The Sunday Sale: Save Up to 40 Percent Off the Best Menswear Right Now at Faherty Brand

Best on-sale menswear for fall.

If you’ve been following along with the blog this season, you know that I’m all about shopping as efficiently and effectively as possible — particularly when it comes to shopping the best on-sale fall menswear. Remember, it’s all about reliability, performance and great looks this season, and that’s where NYC-founded Faherty Brand can seriously amp things up for you. The brand specializes in seasonal style picks that can work in plenty of situations, like a lightweight linen shirt for summer — and of course, a plethora of rugged, comfortable and well-made fall menswear.

HELM Boots

That’s why we’re here for today’s Sunday Sale, after all: The Faherty Men’s Sale section gives you up to 40 percent off some of the best menswear across plenty of categories, so it’s worth taking a deep dive ASAP. Of course, you can even get an extra 10 percent off your first purchase with the code WELCOME10, but the Faherty Menswear Sale selection takes things to another level entirely.

Best fall menswear sales.

Take a close look at the Faherty Men’s Sale, and I’m willing to bet you’re going to really love what you see. You’ve got your pick from fast-selling styles in multiple categories, from soft beach hoodies and sweatpants (ideal for cool, but not frigid, fall nights) to comfortable stretch shirts, a selection of the best men’s henleys and more.

HELM Boots

And the great thing about all of these picks is the fact that comfortable fabric and cool colors and patterns — plus plenty of versatility — are at the forefront of the Faherty Men’s Sale. With that, I say go ahead and shop now — then thank me later. Cheers, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Best Labor Day Weekend Menswear Sales & Huckberry’s Fall Collection

Best Labor Day menswear sales.

Here’s the deal, my friends: It’s a special edition of sorts in today’s Friday Read, given that we’re — rather incredibly — rolling into Labor Day weekend and the official (unofficial?) start of fall. Or at least, early fall. If you’ve been reading the blog as of late, you’re hopefully well-prepared with some of the best fall menswear, like that of the rugged Huckberry Fall Collection (as seen at the top of the page).

Satchel and Page

If you’re not quite there yet? Well, there’s a plethora of men’s style essentials to go around in my roundup of the best Labor Day menswear sales. Now, because your time is important, and brief, I kept it relatively short — I’m talking all about the best Labor Day sales from 15 reliable, stylish brands, many of whom you’ve seen on the blog before. If not? Consider yourself in luck, because there’s no time like the present to shop the best fall menswear picks. For now, I’ll leave you to it — thanks for reading and happy shopping, my friends!

That’ll bring today’s Friday Read — Labor Day weekend sales edition! — to a close. For now, be sure to let me know via Twitter or Instagram if you scored any of the above deals or favorite picks. As for me, I’ll be on the lookout for an icy cold beer in Brooklyn as I enjoy the season opener for my Michigan State Spartans football program tonight. Go Green and thanks for reading!

The Tuesday Steal: The Todd Snyder Fourth of July Sale Has All Your New Favorite Style Essentials

Best summer menswear sales.

It’s tough to pass up a great deal on menswear essentials, is it not? That’s likely an understatement, especially when one of the best menswear sales on the market comes along — and just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, no less. That brings us to Todd Snyder, consistent maker of some of the best gear on the market for guys, be it a stylish linen blazer for summer or one of the best men’s watches. And the latest and greatest in question right now might just take the cake.

I’m talking, of course, about the Todd Snyder Fourth of July Sale, an outstanding way to shop and save on a variety of summer style essentials — the kind only Todd Snyder himself can produce, mind you. Here’s the scoop: You can save up to 40 percent on Todd Snyder menswear right now. How’s that for deals and steals, ehh?

Within this latest Todd Snyder sale, you’ll find everything you need to make this your most stylish summer yet — trust me on that. Shop on-trend camp collar shirts, breezy summer shorts, cotton sweaters for chillier-than-normal summer nights, and a slew of fall and winter gear that’ll help you plan for those post-summer cold spells. It bears repeating: The Todd Snyder Fourth of July Sale is here, it’s highly stylish, and it won’t be around forever: Act accordingly and stay stylish, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Get An Extra 30 Percent off At the Grayers Winter Menswear Sale

Grayers brand review.

There are certain, well, certainties when shopping around for the best seasonal menswear, like the fact that the season is, eventually, going to start to wind down. But that’s where, you the discerning menswear shopper, are in luck, because that’s the best time to buy versatile gear you can wear into early (or even late!) spring. Enter the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale, one terrific source to get an extra 30 percent off your favorite winter menswear with the code EXTRA30. Deals like these don’t come around too often, as I say, and they certainly tend not to stick around for very long, either. Perhaps you already recognize Texas-based Grayers (so named for the preppy grey flannel pants, or “grayers,” worn at boarding schools back in the day). as the makers of one of the best shirt jackets for men.

Better still, you might know the brand as the purveyors behind the well-stocked Grayers Last Call sale section, an always-reliable source for the best menswear deals of the moment — and another great place to go if you don’t find anything you like in the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale. On that note though, I should think it’s going to be mighty hard not to find anything you enjoy among the best men’s winter style moves. Still with me? Keep on scrolling.

Best winter menswear on sale.

Within this frankly outstanding (and yet fast-moving!) menswear section, you’ll find rugged shirt jackets, some of the best henleys for men and plenty more picks you can start wearing now and keep on rocking through blustery spring days. Beyond that, the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale also offers stylish men’s chinos, stretch corduroy pants and an array of classics from the nicely designed, super-soft Grayers Athletics line.


Many of these deals might seem too good to be true, with prices falling well below $100, but again, that’s what makes the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale a popular one these days. Heck, at last check, you’ll even find a classic men’s corduroy blazer for under $150. How’s that for one of the best menswear sales out there, right? If you end up finding something you like — no, love — within the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale, be sure to drop a comment below. Cheers and happy shopping!

The Tuesday Steal: Shop the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale to Get More Than 50 Percent Off Performance Menswear

Best performance menswear

Whether you want one of the most comfortable, best hoodies or any other essential item to add to your rotation of the best performance menswear, do I have a deal for you in today’s Tuesday Steal. It might sound too good to be true, but it really is just as simple as heading to Myles Apparel to stock up on the best, most stylish performance menswear for more than 50 percent off. How exactly is that possible? Well, allow me: It’s possible via the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale, a shockingly well-stocked, stylish and seriously cool array of gear that’s been marked down to, well, shockingly low prices. When you throw in the fact that you’re getting free shipping in the U.S. on orders of more than $100, things get even better. Still with me on this? Great, let’s keep it rolling.

Shop surplus performance gear at Myles Apparel

These deals aren’t to be missed

Crucially, the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale has a little something for every style and taste, whether you seek the rugged, travel-ready and yet polished Myles Apparel Tour Jacket, the seriously comfortable Myles Apparel Storm Cotton Sweat Shorts or the always versatile, adaptable Myles Apparel Tour Pants. All of these picks are 50 percent off or right in the ballpark, if not even more on sale than that, if you can believe it. It’s almost too good to be true, but luckily, the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale is yours for the taking right now. From durable stretch, moisture-wicking fabrics to clean silhouettes and versatile designs you can wear on the road, to the office or on days working from home, yes indeed, the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale has it all right now. Shop for yourself and discover your new favorite gear. I’ll keep it short and sweet today, and I’ll wrap it up by saying, well, start shopping the Myles Apparel Surplus Sale ASAP.

The Friday Read: The Best Menswear Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Every Single Huckberry Black Friday Deal You Need - SWAGGER Magazine

It’s hard to believe, but the most wonderful time of the year or at least, the best weekend for menswear shopping — is here. It’s Cyber Monday right now, so do yourself a favor and get shopping. That follows on the heels of the best Black Friday deals, some of which are still going right now. These deals run the gamut from a free gift with purchase at Mott and Bow to deals from one of the best menswear brands as shown above, Huckberry. I’ve rounded up more than 30 of the weekend’s top shopping deals here for your shopping pleasure, with plenty of work to be done (and gear to be had!) in the days to come. Without further ado, I’m going to get right into it and give you a full rundown.

If you like what you see, let me know in the comments or feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Cheers! Perhaps more importantly though, I’m very thankful for your readership and support! Here’s to a great end to 2021, menswear in hand (and leftover cash in your wallet).

The Best Menswear Deals to Shop for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Alright, then. That’ll do it for my rundown of the best holiday shopping deals for men. What are you looking forward to the most right now? Here’s to a thankful weekend filled with great times, great spirits, food and beer, and great shopping. Cheers!

The Friday Read: A Billykirk Sale, Your New Spring Jacket & GREATS Sneakers

OK, folks. It’s Friday. It’s been another week filled with plenty of change — and not always in the best way. But, like the “Change Is Good” stamped on the stylish leather valet tray from Billykirk shown above, maybe you’re using the time to contribute toward positive changes. That could be anything and everything from making donations, supporting your favorite local businesses, being more mindful of your purchases as you shop for the best new men’s gear … and at the same time, being mindful of your family and friends. It’s a heck of a lot to balance at once, so I thank you again for taking some time out of your day and weekend to join me here for another Friday Read. A word: Today’s post is a bit of an extended version of the Friday Read: Lots of ground to cover. Before we go any further, though: You can shop and give back to a good cause with Billykirk right now: The American-made leather goods brand is offering 25 percent off sitewide through its Spring Sale, with 10 percent going toward Feeding America — just use the code SALE25 at checkout, folks. OK back to business.


As far as being mindful goes … heck, maybe you’ve found that with all this time at home, you need to organize your everyday carry essentials — and you need a new valet tray with which to do it. Whatever brings you here today, I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you’re a first responder or a medical professional, thank you for your work and your service — hopefully, this provides some respite (and yes, a few men’s style deals to shop, because that’s what we do here). Just as with last week, I’ve got some reading suggestions, some ongoing menswear sales and quite a few ways to shop and give back at the same time. As for my weekend plans? I’m going to be kicked back with some coffee from the excellent FourTillFour x Taylor Stitch partnership, and I plan on playing one of my favorite records this weekend, too (at least one, that is to say). What about you? To keep up with how I’m passing my time, and to get some spring style suggestions of your own, head to my Instagram. OK, let’s get into it. Thanks for reading!

    • I’ve talked quite a bit in these past few weeks about the importance of finding one of the best spring jackets for men — it’s still something that can come in handy on solitary hikes or even a quick jaunt to fill up that growler (hopefully, your favorite brewery is still pouring). On that note, I wrote for GearMoose about the Finisterre Aeris Jacket, a durable piece of spring outerwear that could become a new favorite. Head to the site to read more.
  • But one of the many men’s style essentials you can buy from Faherty Brand this weekend.

    • How about another look at how you  can shop and give back? It’s a theme of today’s post, to be sure, and you can continue to do so through Faherty Brand yet again. Now through Monday (the 13th), Faherty is offering select bestsellers for 40 to 70 percent off, folks. From the Knit Seasons Shirt to the brand’s stylish long-sleeve polo, the picks are plentiful. That’s not all: Faherty Brand is also donating 2 percent of sales through the month of April to those impacted by COVID-19, and on top of that, they’ve banded up with a collective of like-minded brands called Brands x Better — this is great work that we should all support (and look great while doing so!)
    • Let’s keep looking at brands making a difference.  Ably Apparel has launched a pretty neat one-for-one program called Get One, Give One to honor first responders. To wit: Ably is offering 25 percent off the entire website and with every purchase, donating an item in support of frontline first responders. That’s a pretty great effort, right? On top of that, Ably is also calling on their social followers to tag a first responder — or for first responders to tag themselves — in Ably’s comments and in return they’ll gift them an item from their website. Again a terrific effort. Check this brand out.

    • OK, more good news on the ways in which brands are giving back. Through the rest of the month, Brooklyn sneaker brand GREATS — yes, the makers of some of your favorite sneakers — will be donating $15 from every order to City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization.  That $15 wil help provide food to a family of three for 15 days. All you have to  do is buy some of the best men’s sneakers of the  moment — another great effort from a truly “great” brand, yes
    • How about something ELSE related to … online shopping? The good folks at O.N.S. Clothing are running a Sitewide Sale through Sunday, offering you 20 percent off of purchases of $150 with the code GET20, on up to 30 percent off purchases of $350 or more with the code GET30. Plus, they’ll throw in a free T-shirt with purchases of $250 and up, to go along with free domestic shipping (and free international shipping on orders of $300 and up). They make cozy, rugged-yet-refined sweaters and essential spring layers, so get to it.

OK, it’s time I left you with one last piece of reading here for the weekend. And it’s a style suggestion too, naturally. The next time you want to look great and feel great on a Zoom call, throw on something a little bit more polished beneath your crewneck sweatshirt. I’m talking, of course, about the easygoing and classic Buck Mason Oxford Shirt, which I covered on  the blog here. It’s surely one of the best men’s shirts you can buy for spring — even if your spring involves working from the back patio with a happy hour beer rather than visiting your favorite brewery. OK, that’s all from me today. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you feel so inclined. Cheers!