The List: Stock Up for Summer and Father’s Day with all the Best New Men’s Gear

Walking into summer in style — and with Father’s Day on the way.

Once again my friends, join me for another edition of The List. Today, as always this season, we’re looking at the best new gear to buy for summer (and to be more specific, some of the best gifts to buy for Father’s Day — there’s still time!). The thermostat continues to climb, and strange times continue to swirl around us — so stay healthy and safe, first of all. And consider ways to improve your at-home style in the meantime, too. That’s why we’re here, after all. We’ll get things going with a pick from Todd Snyder as seen above, and we’ll keep it rolling with new men’s style essentials from there. Oh, and another thing — if you’re searching for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, you just might find what you need below, as great gifts for your dad abound.  Note that to get gear picks from the Huckberry Father’s Day Shop, you need to order by the 11th — but that shouldn’t stop you from browsing after that time, either. To let me know what you think of this week’s picks, feel free to reach out on Twitter. Cheers!

Todd Snyder Short-Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt — $158

One heck of a breezy and laidback summer shirt from Todd Snyder.

As promised, here’s that Todd Snyder pick mentioned above. This is one of the coolest shirts for summer, and a reliable way to switch things up from your traditional polo or your favorite T-shirt. If you haven’t yet tried out a camp collar shirt, hot summer days are the prime opportunity to give the style a shot — or encourage your father to do the same.

Astorflex Wakeflex Leather Slip-on Shoes — $165

The coolest shoes to wear for many a summer occasion.

To complete the true summer style pairing, find the right pair of shoes to go along with your Todd Snyder camp collar shirt. To be more specific, pick up a pair of the rugged, casual-yet-versatile Astorflex Wakeflex, a casual update of the brand’s stylish leather loafers. Pick up a pair for your pops, as well??

Buck Mason Broken Twill Shorts — $85

Classic men’s shorts from an all-American retailer.

Finding the best pair of shorts for summer is an oft-elusive search — after all, the best men’s shorts need the right fit, the right fabric and the right design (sorry guys, no cargo shorts here). Thankfully, the Buck Mason Broken Twill Shorts check all the right boxes in that regard.

Shinola Daily Wear Watch — $395

Is this your dad’s new favorite watch? Yes indeed, very likely.

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts, well, Bespoke Post is here with an excellent, well-curated selection of gifts for the stylish dad. High up on that list? The Shinola Daily Wear Watch, easily one of the best everyday watches for guys (maybe grab one for yourself if you’re feeling envious??).

Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Poplin Shirt — $98

A seriously cool summer shirt you or your dad can wear all season.

Speaking of gifts for dad, well, this stylish summer shirt could just become … your dad’s new favorite shirt. It’s lightweight, it’s breezy, it’s easy to wear tucked in or untucked with slim light wash denim … what could be better than that?

Billykirk No. 398 Bifold Wallet in Brown — $115

One of the best leather wallets to buy for your dad right now.

That old leather wallet your dad’s had for years deserves a serious upgrade. Get your dad one of the best leather wallets on the market via Billykirk, and maybe consider upgrading your leather wallet, too.

Barebones All-In-One Cast Iron Grill — $140

The best grill for summer, and for those who love the outdoors.

Let’s keep it rolling with the best gifts for dad, shall we? If your dad is an outdoorsman, or simply enjoys firing up the grill every now and again (or every night), this all-in-one cast iron grill could come in mighty handy.

Grayers Bayswater CPO Shirt Jacket — $125

A classic shirt jacket is the perfect summer layer (and a great Father’s Day gift).

For chilly evenings manning the grill and hanging out by the fire, your dad needs a stylish shirt jacket (as do you). This durable shirt jacket from Grayers fits the  bill quite nicely, don’t you think?

Todd Snyder Knit Traveler Suit — $596

A stylish, comfortable, supremely cooll suit from one of America’s best menswear designers.

Hear me out: Perhaps your dad is a fan of classic-yet-modern tailoring, and heck, perhaps he has to wear suits a ton. If you know his measurements and want to go all-out, pick up one of the best summer suits right now from Todd Snyder. This is even a suit you can wear for travel — or even more crucially, at home when required. There’ll come a time when tailoring returns, and this is the right way to prepare. And if you yourself just need a stylish new suit? There you go.

Taylor Stitch Trail Shorts in Rust Cord — $88

Rugged, dependable, cool-as-heck shorts from Taylor Stitch.

We’ll go from talking about one of the best suits for men to something decidedly more casual — the best new shorts for summer. As to be expected, Taylor Stitch has made these retro trail shorts the right way, in a seriously cool Rust Cord fabric. Perfect to pair with your favorite summer sneakers.

Timex Q Timex Watch — $180

Dad’s new favorite watch? Very probable.

If you don’t quite have Shinola-levels of cash to drop on your father this year, go instead for this affordable watch for Father’s Day — a stone-cold classic from Timex, fresh from the brand’s extensive archives. We’ve recommended it before here on the blog, but it’s worth calling out again. He’ll want to wear it all the time (preferably with his Flint and Tinder Poplin Shirt, yes?).

GREATS Court High Sneakers — $209

Iconic high-top sneakers for you or dad this season.

Can you wear high-top sneakers for summer, even when it’s hot out? I think so, yes — just pair them with lightweight chinos and a breezy slub tee, for starters. Oh, and encourage your dad to do the same when you buy these stylish sneakers for him (wink, wink).

GORUCK x Huckberry GR1 “Slick” 21-Liter Bag — $295

The rugged backpack your outdoor excursions need.

The good folks at Huckberry and GORUCK have teamed up one of the toughest backpacks you’re apt to find. If you or your dad values time spent outdoors, might as well gear up with one of the best backpacks for this season (and the next … and the next … and the next!).

Fisher + Baker Radium Shirt — $138

A sharp short-sleeve shirt that just so happens to be a stylish Father’s Day gift.

Let’s talk about a classic summer shirt you can wear with, say, some retro trail shorts. Now that you’ve got that scenario in mind, imagine all the ways in which you can rock this stylish short-sleeve shirt (made from breathable hemp and organic cotton) from Fisher + Baker. It could be one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer … but you’ll have to try it to find out.

Mott and Bow Oliver Slim Jeans — $118

The coolest jeans to pick up for yourself and your dad this season.

Perhaps you (or your dad) could use some of the best new denim out there. For upgrading your jeans in a hurry in terms of fit and fabric, go with Mott and Bow, longtime favorites on the blog. The best jeans to buy for your dad? Well, I certainly think so.

Billy Reid Snap Front Workshirt — $191.28

Get this tough-yet-stylish workshirt from Billy Reid.

For the dad who values rugged style, there’s hardly a better gift than something masterful from Billy Reid. In this case, a tough workshirt with some serious styling potential is just the ticket. It’s the perfect workshirt to wear atop a classic white tee — just add your favorite denim.

JACHS NY Rust Plaid Shirt — $99

A breezy and cool shirt for summer.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that this casual and breezy shirt from JACHS NY was made for summer. It’s the perfect gift for the laidback, stylish dad.

Whiskey: A Tasting Course Book — $25

A great gift for the dad who enjoys a nice pour of whiskey every now and again.

The  best gift for the dad who loves whiskey? Well, in addition to the best whiskey accessories or a bottle of the good stuff, it might work out nicely to snag this whiskey tasting book from the ever-so-cool Bespoke Post Father’s Day Shop.

Now, that’s going to do it for today’s guide to the best new men’s gear. Did you find what you were looking for? More importantly, are you leaving here today with one of the best gifts for Father’s Day? I sure hope so. I  know we covered a lot of ground, from the best gift for the dad who loves whiskey to stylish picks like retro trail shorts from Taylor Stitch, a standout all-in-one cast iron grill, a seriously cool camp collar shirt from Todd Snyder … it can be tough to narrow it all down! My favorite, though? I’m biased, but I’ve got my eyes on the Shinola Daily Wear Watch myself. To let me know how your shopping is going, or to connect on the daily, follow me on Twitter. Thanks for reading, stay safe & enjoy the rest of your week!

The List: Get Ready for November with the Best New Men’s Gear to Buy Now

Get into the spirit of fall with the best Old Fashioned — and of course, the right gear to accompany it.

If you’ve checked the thermostat or any weather report as of late, perhaps you’ve realized that we’ve well and truly hit the sort of weather that requires you to bundle up and pour yourself a nice cocktail — all done in style, of course. That’s where the best Old Fashioned shown above comes into play (more on that in a second), and that’s where the below batch of fall style essentials found in this week’s edition of The List are going to prove mighty useful indeed. I think you just might end up being as fired up for fall as I am when you get a look at picks like one of the best men’s flannel shirts, and then realize that it only gets better from there. And yes, there will be whiskey involved. Cheers to the season!

Wellen Slub Flannel Shirt — $88

A newly classic, seriously sustainable flannel shirt.

The perfect complement to your favorite whiskey cocktail? Why, it’s got to be the Wellen Slub Flannel,surely one of the best men’s flannel shirts you can buy this season. It’s a stone-cold winner in terms of fit (tailored but easy to layer over your favorite henley), notably when paired with a lovely fall cocktail. This stylish flannel shirt is also done up in a cool and unique fall color (with additional color options available), and it’s also made sustainably using 100 percent organic cotton via the Huckberry team. That all sounds pretty great, yes? Yep!

Rhodes Footwear Dylan Chukka Boots — $150

Classic leather chukka boots have never failed — have they?

What goes better with one of the best men’s flannel shirts than a durable and dependable pair of some of the best chukka boots? Not a whole lot — heck, maybe nothing. That’s where the Rhodes Footwear Dylan Chukka Boots come in: Perfectly casual, highly versatile and seriously well-crafted.

Lonegrade HDR-140 Watch — $310.98

A sleek black leather dress watch to wear any time you need to suit up for fall.

So, we’ll go from a pair of casual leather chukka boots to a stylish black leather dress watch without missing a beat. If the above Rhodes Footwear Dylan Chukka Boots are the casual boots you pack for a fall trip to wear with a NATO strap watch, then this handsome leather dress watch is the one you pair with slick black Chelsea boots for evening cocktails.

Mazama Whiskey Glasses — $62.98

Two stylish whiskey glassses to add to your home bar.

So, we said earlier that there’d be some talk of whiskey in today’s post — here we are. These Mazama Whiskey Glasses are a modern and highly stylish addition to your home bar, and they’re available for a solid price, too.

Danner Trail 2650 Mid Boots — $179.98

Lace up these dependable Danner boots and get out there.

We’ve talked in the past on the blog about how essential and functional certain pairs of footwear — like the Danner Caprine Boots — can be, and it’s now time to talk about another equally essential pair of rugged Danner boots. Those would be the Danner Trail 2650 Mid, a lightweight and durable pair of hiking boots to carry you through fall.

Wallace & Barnes Waffle-Knit Henley Shirt  — $78

Your new favorite henley? Try it on for size and see for yourself.

Speaking of your favorite henley as mentioned earlier … for all your fall layering needs, it’s tough to go wrong with a rugged Wallace & Barnes henley. Part of the throwback-inspired line of modern workwear from J. Crew, this henley (especially in the fitting Rugged Brown color) wears well with your favorite blue jeans.

Dango Products Dango PO2 Pioneer Travel Wallet — $129.98

A minimalist wallet guaranteed to get you from point A to point B in style.

We’ll talk in just one second about some of the best chinos you need for fall travel, but let’s talk first about an essential travel wallet from Dango Products. This EDC essential has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. That’s it.

Olivers Apparel Charter Chinos — $148

Slim chinos made for travel and the office in equal measure.

Looking for a pair of outrageously comfortable, ridiculously durable, travel-ready chinos? The kind that can carry an essential travel wallet  without missing a beat? You’re going to want the Olivers Apparel Charter Chinos, launched recently from a brand that knows quite a bit about blending performance and style in effective packages. The difference here comes from high-quality Japanese stretch twill — and the Dark Olive color is ideal for fall and winter.

Fellow Barber Grooming Essentials — Starting at $25

Don’t stop at just one purchase from Fellow Barber.

Now, it’s rare that I recommend just one essential men’s grooming line to try in full, but Fellow Barber, with its full suite of quality products (from Everyday Tonic to Mineral Spray) is the brand to give your fall grooming essentials a shot in the arm (plus, the packaging looks cool).

Billy Reid Donegal Terry Henley — $98

A classic henley from a classic American brand.

We already talked about an essential Wallace & Barnes henley above, but who says a guy just has to have one classic henley? In fact, the Billy Reid Donegal Terry Henley is the rare rugged henley that can be dressed up (with a herringbone blazer, dark denim and your favorite leather boots), or down (on its own with that same pair of dark denim and high-tops).

Gola Classics Ascent High Millerain Trainers — $150

Durable sneakers made with classic British fabric and heritage styling inspiration.

The perfect sneakers to pair with the Olivers Apparel Charter Chinos might just be these ones — a retro-inspired pair of high-top sneakers made to channel a mix of sporty and alpine style (note the outdoor-influenced D-ring lace eyelets). The use of rich Millerain wool tweed fabric lends them some extra durability in the fall and winter, too. Also ideal to wear with your favorite blue jeans.

Reigning Champ Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie — $165

The classic hoodie that brings some serious style points to the table.

Can a classic hooded sweatshirt be stylish? If you read the blog, hopefully, you know that answer is decidedly “Yes.” This Reigning Champ hoodie exemplifies fashion and function, as do its counterparts (like the much-loved Flint and Tinder Pullover Hoodie).

Ebbets Field Flannels x Faribault Woolen Mills Vintage Ballcap — $48

A cozy vintage ballcap to wear all fall.

Don’t ditch your ballcap for winter just yet — made from cozy and incredibly long-lasting, high-quality wool from Faribault Woolen Mills, this vintage ballcap represents a very gratifying partnership between Ebbets Field and the legendary woolen mill. Expect more partnerships with American-made brands from Faribault in the future thanks to its “Co. Lab” program.

Taylor Stitch Western Shirt — $125

A beautiful Western shirt, made to last and last.

OK, let’s go back to some of the best men’s shirts for fall, shall we? You might recognize this stellar Taylor Stitch Western Shirt from my Instagram — when worn year after year, it’ll age just as nicely as your favorite whiskey.

Yes Cocktail Company — Starting at $12

Mixers like a new take on maple syrup (with charred oak!) are sure to liven up your home bar.

If you want to liven up your cocktail bar with handcrafted mixers made for the modern cocktail aficionado — while also nodding toward the past — you want to look into Yes Cocktail Company. These are products made in small batches with great care (and also available to sample at its California tasting room). Mixers like the rich Charred Oak and Maple Syrup (*set the tone for fall drinks, including a new twist on your favorite Old Fashioned. I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the line recently, and it’s made sipping an evening cocktail all the more enjoyable!

Finisterre Nimbus Jacket — $189

A reliable fall jacket, no matter the weather.

When the adventure calls for going off-trail, perhaps up some mountain trails, there’s no finer or tougher jacket than the Finisterre Nimbus Jacket. It’ll come in handy with this next pick …

Elevation Beer Company Rad Red Throwback Red Ale — Price Varies 

A neat can design containing a throwback-style red ale? Perfection.

What better way to nod toward chilly weather (and heck, ski season for those of you in the mountains) than by knocking back a rich new beer, and one inspired by a classic Irish Style Red Ale at that, ehh? Elevation Beer Company — the official brewery of Colorado’s Monarch Mountain — has set its sights on doing just that this fall, launching a unique beer celebrating the 80th anniversary of Monarch Mountain. A special beer for a special occasion? I’d call that a winner.

Duke Cannon Emergency Heat + Light Candle — $25 

A terrific candle to liven up your living space.

To go along with a rich new beer or a classic hooded sweatshirt for a cozy night in, just add the Duke Cannon Emergency Heat + Light Candle — no better combo.


It seems that as I get to the end of every single one of these posts, I tend to say this (and I hope you agree) — this edition of The List had *wait for it* something for everyone, right?? Maybe you favor a neat pour in the Mazama Whiskey Glasses, or perhaps you can’t wait to wear the Taylor Stitch Western Shirt or try out the rugged Danner Trail 2650 Mid Boots. Perhaps the Rhodes Footwear Dylan Chukka Boots are more your style? Either way, give me a shout on Twitter and let’s talk shop!