The Friday Read: The Best End-of-Season Menswear Sales & an Upstate Getaway

My friends, thanks for joining us for another Friday Read, your indispensable guide to the best weekend menswear sales and plenty more (at least, in my humble opinion). Chief among the deals you should shop to start your weekend? Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Billy Reid Winter Event is giving you a major “sale on sale” on opportunity, with the chance to save 40 percent on already on-sale menswear from the famed Alabama designer. It’s the discount that keeps on giving, as I’ve talked about on the blog, and it’s your chance to save on refined style gear aplenty. So, how about it, ehh?

It’s the kind of deal I’ve got my eye on, no doubt about it, and you should keep a weather eye out for savings and style, too. Speaking of keeping a weather eye out… perhaps you’re planning your first big getaway of this new season? If you find yourself in New York or on the East Coast and fancy an upstate getaway, there’s hardly a better spot to visit than the Wylder Windham Hotel in lovely Windham, New York.

I found out for myself when I visited the locale for Maxim earlier this winter — here’s my full travel review of this exceptional property. If you can’t get away right now, put it on your list — and in the meantime, here are a few more deals and a few more reads to get your weekend rolling the right way.

  • Folks, step right up and step into a new season with some of the best men’s boots for spring (and well beyond). I talked earlier this week on the blog about Astorflex at Huckberry, makers of some of the most sustainable men’s boots on the market, and it’s high time you got yourself a pair — yes? Consider this a reminder to step into a stylish new season ASAP.
  • Speaking of boots, here’s something every boot enthusiast in your life (yourself included) can appreciate: Over at WERD, I wrote about the best boot brands for men to shop now, a comprehensive guide to ramp up your rotation heading into the blustery spring months. Again, consider it a reminder to step into a stylish new season!
  • Here’s one more style reminder to send you off into the weekend: A chore coat can act as a rugged hybrid between a blazer and, say, a field jacket, with plenty of style points to go around. That’s why I wrote about one of the best spring chore coats — from Todd Snyder, naturally — just yesterday on the blog. Read up, start shopping and layer up accordingly, my friends.

That’s going to wrap up today’s Friday Read — did you find what you were looking for, perhaps in the way of a pair of the best men’s boots for spring, or else with some inspiration for your next upstate getaway? Here’s hoping, and if not, well, more style inspiration is always close at hand with my Saturday Style Pick of the Week or Sunday’s sale highlight. Stay tuned, stay stylish and thanks for reading, as ever!


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