blazer toes that same line handsomely, too. Again, it’s one of the best blazers for men, but it’s also got plenty more going for it — starting with the fact that it carries on Outerknown‘s crucial approach to sustainable style.

SHOP: The Outerknown Ambassador Blazer

A tailored-yet-easygoing silhouette for perfect fall style.

In this case, the brand looks to make its products with less water and less waste than other fashion brands, and in an industry known for its pollution, that approach is critical. It also helps that pieces like the Outerknown Ambassador Blazer are highly stylish, too. Soft brushed wool and an unstructured design give this classic men’s blazer plenty of layering potential — the lack of rigid structure means you can wear this blazer with everything from a rugged henley and faded denim to a crisp Oxford shirt and grey chinos. It’s one-of-a-kind in terms of its rich Pine color, too — perfect for the holidays when worn with slim tan corduroys, as well. And back to what we said earlier about this being the ideal blazer for holiday travel. The patch pockets lend it a more casual feel (stow your everyday carry essentials in them), while the easygoing silhouette means you can slip it on and off with ease. It’s always the little details that make the difference, and Outerknown knows this. You do now, too — happy holiday dressing!

SHOP: The Outerknown Ambassador Blazer

See Now, Buy Now: The Billy Reid Charlie Sportcoat Is The Perfect Fall Blazer

Billy Reid Charlie Sportcoat

A well-made sportcoat from a classic American designer. Not a bad pick-up in advance of cold weather.

Is it a tall order to claim that something’s the perfect item of menswear in a certain category? Sure it is. But when it comes to the Billy Reid Charlie Sportcoat, well … it really just might BE the perfect fall blazer.  What makes the Charlie Sportcoat a surefire winner — and the latest entry in our See Now, Buy Now series? Oh, man — plenty of positives. The Billy Reid Charlie Sportcoat manages to harness what the brand does best. That is, the Charlie Sportcoat takes a classic American sensibility and blends it with easygoing styling potential — this is the type of blazer you can wear with slim dark blue jeans and classic suede boots, or with tailored wool trousers and an American-made Oxford in equal measure. That type of versatility can be hard to find in a sportcoat, but the design of the Charlie Sportcoat just lends itself to wearability, no matter the situation. Casual day at the office? Throw it on over a rugged henley.  Big meeting? Dress it up with a chambray dress shirt. See? The Billy Reid Charlie Sportcoat is even better than you thought.

And the construction of this stylish blazer is exactly what you need when it comes to cold-weather layering. The blend of premium virgin wool and polyester means that you’re going to stay warm and comfortable all day long. What’s more, the Charlie Sportcoat is unstructured and features front flap pockets, both touches that make it more casual in nature. Now, here’s the catch — like other gear from Billy Reid, you’re going to have to pony up some cash to get this classic blazer … nearly $600 (gulp). Is it worth that investment? Considering that you can wear this jacket a ton of different ways all throughout the work week (and even to a stylish Sunday brunch) … I’d have to say yes. Yes, indeed! Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page if the Billy Reid Charlie Sportcoat is going to be hanging in your closet soon.



Rolling the dice: Heading West for Liberty Fairs Las Vegas

Editor’s note: To recap the last time I hit the road, click here.

A hot and sunny business trip to Las Vegas. Ivy Blazer by Grayers. Pocket square by J. Crew. Denim Shirt by JackThreads. Slim Stone Chinos by Taylor Stitch. Chukkas by Timberland. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder.

A hot and sunny business trip to Las Vegas. Ivy Blazer by Grayers. Pocket square by J. Crew. Denim Shirt by JackThreads. Slim Stone Chinos by Taylor Stitch. Chukkas by Timberland. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder.

Out of all the things that excite me about New York City and the chance to work in the menswear industry, there are certain parts of the job that just can’t be beat. Although I certainly hope to do a lot more, I’m pretty thankful and lucky right now that I get the chance to travel for my day job, and blog about that travel, at the same time. Such was the case these past four days , as I headed west to Liberty Fairs in Las Vegas; it’s a twice-yearly men’s fashion trade show that makes stops in NYC and Las Vegas, showcasing what’s new and next in the industry. That means everyone from fashion magazine editors to publishers, bloggers and sales representatives are gathered under one massive roof to scope out seasonal trends, post relentlessly on Instagram and of course, do business — everything from socks to shoes to outerwear is on display by brand. It’s a busy, hectic time, which didn’t leave much opportunity to sight-see. Although I experienced a bit of the bustle during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, hitting the road to travel and check out Liberty Fairs in a city like Las Vegas was another animal entirely. As always, that’s why I hauled my favorite #menswear essentials with me.

Travel essentials fit for Vegas. Voyager Waxed Weekender by Owen & Fred. T-shirt by Public Rec Apparel. Capital Shorts by OLIVERS Apparel. Adventure Log by Word Notebooks. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Sunglasses by Steven Alan Optical. Belt by J. Crew. Lanyard by Tanner Goods.

Travel essentials fit for Vegas. Voyager Waxed Weekender by Owen & Fred. T-shirt by Public Rec Apparel. Capital Shorts by OLIVERS Apparel. Adventure Log by Word Notebooks. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Sunglasses by Steven Alan Optical. Belt by J. Crew. Lanyard by Tanner Goods.

As I’ve been on the road a lot lately, my durable, rugged Owen & Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender has gotten a lot of work — and for good reason. If you don’t have a stylish weekender bag, and you’ve instead been relying on an old suitcase or a gym bag, making the switch is a mighty good investment. Unlike a recent trip to Michigan for a bachelor party, Las Vegas presented quite the different set of challenges — that would be the extreme heat, of course.  Standard, sweat-wicking materials just wouldn’t do, though. With style in mind, I was happy to test out a new T-shirt from Public Rec Apparel. Known for its All Day Every Day Pant, the brand recently launched a super-soft, super-comfortable and super-durable T-shirt. The tee is made with a remarkable sweat-wicking fabric blend in a  silhouette that still looks smart on its own or under a blazer — you can’t say that about your standard gym wear.  And that tee was complemented nicely another staple that merges athletic performance materials with a tailored silhouette. Yes, the OLIVERS Apparel Capital Short was just the right pair to wear from New York and right into the Vegas heat — the shorts feature a nylon-spandex blend & four-way stretch, yet fit and looks like a pair of slim chino shorts. Those two pieces kept me comfortable, which was crucial for a long travel day.

A Monday of meetings and menswear. Pocket Tee by Steven Alan. 505C Jeans by Levi's. Ivy Blazer by Grayers. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Chukkas by Timberland. Striped socks via the latest SprezzaBox. Notebook by Word Notebooks.

A Monday of meetings and menswear. Pocket Tee by Steven Alan. 505C Jeans by Levi’s. Ivy Blazer by Grayers. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Chukkas by Timberland. Striped socks via the latest SprezzaBox. Notebook by Word Notebooks.

With my accommodations all set and a busy slate of trade show appointments locked in, it was time to hit the ground running on Monday. Throughout the course of a busy two days, it was excellent to be able to catch up with some great blogger friends like Leo of Levitate Style and Danielle of She’s A Gent. The duo was among a group participating in The Studios at Liberty Fairs, a partnership giving creatives the chance to create content — everything from photos to videos, portraits and social media posts — with brands and fellow influencers across three very busy days at the trade show. So given the need to look camera-ready, I tried to rise to the occasion while fighting the heat. A soft Steven Alan pocket tee was just the ticket in that regard — especially when paired with my Grayers Ivy Blazer, a casual linen-cotton jacket with unique patch-button pockets and a casual feel. If you’re looking for a way to dress down your summer blazer, you can’t go wrong with a garment-dyed tee. The combo helped me move in style around the trade show, as did a pair of sharp-yet-edgy Levi’s 505C Jeans, made with a hint of stretch and featuring a faded grey-black wash. They’re a slightly cooler take (figuratively and literally) on heavy dark denim and a blazer, particularly when moving around a lot. I finished off the combination with a pair of rugged Timberland leather chukka boots and my ever-dependable Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch, a frequent travel companion and just one of a few stunning watches from the Timex x Todd Snyder partnership.

With Day 1 in the books, it was a quick turnaround for another busy day at Sands Expo at The Venetian scoping out the bustling (and hustling) crowd of #menswear aficionados. Throughout the day, I checked out the wares on display from perennial Style Guide favorites like Red Wing Heritage and (potential) soon-to-be favorites like Hudson Shoes.  It was a great mix of brands, including everyone from accessories companies like Herschel Supply Co. to sock brands like Happy Socks. All the while, I again took on the day — and the heat — in style. I stuck with some of my favorite style essentials, like my JackThreads Denim Shirt (a very wearable shirt no matter the season). I complemented that with my Taylor Stitch Slim Stone Chinos — they’re unbeatable for the price and quality.  And when you’ve got versatile staples like those two pieces, stylish Steven Alan sunglasses and sturdy leather chukka boots are a nice finishing touch (the pair seen here is from Timberland — you can snag a similar style from Thursday Boots for a nice value).  On the accessories front, my ever-reliable Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch was the perfect timepiece for the occasion — it goes with just about everything thanks to the crisp retro dial and grey NATO strap. For being on time to various meetings and catching up with friends (all on the job), it helped keep me in line. That outfit combination worked well for the evening, too — it’s not every day you get the chance to attend a party thrown by the Hearst and Esquire teams (yes, that Esquire). Luckily, my smart-casual combination was able to take me from a day on the trade show floor to enjoying some delicious cocktails without missing a beat (that’s what we’re all about here at The Style Guide).

A comfortable, casual and crisp travel outfit. Polo by Life/After/Denim. Warren Denim by Mott & Bow. Chariot Runner Sneakers by Mott & Bow. Steno Book by Field Notes Brand. Waterbury Chrono by Timex x Red Wing Heritage. Slim Mailbag by Satchel & Page.

A comfortable, casual and crisp travel outfit. Polo by Life/After/Denim. Warren Denim by Mott & Bow. Chariot Runner Sneakers by Brooks Heritage. Waterbury Chrono by Timex x Red Wing Heritage. Steno Book by Field Notes Brand. Mailbag by Satchel & Page.

Sadly, my time at Liberty Fairs came to an end all too quickly — today called for a flight back to NYC. For one last push through the heat of Vegas, I grabbed the aptly named Marco Polo from Life/After/Denim. It blends a modern fit with a garment-washed look and feel, plus an open collar (one featuring no buttons). The overall effect is breezy and casual, but it’s one that still looks put-together for a cross-country flight when teamed with the ever-stylish Slim Warren Denim from Mott & Bow. For only about $20 more than what the brand normally charges, you’re getting a well-fitting pair of Italian-made denim — they were the perfect complement to my lightweight Brooks Heritage Chariot Runners in color and silhouette. Throughout the day, kept track of my flight time with my Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chrono and chronicled my adventures with my handy Word Notebooks Adventure Log — both of which you should bring along for a weekend getaway.

As great of a time as it was in Las Vegas, it was even better to reconnect with great friends and fellow bloggers — plus, some terrific brands you’ll (hopefully) see a lot more of here and on my Instagram in the coming months. Forging partnerships and featuring great brands and products is terrific, but meeting great people in a like-minded environment is even better.  Even though it’s been a heck of a busy week so far — and it’s only Wednesday (!) — my travels aren’t quite done yet. We’re looking at one day back in NYC before I hit the road on Friday to head back to my hometown of Mason, Michigan for my great friend Andy’s wedding. Seeing my friends for his bachelor weekend in Grand Rapids was an absolute blast just a few weeks ago, so this upcoming trip is bound to be just as incredible (even if it’ll be powered by lots and lots of coffee). If you’ve got menswear musings or questions on what to wear for your next Las Vegas trip, shoot me a tweet on Twitter or follow along on the daily via Instagram.

Look for the Friday Read and Style Pick later this week, and swing back through the blog on Monday for yet another Michigan trip recap — stay stylish!

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Blazers

Want wear more blazers, especially this spring and summer? Start here. Blazer by J. Crew. Blue dress shirt & floral pocket square by J. Crew Factory.  (Old) glasses by Burberry.

Want to wear more blazers, especially this spring and summer? Start here. Blazer by J. Crew. Blue dress shirt & floral pocket square by J. Crew Factory. (Old) glasses by Burberry.

I received a question from a reader last week who had a New Year’s resolution to start wearing more blazers (way to stick to your guns!), but was having difficulty finding options to beat the Texas heat. This brought to mind two things: #1: Nice! Wearing more blazers is an easy way to add some polish to a look and even bring more variety to outfits you normally wear. And the #2 was this: Wearing a blazer, especially in the heat, is a somewhat tall order — so I rounded up some great warm-weather options (these could also feasibly work in slightly chillier weather with heavier layers, too). Read on and let’s get blaze — blazer-ed? Yep.

#1. J. Crew Factory Thompson Unconstructed Sportcoat in Twill — $118

A lighter blue that's no less versatile than its darker counterparts.

A lighter blue that’s no less versatile than its darker counterparts.

This blazer (or is it a sportcoat?) tops the list by a good amount. The lack of construction and a partial lining makes it breathable & lightweight, for starters. And the color is a unique, more washed-out blue that seems to be all the rage in the sportcoat game. Last year’s version got big ups from my pals over at Dappered, and if this version is just as good, it should be very wearable with everything from grey chinos to dark (and light) denim. The price here is very achievable and could drop even lower on-sale.

#2. Uniqlo Men’s Light Cotton Jacket in Navy or Blue Plaid — $69.90

Either a more striking plaid or a regular navy, take your pick.

Either a more striking plaid or a regular navy, take your pick.

Uniqlo’s blazers seem to stir up some divisiveness as far as fit & quality — some like the lightweight feel, slimmer fit and shorter tail (making them more casual), and others prefer something a little sturdier and with a classic cut. While the plaid option adds a great shot of pattern over a neutral base, the deep navy alternative is about as classic as it gets for a blazer. The price on either of these isn’t too high, so it could be worth taking the plunge on the plaid blazer if you want to throw some variety into a standard white OCBD— dark denim look.

#3. Target Merona Cotton Blazer in Grey— $29.98

Super affordable and super lightweight.

Super affordable and super lightweight.

To start, the price here is eye-poppingly low. Target’s been doing a lot when it comes to men’s style over the past year or so, and the Merona line has been a nice catalyst for that. This all-cotton blazer is unlined and actually fits pretty trim off the rack based on an in-store try-on. It’s available in four color options, but the light grey version could be the most versatile. If you want a blue option with a more workwear-type look, this navy jacket just went up on the site last week. Again, quality won’t be insanely high for a $30 piece, so this is a jacket that can get beat up a bit with little worries.

#4. Combatant Gent Travel Blazer in Khaki — $70

A warm-weather staple from a relatively new online retailer.

A warm-weather staple from a relatively new online retailer.

This blazer first made an appearance on this blog’s Spring Style Wish List, and were it not for an opportunely-priced alternative from H&M, it would likely be in the closet at the moment. Although this is a “travel blazer,” no word on the specific functionality of this particular piece (hopefully, an in-person with one of their jackets is coming soon). The patch pockets and khaki color make this decidedly more casual than any of the blue or grey options above

#5. Banana Republic Tailored Fit Cotton-Linen Blazer — $230

Sharp peak lapels & a ticket pocket on a cotton-linen blazer.

Sharp peak lapels & a ticket pocket on a cotton-linen blazer.

The reason this piece gets bumped so far down this list is the price — that’s a bit spendy, especially when considering the cotton-linen blend doesn’t really work in this. BR’s outerwear and blazers seem to be the brand’s strong points though, especially as of late. This jacket’s got a couple neat features — peak lapels and a ticket pocket, along with some nice depth to the fabric. You could definitely wear this with dark denim, lightwash jeans and olive or khaki chinos. BR is also offering a khaki twill blazer that would presumably be the higher-quality counterpart to option #4 here.

Note: Other options that didn’t quite make the cut here include this cotton chambray blazer from Express and this olive twill number.

What’s your take on the above options? Any additions? And how you would style these pieces?