The List: Buy The Best Father’s Day Gifts This Year at Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Father's Day Shop

Folks, not to worry: There’s still plenty of time to get some of the best Father’s Day gifts for your dad or any father figure (or father-in-law, and so on!) in your life. And there’s one place to go to get it done: Bespoke Post, makers of the best subscription boxes for men and much more, from menswear to home goods to footwear, watches… you get the picture. There’s a gift for every type of Dad on your list this year, and these are my favorite gifts to buy now from Bespoke Post. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. We’ll start things off by looking at some of the best Boxes this month from Bespoke Post before we cover the best of the rest. Your Father’s Day gifts are going to rule this year, trust me.

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day at Bespoke Post 

Bespoke Post Weekender Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)

Bespoke Post Weekender Box

This is perhaps one of the most popular Bespoke Post Boxes around, and it’s not hard to see why. You’re going to be gifting Dad perhaps the most affordable weekender bag on the market, made by Line of Trade and available in a diverse array of colors.

Bespoke Post Coast Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)

Bespoke Post Coast Box

Here’s a great gift for the stylish dad, one that’s simple and effective for beach-ready style. The Bespoke Post Coast Box is, of course, a terrific value and likely features your dad’s new favorite shirt.

Bespoke Post Turbo Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Turbo Box

Consider this the best gift for the Dad who loves coffee. The Bespoke Post Turbo Box is packed with finely crafted, single-origin coffee from Drive Coffee, all the better to power days working at home or hitting the road. Plus,, the packaging is cool-as-can-be.

Infused Skull Decanter Set — $90

Infused Skull Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

Consider picking up this stylish decanter set for the Dad who loves a great dram of whiskey from time to time. It’s the kind of unique Father’s Day gift you’ll practically only find at Bespoke Post, so act accordingly.

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — $188

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket

If your Dad is seriously into style, he’s hopefully acquainted with Taylor Stitch. If not, the rugged Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is a certified men’s style classic, especially for summer.

Fox Knives Voyager Tanto Folding Knife — $110

Fox Knives Voyager Tanto Folding Knife

If your Dad is a bit of a rugged outdoorsman, get him this durable Fox Knives folding knife to add to his everyday carry. He’ll use it every single day, I guarantee it.

Ooni Fyra Wood-Fired Pizza Oven — $299

Ooni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Here’s the ultimate . This wood-fired pizza oven is just plain cool, featuring sleek design and some seriously neat cooking capabilities. Dinner is served, folks.

Shinola Daily Wear Watch — $395

Shinola Daily Wear Watch

Here’s another style splurge for the Dad who loves watches. Shinola has long made some of the best watches for men on the market, and this durable sport watch is no exception: He’ll wear it from sun up to sun down this summer.

Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet — $89 

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

If Dad needs a new wallet this season, get him this sleek, stylish wallet for men from Bellroy. It features RFID protection and a quick-access design, all the better to use on the go.

Nisolo Alejandro Slip-Ons — $165

Nisolo Alejandro Leather Slip-Ons

Give Dad the gift of great style with these handsome, refined leather slip-ons he can wear to the office or to happy hour without missing a beat. It helps that these are sustainably made and quite simply perfect for a hot summer day.

Are you all set on your shopping list for Father’s Day gifts this year? I hope the above suggestions are enough to get the ball rolling, whether you want to go the style route and get Dad some refined leather slip-ons or if you want to blend the rugged and the sporty by picking up one of the best watches for men from Shinola. Of course, you can also add to Dad’s everyday carry with, say, the Fox Knives folding knife or a new leather wallet. The world is your oyster when it comes to the best gifts for Father’s Day this year, so start stocking up right now at Bespoke Post.

The List: Stock Up for Summer and Father’s Day with all the Best New Men’s Gear

Walking into summer in style — and with Father’s Day on the way.

Once again my friends, join me for another edition of The List. Today, as always this season, we’re looking at the best new gear to buy for summer (and to be more specific, some of the best gifts to buy for Father’s Day — there’s still time!). The thermostat continues to climb, and strange times continue to swirl around us — so stay healthy and safe, first of all. And consider ways to improve your at-home style in the meantime, too. That’s why we’re here, after all. We’ll get things going with a pick from Todd Snyder as seen above, and we’ll keep it rolling with new men’s style essentials from there. Oh, and another thing — if you’re searching for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, you just might find what you need below, as great gifts for your dad abound.  Note that to get gear picks from the Huckberry Father’s Day Shop, you need to order by the 11th — but that shouldn’t stop you from browsing after that time, either. To let me know what you think of this week’s picks, feel free to reach out on Twitter. Cheers!

Todd Snyder Short-Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt — $158

One heck of a breezy and laidback summer shirt from Todd Snyder.

As promised, here’s that Todd Snyder pick mentioned above. This is one of the coolest shirts for summer, and a reliable way to switch things up from your traditional polo or your favorite T-shirt. If you haven’t yet tried out a camp collar shirt, hot summer days are the prime opportunity to give the style a shot — or encourage your father to do the same.

Astorflex Wakeflex Leather Slip-on Shoes — $165

The coolest shoes to wear for many a summer occasion.

To complete the true summer style pairing, find the right pair of shoes to go along with your Todd Snyder camp collar shirt. To be more specific, pick up a pair of the rugged, casual-yet-versatile Astorflex Wakeflex, a casual update of the brand’s stylish leather loafers. Pick up a pair for your pops, as well??

Buck Mason Broken Twill Shorts — $85

Classic men’s shorts from an all-American retailer.

Finding the best pair of shorts for summer is an oft-elusive search — after all, the best men’s shorts need the right fit, the right fabric and the right design (sorry guys, no cargo shorts here). Thankfully, the Buck Mason Broken Twill Shorts check all the right boxes in that regard.

Shinola Daily Wear Watch — $395

Is this your dad’s new favorite watch? Yes indeed, very likely.

Speaking of Father’s Day gifts, well, Bespoke Post is here with an excellent, well-curated selection of gifts for the stylish dad. High up on that list? The Shinola Daily Wear Watch, easily one of the best everyday watches for guys (maybe grab one for yourself if you’re feeling envious??).

Flint and Tinder Garment-Dyed Poplin Shirt — $98

A seriously cool summer shirt you or your dad can wear all season.

Speaking of gifts for dad, well, this stylish summer shirt could just become … your dad’s new favorite shirt. It’s lightweight, it’s breezy, it’s easy to wear tucked in or untucked with slim light wash denim … what could be better than that?

Billykirk No. 398 Bifold Wallet in Brown — $115

One of the best leather wallets to buy for your dad right now.

That old leather wallet your dad’s had for years deserves a serious upgrade. Get your dad one of the best leather wallets on the market via Billykirk, and maybe consider upgrading your leather wallet, too.

Barebones All-In-One Cast Iron Grill — $140

The best grill for summer, and for those who love the outdoors.

Let’s keep it rolling with the best gifts for dad, shall we? If your dad is an outdoorsman, or simply enjoys firing up the grill every now and again (or every night), this all-in-one cast iron grill could come in mighty handy.

Grayers Bayswater CPO Shirt Jacket — $125

A classic shirt jacket is the perfect summer layer (and a great Father’s Day gift).

For chilly evenings manning the grill and hanging out by the fire, your dad needs a stylish shirt jacket (as do you). This durable shirt jacket from Grayers fits the  bill quite nicely, don’t you think?

Todd Snyder Knit Traveler Suit — $596

A stylish, comfortable, supremely cooll suit from one of America’s best menswear designers.

Hear me out: Perhaps your dad is a fan of classic-yet-modern tailoring, and heck, perhaps he has to wear suits a ton. If you know his measurements and want to go all-out, pick up one of the best summer suits right now from Todd Snyder. This is even a suit you can wear for travel — or even more crucially, at home when required. There’ll come a time when tailoring returns, and this is the right way to prepare. And if you yourself just need a stylish new suit? There you go.

Taylor Stitch Trail Shorts in Rust Cord — $88

Rugged, dependable, cool-as-heck shorts from Taylor Stitch.

We’ll go from talking about one of the best suits for men to something decidedly more casual — the best new shorts for summer. As to be expected, Taylor Stitch has made these retro trail shorts the right way, in a seriously cool Rust Cord fabric. Perfect to pair with your favorite summer sneakers.

Timex Q Timex Watch — $180

Dad’s new favorite watch? Very probable.

If you don’t quite have Shinola-levels of cash to drop on your father this year, go instead for this affordable watch for Father’s Day — a stone-cold classic from Timex, fresh from the brand’s extensive archives. We’ve recommended it before here on the blog, but it’s worth calling out again. He’ll want to wear it all the time (preferably with his Flint and Tinder Poplin Shirt, yes?).

GREATS Court High Sneakers — $209

Iconic high-top sneakers for you or dad this season.

Can you wear high-top sneakers for summer, even when it’s hot out? I think so, yes — just pair them with lightweight chinos and a breezy slub tee, for starters. Oh, and encourage your dad to do the same when you buy these stylish sneakers for him (wink, wink).

GORUCK x Huckberry GR1 “Slick” 21-Liter Bag — $295

The rugged backpack your outdoor excursions need.

The good folks at Huckberry and GORUCK have teamed up one of the toughest backpacks you’re apt to find. If you or your dad values time spent outdoors, might as well gear up with one of the best backpacks for this season (and the next … and the next … and the next!).

Fisher + Baker Radium Shirt — $138

A sharp short-sleeve shirt that just so happens to be a stylish Father’s Day gift.

Let’s talk about a classic summer shirt you can wear with, say, some retro trail shorts. Now that you’ve got that scenario in mind, imagine all the ways in which you can rock this stylish short-sleeve shirt (made from breathable hemp and organic cotton) from Fisher + Baker. It could be one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer … but you’ll have to try it to find out.

Mott and Bow Oliver Slim Jeans — $118

The coolest jeans to pick up for yourself and your dad this season.

Perhaps you (or your dad) could use some of the best new denim out there. For upgrading your jeans in a hurry in terms of fit and fabric, go with Mott and Bow, longtime favorites on the blog. The best jeans to buy for your dad? Well, I certainly think so.

Billy Reid Snap Front Workshirt — $191.28

Get this tough-yet-stylish workshirt from Billy Reid.

For the dad who values rugged style, there’s hardly a better gift than something masterful from Billy Reid. In this case, a tough workshirt with some serious styling potential is just the ticket. It’s the perfect workshirt to wear atop a classic white tee — just add your favorite denim.

JACHS NY Rust Plaid Shirt — $99

A breezy and cool shirt for summer.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that this casual and breezy shirt from JACHS NY was made for summer. It’s the perfect gift for the laidback, stylish dad.

Whiskey: A Tasting Course Book — $25

A great gift for the dad who enjoys a nice pour of whiskey every now and again.

The  best gift for the dad who loves whiskey? Well, in addition to the best whiskey accessories or a bottle of the good stuff, it might work out nicely to snag this whiskey tasting book from the ever-so-cool Bespoke Post Father’s Day Shop.

Now, that’s going to do it for today’s guide to the best new men’s gear. Did you find what you were looking for? More importantly, are you leaving here today with one of the best gifts for Father’s Day? I sure hope so. I  know we covered a lot of ground, from the best gift for the dad who loves whiskey to stylish picks like retro trail shorts from Taylor Stitch, a standout all-in-one cast iron grill, a seriously cool camp collar shirt from Todd Snyder … it can be tough to narrow it all down! My favorite, though? I’m biased, but I’ve got my eyes on the Shinola Daily Wear Watch myself. To let me know how your shopping is going, or to connect on the daily, follow me on Twitter. Thanks for reading, stay safe & enjoy the rest of your week!

The Friday Read: Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts, Style Girlfriend and Taylor Stitch

We’re here on the cusp of another weekend — and the start of another Friday Read — here at ye olde Style Guide. Can you believe June is flying by? And we’ve got a big weekend coming up, too — it’s Father’s Day, after all! But more on that in a bit. It’s certainly been a momentous summer here already, what with my weekend trip to see The Killers in New Jersey, preceded by a joyous weekend of live music at Governors Ball 2017 and then a Memorial Day weekend trip to Florida before that.

And if you can believe it, I’m on the road yet again this weekend — my travels are taking me South to lovely (and sweltering) Charleston for a family wedding. I’ll of course be doing my best to dress in style for a summer wedding — that means wearable, breathable staples like a classic navy blazer and stylish leather loafers, for starters. In addition to getting dolled up for the occasion, I’m also looking forward to catching up with family and spending some quality time with my own dad. On that front, I do hope your Father’s Day shopping is going (or went) smoothly — and if you’re in need of some last-minute Father’s Day gifts, I’d highly suggest you check out the gift guide we pulled together last week. And if you’re still in search of a few other ideas? I’ve assembled my favorite quick #menswear picks below. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week and enjoy Father’s Day! I’ll be recapping my trip to Charleston on Monday, and you can follow along on Instagram the whole way through.


As I said above, time is ticking away very quickly indeed to buy that great Father’s Day gift — right? If you’ve got a dad who loves either stylish sneakers or the finer things in life (a handsome pen, anyone?), shop these quick hits below.

    • From CrossPens: The Peerless TrackR Quartz Blue Ballpoint Pen is a smooth-writing, sharp-looking pen that’ll never get lost, thanks to its technologically savvy tracking capability.
    • From Filson: Father’s Day Gift GuideWhile the brand excels at making many types of rugged, durable and hard-wearing gear, I’m a big fan of several picks within the brand’s , geared toward an outdoors-loving dad.
    • From TOMS: Didn’t think TOMS could make something fit for the sneaker-loving dad? Think again, because the  TOMS Del Rey Sneaker features a simple, wearable silhouette that your dad might — no, will — enjoy pairing with stylish light wash denim this summer.

  • Does it feel too early to be thinking about rugged style for fall? The thermostat might read full-on summer in your neck of the woods, but Taylor Stitch knows that it’ll be time to crunch leaves underfoot and head out on weekend coffee dates galore before you know it. That’s why you should certainly look into ordering the Taylor Stitch Chore Jacket from the Taylor Stitch Good Acre Collection — I covered it recently for GearMoose, and it’s very worthy of your time.


  • In the way of other Father’s Day gifts, if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, you’d do well to stop by the Sportie LA shop — the shop has teamed up with “Cars 3” to showcase and sell a series of collaborative merchandise from Style Guide favorites like Richer Poorer. The colors and styles are inspired by the film itself, making it potentially perfect for a little family outing (and if you go, you’ll find the shop at 7763 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles).
  • And before we let you go for the weekend, I’m going to remind you one last time about two stylish shopping hints for ya. Namely, we’re mixing menswear, home goods and accessories in my Style Guide Father’s Day gift guide — it’ll help tremendously if you haven’t given it a read! Lastly, the great team at Style Girlfriend — a site you should definitely be reading — tells you via Cool Material exactly what your girlfriend wants you to wear. Helpful tips, indeed!

That’ll round out this week’s take on the Friday Read — join us again tomorrow for a healthy weekend helping of #menswear, and catch my full travel style recap forthcoming on Monday.

Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: Father’s Day Gifts, Fourlaps Apparel and The Killers 

Folks, Happy Friday and welcome again to the latest Friday Read here on The Style Guide. We’re capping off an incredibly busy week — as it were, we published our guide on what to buy for Father’s Day (and by we, I mean me!). And did you catch my post on Governors Ball 2017 this past weekend covering the #menswear I brought with me? It was a rollicking, rocking good time, without a doubt. And if you can believe it, the live music continues through the coming weekend — notably, I’m trekking to the fine cities of Philly and Camden (that’s New Jersey) for the Radio 104.5 Birthday Celebration! That’s right — the one-day mini-fest featuring the likes of Bleachers, Foster the People and … The Killers! You can look for a full recap in that regard on Monday — I’m wildly excited for a great weekend, and you can follow along with all the action on Instagram or Twitter. For now, dive into a quick recap of the week in men’s style.

  • OK, let’s talk about your everyday carry. Namely, what you might (or might not) be using to carry your laptop around. In that department, I wrote about the 25 best laptop bags for men over at GearMoose. Shop away!

  • So, if your dad needs a style upgrade for the gym this Father’s Day, I’d urge you to check out Fourlaps Apparel. It’s athletic apparel for the active dad who doesn’t want to look like a total slob. With bright, bold colors and blocked stripes, it’s a bit of retro style and a lot of sporty functionality for the dad who loves to hit the gym (or just hang out in a nice pair of shorts).

  • In the way of gifts for the dad who’s got everything, check out the stellar, jam-packed Swanson Box from UrbanStems for Father’s Day, positively packed with all the goodies Dad will love — that includes gourmet treats like barrel-aged chocolate and fine coffee. It’s a winner all the way through — right?
  • While we’re talking Father’s Day, I put together a handy roundup covering what to buy for the stylish dad — from a handsome watch to beautiful Allen Edmonds Chelsea boots, you can find plenty of fashionable picks.

OK, y’all — we’re keeping it short this week. Join us tomorrow for our Style Pick of the Week, and enjoy Friday in the meantime!





The Friday Read: Viral Instagram Poses, Summer Seersucker and The Strokes

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

How was your week? As it seems with most of these posts as of late, it’s the capper on another extremely busy one here at The Style Guide. It admittedly took me a day or two to get back into the swing of things after an extraordinarily fun weekend with great friends at the epic Governors Ball here in NYC; for more on the #menswear I brought with me, check out that post. There’s really nothing like great live music, and if you get the chance to check out any summer music festivals, I’d urge you to do so (in fact, we’ve got a summer festival style guide all set for you). Aside from that, it was great to catch up with the fine folks at JackThreads to see what they’ve got in store for the coming summer season, and we’re deep in the throes of preparing for Father’s Day over at The Style Guide HQ. What are you getting your dad this year? Check out my Father’s Day gift guide for more suggestions. Before you move onto the next task (or the next browser tab), stick around for a bit and check out this week’s #menswear news. For more random style musings, follow my stylish alter ego on Twitter, and check back here on the blog for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week.

  • The debut issue of GQ Style gets right into it by covering the viral Instagram pose you should never strike again — who even knew there was such a thing?
  • In the spirit of true summer style, the great folks at Maxim talk over the only 5 seersucker items you need this summer.
  • Here’s a style note for you: If you find yourself in the L.A. area this summer, be sure to check out the great pop-up shop being convened by the fine folks at Bridge & Burn (a Style Guide favorite); they’re running a special partnership with the team behind the Liberty Fairs trade show — that’s at 8366 1/2 West 3rd Street in L.A., if you get curious.
  • To close things out on a non-style note, it was an absolute treat to see The Strokes rock out at Governor’s Ball this past weekend — PAPER examines why New Yorkers love The Strokes.

Not done reading yet?

  • In addition to some of my choice Father’s Day picks on The Style Guide, I just had to cover essential Father’s Day gifts over at The Manual — some pieces were so great, they made it into both features!
  • If you still find yourself in need of summer swimwear, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Style Guide feature — and in the meantime, scoop up a great pair of JackThreads Swim Trunks.

So, that closes out another Friday Read; enjoy your weekend!

And as always… stay stylish,


Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Dad This Year

Editor’s note: Click through to peruse more gift suggestions for Dad.

Here at The Style Guide, we love our gift guides. Just as we had you covered with Mother’s Day gifts, so too are we doing the same thing for Father’s Day this year with our (read: my) picks for the best gifts for Dad. Shopping for an occasion like this calls that you recognize the father figure in your life for all that they’ve done for you, and a token of appreciation is just one way to do that. I know that I’m grateful as heck for my own father — his advice, support, encouragement and life approach are things that really have changed my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am without him! So it goes without saying that I hope to provide a gift that offers at least some of that back. And that should (ideally) be your goal, too. As budgets can get tight this time of year, we’ll try to keep everything within reason (or at least let you know why some pieces are investment-worthy). Does your recipient have a favorite hobby? That’s what we’ve targeted below, too. Read on, shop on and let me know if I missed any picks over on Twitter!

For The #Menswear Fan: Naadam Pierce Cotton Cashmere Grey Hoodie — $100

Just the sort of hoodie your Dad could use -- upgraded, premium and stylish.

Just the sort of hoodie your Dad could use — upgraded, premium and stylish.

A hooded sweatshirt for $100? Oh, yes. As is a constant theme here on The Style Guide, making small upgrades to your everyday style should be a goal for all of us. And if your dad still has that beloved old college hoodie, perhaps this Naadam cotton cashmere sweater is a better update to his weekend wardrobe. Plus, it’s made ethically with Peruvian Pima cotton, so you know it’ll fit well and feel fantastic.

For The Watch Hound: Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chrono — $158

Not too dressy, not too casual -- just right. Very well-made, very sharp and very appropriate for Dad.

Not too dressy, not too casual — just right. Very well-made, very sharp and very appropriate for Dad.

Building an essential watch collection is something  that takes time (pun intended), but can often be pretty enjoyable — especially if you’ve got a neat case in which to store all those watches. If your recipient already has a dependable casual watch or perhaps even a dive watch, providing a change of pace is in order. The stellar, rugged and refined Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chrono (as previously covered on this site’s Style Pick of the Week series) is just the ticket, built with a thicker 42mm case diameter, a ridiculously tough Red Wing leather strap and all sorts of styling potential.
Frank & Oak
For The Coffee Fiend: Timbuk2 x Blue Bottle Weekender Travel Kit — $139

For the guy who likes his coffee gourmet and on-the-go.

For the guy who likes his coffee gourmet and on-the-go.

Another pricey piece on this list, but one that’s definitely worth the investment — especially if your dad is into extraordinarily nice coffee. The waxed canvas Weekender Travel Kit from the good folks at Timbuk2 and Blue Bottle is packed chock-full of coffee essentials, including a sample of Blue Bottle’s delicious coffee, a Porlex Mini Hand Grinder, a travel dripper, two tumblers and a pack of compostable filters. The collaboration’s adage, “Brew Where You Are,” has never felt more fitting — it’ll be especially useful if you’re hitting the road in style this summer.

For The Golfer: Johnnie-O The Original Four-Button Polo — $89

Taking the classic polo and changing up the color and construction.

Taking the classic polo and changing up the color and construction.

A crisp, stylish summer polo is a definite go-to whether you’re a dad or not, so it only makes sense that prep style masters Johnnie-O deliver once again. The Original Four-Button Polo is an easy choice in this regard — the cotton jersey construction should be lightweight and breathable, the chest pocket and (small) logo add a bit of visual interest, and the Arctic color is a bit more subdued than stark white. And the best part? It’s not an athletic polo, and that means it can be worn off the links, too.

For The Amateur Chef: Bespoke Post “The Butcher” Box — $45 (With Bespoke Post Membership)

Just about everything a gourmet foodie could want -- including a seriously tough cutting board.

Just about everything a gourmet foodie could want — including a seriously tough cutting board.

Now, a box option from Bespoke Post made last year’s Father’s Day gift guide, but the brand’s smartly curated, downright useful boxes get a lot of things right for a lot of guys. Case in point — The Butcher Box features just about everything Dad might need to cook up a hearty meal (or two, or three…). We’re talking an edge-grain butcher block, your choice of gourmet meat or vegetables,  and other trappings like premium Sriracha sauce and mustard seeds. Is your mouth watering yet?

Even when shopping for someone besides yourself, it’s best to step into their shoes and get something that syncs up with their interests — heck, I’d be psyched to get any one of the items on this list. And you might be able to pick up a little something extra along the way as a, y’know, reward for a shopping job well-done. Of course, essentials like a great book are always welcomed, and customizable gifts can’t go amiss either. For rugged-yet-refined menswear accessories, I’d also recommend Owen & Fred’s extremely well-curated selection. You simply can’t go wrong. What will you be getting Dad this year? Let me know how it works out in the comments below!

Thanks, as always, for reading,


Father’s Day Gift Guide

FathersDayTopperBuying for your old man probably isn’t as difficult as it was living under (or continuing to live under) his roof … right? Take the time to thank your dad or the father figure in your life for his hard work, reliability and guidance (good talk, Dad). A gift is certainly a nice way to do that, although a phone call or visit on top of that are ideal. If you do go the gift-giving route, finding something with sentimental and meaningful value can really be one way to convey your love and appreciation. Tailor that gift to suit the recipient’s interests, and you’ve got yourself a winner — particularly on Father’s Day.

For The Traveling Dad: A Huckberry Field Guide ($17.95 for One, $88.98 for the Full Set)

Buy just one, or buy the whole set -- your call. Packed with tons of unique information.

Buy just one, or buy the whole set — your call. Packed with tons of unique information.

Got a dad or father figure in your life who likes to travel? While a sharp weekender bag is certainly one way to go, a Huckberry Field Guide is a memorable change of pace. These things provide a wealth of information in a refreshingly old-school paperback format.These guides are certainly designed to go lots of different places; they’re packed with interviews, local lore and information, memoirs and hand-drawn maps. Featured cities include cool locales like Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York, as well as on-the-rebound Detroit and perennial road trip favorite San Francisco.

Ben Sherman US

For The “Cool Dad”: GREATS Brand Rosen Sneakers, $49

Durable, very comfortable ... and possibly a good gift for Dad this time around? Photo credit: Liz Todd.

Durable, very comfortable … and possibly a good gift for Dad this time around? Photo credit: Liz Todd.

While not everyone’s dad would be a fit for these sneakers, if you’ve got one on your list who appreciates crisp design and retro styling touches, the GREATS Rosen would be a nice buy. The fit on these is comfortable, the color options offer nice variety in terms of versatility, and the price is hard to beat. Wear ’em with chinos or jeans, and perhaps pick up a pair for yourself if you’d like a discount. An upgraded pair of swim trunks (like these striped board shorts from United By Blue) could also be a great buy.

For The Grillmaster: Bespoke Post “Charred” Box, $45

American-made tools, a tasty hot sauce and some nice smoked wood chips -- everything Dad needs to grill out.

American-made tools, a tasty hot sauce and some nice smoked wood chips — everything Dad needs to grill out.

Simpler alternatives like a nice bottle of barbecue sauce could also hit home for the dad who loves to cook, but the Bespoke Post Charred box offers up the complete package. A word to the uninitiated: You need to hand over your email address to access the site, but that knocks $10 off what would be a $55 purchase without a membership. Like the rest of Bespoke Post’s exceptionally well-curated boxes, it really goes above and beyond — a set of high-quality grilling tools, maple wood chips for smoking meats, and a tasty-looking bottle of hot sauce are yours with purchase.

For The Beverage Fiend: Owen & Fred Carving Leather Coasters, $29

Durable leather makes for a very nice coaster from which to enjoy a hearty adult beverage.

Durable leather makes for a very nice coaster from which to enjoy a hearty adult (or regular!) beverage.

Owen & Fred certainly has a number of gifts worth picking up for Dad, from cheeky money clips to neat pens and sharp notebooks. However, if your dad fancies himself a nice beer or glass of wine, a set of four coasters made from lovely yet durable 8 oz. carving leather could be just the thing to buy. Complete that with a value-added accessory, like the brand’s truly sweet “You Earned It” bottle opener or something like a beer variety pack and that’d be one heck of a gift set. On the more expensive side of things, a dad with a love of old-school style and design could also appreciate this kit from Baxter of California.

What’s on tap for your Father’s Day? Any of these gifts catch your eye?


Ernest Alexander