The Friday Read: Off to The Great West With Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey 10th Anniversary

Folks, thanks for joining me on another fine Friday as we roll into the first weekend of the holiday season and the first weekend of December. I’m rolling into ot with a dram of whiskey in hand, of course, but it’s not just any selection from my bar cart. This weekend, I’m visiting the stunning beauty of Wyoming with the one and only Wyoming Whiskey — what a locale and what a trip so far!

I’m here as part of the many freelance writing pursuits I undertake these days, specifically writing about spirits for Maxim, just one of a few trips I’ve undertaken as of late — if you follow me on Instagram, you know I just wrapped up a Caribbean and Florida Thanksgiving vacation, but this jaunt is particularly special.

It’s a special trip out to Jackson Hole and Wyoming ranch country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wyoming Whiskey, a distillery with rugged roots and a focus on all-American craftsmanship (not unlike so many of your favorite brands I talk about here at The Style Guide, naturally). While I can’t bring you all with me out to Wyoming, you can indeed order Wyoming Whiskey for yourself at Drizly to get it delivered to your door in the meantime. How about that, my friends?

Best American whiskey to drink now

Stay tuned for more at Maxim on my trip — and stay tuned for regular blog content this weekend, including tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week — but just know that the significance of these trips isn’t lost on me. I’m always ever so grateful to travel the world, to write about new and exciting menswear, whiskey and luxury brands, and to meet seriously cool, talented people all along the way. To me, that’s worth toasting today (and every day). Thank you for being here and for reading! And cheers to Wyoming Whiskey, of course. Have a great weekend, my friends!

The Friday Read: The Best Summer T-Shirt, A New York Wedding & New Luxury Scotch

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, perhaps you remember my May jaunt down to Philadelphia for my longtime friend Drew’s bachelor party — well, the day is finally upon us (or at least, it will be come tomorrow). It’s high time to celebrate Drew’s New York City wedding this weekend on the Aqua Azul, about as unique and lovely a setting for a wedding in the Big Apple as I’ve seen in a long time.

It wraps up a busy week for me around these parts, what with events with the likes of The Balvenie (a Scotch tasting) and Rough Trade Records (a concert showcase at Mercury Lounge). With all that being said, I’ve got more work to do yet for sites like Maxim — more on that in just a second — and then, of course, a wedding to enjoy this weekend. Follow along with all the fun on my Instagram, and in the meantime, let’s dive into the rest of today’s Friday Read.

  • Speaking of Scotch just moments ago, here’s something to add to your wish list or mood board. It’s an out-of-this-world partnership between heritage distiller Bowmore and Aston Martin, the maker of some of the finest cars on the planet. The end result? A futuristic decanter and gift set containing iconic Scotch, all with the price tag to match: Try a whopping $125,000. It’s out of reach, to be sure, but a guy can dream, and I got to dive into this seriously cool partnership over at Maxim.
  • If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, hopefully, you’re aware of the importance of curating a well-stocked closet of summer style essentials. That’s what I talked about just yesterday, in fact: The importance of upgrading your basics, like shopping one of the best T-shirts for men. Head over to this blog post to get the full scoop.
  • I’m all about the importance of getting the small details correct when getting dressed on the daily, like wearing a great watch. You don’t have to break the bank to make this style move work for you, though: In fact, you can (and should!) head over to to check out my guide to the best cheap watches. It’s really that simple, folks.

That’s going to do it for me today as I wrap up the work week and roll into an NYC wedding weekend. Be sure to keep up with the fun on my Instagram, of course, and stay safe (and stylish!) out there.

The Friday Read: Recuerdo Mezcal, The Strokes & The Best Double-Breasted Suits

My friends, it might be hard to believe, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know it’s the case — I’m on the road once again, and on my second jaunt to Mexico in just about six months! It’s a far cry from the pandemic times of last year and the year prior, and it’s every bit as exciting as my November trip to Tequila with Jose Cuervo. In fact, it’s different and yet the same, in some ways — I’m on the road to Oaxaca to experience the delight that is Recuerdo Mezcal, and I’m excited to take a deep dive into the brand for That’s worthy of a toast, is it not??

Prior to this trip though, I simply had to add in another dash of Mexico-centric fun, and it had everything to do with one of my favorite bands: That’d be The Strokes, as I wrote about for Esquire last fall. As luck would have it, the famed NYC rockers just so happened to play in Mexico City last nite, the absolute perfect way to kick off a momentous Mexico trip. Suffice to say, it’s a show I’ll never forget. And again, that’s worthy of a toast, is it not?? With that being said: I’ve got some mezcal to taste and plenty of fun on the horizon. Cheers and thanks for reading!

  • Well, my friends: Do you have a summer wedding on your radar in the months ahead? Are you looking to make a major splash? I’ve got just the style move up for your consideration today. Over at SPY, I dove into the history of the double-breasted suit, including my picks for the best double-breasted suits. Shop carefully and shake up your menswear wardrobe in a major way.
  • Let’s go a bit more casual, shall we? If you’re less worried about how to dress for a summer wedding and more concerned about how to dress for your 9-to-5 grind, fear not: The good folks at Huckberry have come up with the perfect lineup of the best smart-casual essentials to shop now, and I wrote all about it here on the blog.
  • Here’s one more unique spring and summer style tip to consider embracing right now. Have you ever given white jeans a try? While they’re quite the bold style move, they just might work for you if you snag the right pair — with that being said, give my latest for AskMen a read if you feel like upgrading your style in a major way with a pair of the best white jeans. How about it, ehh??

Alright, my friends. I hope those three style tips and reads above were helpful — to say the very least. Let’s gear up for summer in style, and here’s to a fun-filled weekend in Mexico — be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with each step of the journey!

The Friday Read: The Bonobos Sitewide Sale, Flint and Tinder’s 10-Year Collection & OMEGA x Swatch

Best deals on Bonobos menswear.

Now is as good a time as any — on a fine spring Friday — to jumpstart your weekend with the best deals on menswear, is it not? And I’ve got just the way for you to do that: With the Bonobos Sitewide Sale, of course. It’s a true rarity to get deals sitewide on the best Bonobos menswear — although you find some of the best chinos for men under $100 to begin with — but to knock those prices down even further on a wide array of style essentials is quite the treat. Here’s the catch: The sale starts next Friday and runs through April 3rd, but be sure to shop the rest of the Bonobos Sale Section in the meantime to save on new spring style moves.

Shopping should be on your weekend to-do list, and it’s on mine, too — at least, adding to my style wish list is near the top of my latest round of “to-do’s.” Elsewhere, I’m going to be keeping busy writing for SPY — one of my new favorite Web sites at the moment for the best men’s gear. I’ve also got quite the listening recommendation for you: If you haven’t had the chance to check out one of my favorite bands of the moment, Aussie rockers Gang of Youths, soar on into your weekend with my Atwood Magazine interview with the band’s bassist, Max Dunn. That’s hardly all I’ve got for you coming up. The rest of today’s Friday Read will sort out your weekend in fine, rocking fashion, too. Thanks for reading!

Flint and Tinder gear review.
  • Speaking of Flint and Tinder, here’s another recent release from the famed in-house brand at Huckberry that I simply can’t get enough of — and I think you’ll feel the same way. It’s the Flint and Tinder Fatigue Jacket, as covered by yours truly on the blog, that’s got the potential to become your new favorite spring jacket. Seriously. Read all about it and let me know in the comments below if you like what you see. Happy shopping!
  • If you keep an eye on the world of watches, as I do, perhaps you had your world rocked by an out-of-this-galaxy collaboration. Announced just yesterday, OMEGA and Swatch are teaming up on 11 new models of the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster. OMEGA x Swatch is one of the best watch partnerships I’ve seen in some time, so be sure to give my latest for SPY a deep dive — and keep an eye out for a Swatch store near you.
Best Shinola watch for men.

Here’s one more for all you watch lovers out there. It’s no secret that I can’t get enough of stylish Shinola men’s watches, and I particularly love the Shinola Runwell Watch. This classic timepiece got an update via a new edition of the Shinola Runwell in Matte Gray, which I happened to cover on this very blog just yesterday. If you’re in need of a durable, rugged and affordable new watch, I’d say that’s the one to buy. Alright, onward to the weekend. Make it a great one!

The Friday Read: The Best Harrington Jackets, A New Buck Mason Shirt and Spring Activewear

Best new Filson gear for spring.

My friends, join me in another edition of the Friday Read as we step into spring in rugged fashion — not unlike that Filson jacket shown above, and not unlike the well-curated New Arrivals section at Filson. From waxed outerwear to lightweight shirts and hard-wearing henleys and T-shirts, I’m sure you’ll find the best new menswear that you need for the season ahead, all thanks to the venerable Pacific Northwest gear outfitter. I’ve definitely got my eye on some new style moves for spring, as crucial a time as any to make sure you’re ready for, well, anything from — from breezy spring days to sports bar beer sipping as you watch March Madness this weekend.

My agenda this weekend mixes both work and play, as I’ll be writing more menswear and gear stories for (be sure to check out my byline!), not to mention taking in some long-awaited college basketball action featuring my alma mater, Michigan State! It really doesn’t get any better than that — be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep track of all the fun (and all of my writing work, too!). In the meantime, get into the spirit of the weekend (it’s still St. Patrick’s Day weekend technically, right?) with my picks for the best style reads and sales of the week.

Rugged Western shirt for men.
  • Here’s a great way to start your weekend — by picking up a rugged new Western shirt from Buck Mason, of course. The ideal Western shirt — like the one shown above — is light enough to be worn on its own, yet durable enough to style with one of your favorite T-shirts, and it looks great with black jeans, tan chinos or even olive joggers. Get yours from Buck Mason now.
  • Alright, here’s a standout sale for all your budget-conscious shoppers (guilty as charged). The good folks at elevated performance menswear brand AETHER Apparel are running an End of Season Sale now through March 28th. Click through to get up to 60 percent off men’s gear, jackets, shirting, footwear and more — you won’t regret the savings or the style points.
  • Moving on from rugged menswear, spring is a time to get back out into the world with comfort and style in mind. That’s why it was so neat to write all about the best activewear joggers and jackets over at Maxim — these picks are anything but sloppy, my friends. Upgrade your wardrobe ASAP.

I’ll leave you with one last cherished, helpful style read before heading into the weekend. The Harrington jacket has an illustrious history and plenty of utility and heritage to go along with it. It’s one of my favorite styles of jackets, and that’s why it was so cool to write about the history of Harrington jackets over at Fatherly. Layer up in style, my friends! Cheers!