The Sunday Sale: Shop The Last Day of Filson’s Spring Sale

Filson Spring Sale 2023

Folks, as I often say, building out your wardrobe of rugged style essentials sometimes comes down to a few crucial reminders. Those reminders today? Be sure to shop early, shop often and shop with efficiency in mind — and specifically, be sure to shop the last day of Filson’s Spring Sale right now.

Now, we talked about this over on the blog as recently as Friday, but again, it’s worth jogging your memory when the rare chance comes through to save 30 percent at Filson. Deals like this certainly don’t come around that often, and better still is the chance to save on gear you can actually wear right away, like the Filson Ranger Anorak.

Best spring rain jacket for men.

That jacket is very likely one of the best spring rain jackets — for your commute, for adventures off the grid and for everything in between. And yes, that rugged spring rain jacket is 30 percent off, dropping it below $200. Yes indeed, there are deals aplenty to be had at Filson’s Spring Sale, but I’ll say it one more time: Today’s the last day to shop! Go forward and amp up your spring wardrobe now, my friends.


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