The Thursday Buy: This Todd Snyder Chore Coat Is Your New Must-Buy Early Spring Jacket

Best men's chore coat for spring

What are we up to this week at The Style Guide? Well, much like yourself, I’m dusting off my spring style gear, checking out some new spring menswear essentials and preparing to step slowly but surely into a new season. The best way to gear up for a new season varies based on where you live, to be sure, but I like to start from the top down (or the bottom up), and one way to revamp your early, early spring dressing this week? One of the best men’s jackets for spring, a downright cool, casual and classic pick from Todd Snyder’s New Arrivals section.

The Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat, in fact, might be one of the best spring jackets you can get your hands on right now, what with its old-school, workwear appeal and the sort of construction that makes it easy to layer for plenty of days and weeks ahead. This style of jacket, as you might have guessed, was first worn by painters and tradesmen in France, the original home of denim.

The earliest iterations of the fabric lent itself to hard-wearing, hard-working silhouettes, best epitomized for the modern man by the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat. It makes perfect sense that the famed American designer would want to offer up his own take on the silhouette, considering he already crafts one of the best canvas work jackets out there.

Best spring chore coat for men.

It’s a handsome workwear jacket that almost functions as a blazer hybrid, what with its hip patch and chest pockets, plus that rich blue color akin to your go-to blazer. But the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat has a few more details going for it that turn it into an eye-catching spring jacket, including the use of imported Japanese indigo and a breezy, unlined 100 percent cotton construction. Note that the indigo dye on the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat will fade over time, so wear it carefully, but get ready to look for wear patterns that tell unique stories all your own.

Best men's chore coat for spring.

After all, with a jacket like the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat — which retails for an investment-worthy $468 — you’re going to want the chance to wear it as often as possible, right? And something with as timeless a design as this handsome indigo blue chore coat offers plenty of style potential.

To wit: Team the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat with a heather grey T-shirt, tan stretch chinos and brown leather chukka boots for a nice mix of high-low style (just like wearing a lightweight blazer over a T-shirt!). Beyond that, look to pair up the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat with a grey Oxford shirt and dark brown chinos or five-pocket pants, all the better for 9-to-5 style and beyond. No matter how you choose to wear it, just know that every guy should have a touch of workwear style is in his rotation this spring, and the standout, investment-level Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat is the one to buy now.


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