See Now, Buy Now: Lace Up these Classic Astorflex Chukka Boots from Huckberry for Early Spring

Best chukka boots for men this spring.

Check your calendar and turn the page into a new month: It’s, rather incredibly, now March, and that means you should be full-steam ahead when it comes to stocking up on the best menswear essentials for early spring (and well beyond, of course). As you know if you read the blog frequently, there are a few sources your Brooklyn style writer trusts when it comes to early spring style essentials, and chief among them — at least for the purposes of today’s post — is Huckberry, the San Francisco brand with an eye for what looks great and wears well for the modern man, season after season.

And today’s main goal? Stepping out of your sturdy winter boots into a pair of the best chukka boots for men, an early spring must-have you can lace up now and wear well into the summer months. In fact, the Astorflex Brownflex Boots manage to improve upon the chukka boot itself, a truly timeless footwear style boasting a soft, supple crepe rubber sole.

They also feature the kind of versatile design that wears incredibly well with everything from stretch chinos to a pair of your favorite blue jeans. Let’s dive into the pair you need now, yes?

Best men's chukka boots to buy now.

The boots in question, of course, are coming to you courtesy of Astorflex, the long-running Huckberry favorite with a penchant for crafting some of the most stylish chukka boots for men, all at a family-owned Italian factory and all using sustainable materials and production processes. You certainly recognize Huckberry for crafting the best rugged lace-up boots for more brisk fall and winter climates, but what about chukka boots for spring? Enter the Astorflex Brownflex Boots, a new and improved pair of the best men’s chukka boots here to welcome a new season.

The key when it comes to the Astorflex Brownflex Boots? They were custom-developed for the good folks at Huckberry, featuring upgraded touches like a leather lining, not to mention a custom last that follows the foot’s natural shape. Those are but two touches that lift the Astorflex Brownflex Boots a cut above a more standard pair of chukka boots, and they’re crafted from soft suede leather — available in four handsome shades for maximum versatility.

They’ll stand out handsomely and stylishly when worn with everything from some of the best blue jeans for men to olive or tan chinos, and things only get better from there, since they’re priced below $200. The next time your spring footwear game needs an upgrade, get your hands on a pair of the Astorflex Brownflex Boots.


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