Style Pick of the Week: Mott and Bow Benson Jeans – Best Men’s Light Wash Jeans for Spring and Summer

Having menswear picks you can rely on is part of the fun of getting dressed on the daily, if you ask me. In the same way that you find yourself reaching for your favorite pair of leather boots every day, you very well might find yourself opting to rock, say, a classic pair of blue jeans. But in the world of the best men’s jeans, there are some subtle switch-ups you can make as the seasons change, all in the name of comfort, style and dependability.

Naturally, I’m talking about shopping for a pair of the best light wash jeans, a suitably breezy and lightweight style move for spring and summer — and but one way to avoid giving up your love of denim, even in the hotter months. And if you ask this Brooklyn style writer, there’s one brand above all others that delivers the right mix of quality, comfort, sharp looks and agreeable pricing — stop me if you know where this is going, but Mott and Bow can readily offer up some of the best light wash jeans for men.

Best light wash jeans for summer.

The jeans in question in today’s Style Pick of the Week? The Mott and Bow Benson Jeans, a fresh take on the timeless five-pocket blue jean, all done up in a fittingly spring and summer-ready light wash. The Benson Jeans feature the New York City brand’s nicely tailored Slim fit, but it’s the 19-month wash that elevates the Mott and Bow Benson Jeans to another plane in terms of warm weather style.

Best men's light wash jeans.

Another crucial key with Mott and Bow men’s jeans? That comfort, notably the 17 percent stretch factor (and the use of 2 percent elastane in the fabric blend). That means that the Mott and Bow Benson Jeans are supremely comfortable right out of the box, with a light wash that feels super-soft to the touch.

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

Other style details are taken care of accordingly, from the contrasting copper-colored rivets to the back leather patch for a distinctive branding touch. Your new favorite pair of jeans are also agreeably priced at $129, and available in waist sizes up to 40.

Better still is the fact that the Mott and Bow Benson Jeans are reliably casual, able to be paired up with, for instance, a Mott and Bow men’s T-shirt for expert spring and summer style. Don’t fuss too much over your next denim purchase — make it the Mott and Bow Benson Jeans. Stay stylish, my friends.


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