The Friday Read: The Best Denim Overshirts, Outside Lands 2021 & The Best Outerknown Menswear

If a fall weekend is on the horizon — which it assuredly is — then there’s one thing you need to do. Well, at least one thing. First and foremost, check out some of the best sustainable menswear on the planet by way of Outerknown, the rugged-yet-versatile clothing brand founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater. Outerknown makes some of my favorite pieces in my fall menswear rotation, including the best-selling Outerknown Blanket Shirt in a wide array of colors. It gets even better beyond that: Outerknown is running the Outerknown Warehouse Sale right now, giving you up to 60 percent off past-season favorites. It’s a great way to get a standout deal on some of the best fall menswear and more. It’s the sort of sale I’ll be shopping, especially as I take it easy this weekend and watch some Michigan State football from Brooklyn.

I’ll be taking it easy this weekend namely because, well, I was more than busy last weekend, trekking out West covering the excellent Outside Lands Music Festival as one of the many hats I wear. It was my first trip to San Fran in seven years, as I noted in the last edition of the Friday Read and in the most recent entry in my music/menswear newsletter. You should head to Atwood Magazine to catch my full preview — and recap — but let me say that it was an absolutely stellar weekend to be in San Francisco, complete with sunny weather, excellent sets from luminaries like Vampire Weekend and Sharon Van Etten, and even some excellent local beer from Anchor Brewing. I can’t recommend the festival enough, in short. For now though, it’s time for me to power through some end-of-week writing for the Huckberry Journal (and more). As for yourself, here’s to starting your own weekend properly with some of my tips for the best fall men’s style gear on the market. Let’s get to it!

Courtesy of AskMen.
  • I mentioned above that we’d cover the best rugged fall menswear, and allow me to make another suggestion on that front. You should certainly head to AskMen to read my guide on the best denim overshirts for hard-wearing, casual-yet-functional layering this season — it’s that simple, folks.
  • Here’s hoping that you’ve been keeping up with the goings-on here on the blog, but if not, I’m going to point you back towards my Wednesday post examining one of the best sweaters for fall and winter. Of course, the sweater in question comes from Taylor Stitch, and it’s as cozy and reliable as you need it to be right now.
  • If you love travel, and if you’ve been loving a bit of travel — slowly but surely, the right way — here’s one for you. I had the chance in September to head to Detroit to A) See a rock show by Julien Baker whilst visiting old college friends and B) Check out the absolutely wonderful Shinola Hotel in the process. The hotel is elegant, refined, perfectly crafted and quite the ideal encapsulation of the Shinola lifestyle overall. On that note, here’s the full recap of my experience at Maxim — get yourself to Shinola and Detroit when you get the chance — I endorse it wholeheartedly!

I’ll leave you with one last style tip to head into the weekend. If it’s a laidback, casual weekend pullover you need — especially one on sale for under $100 — then Wellen is the way to go. This week’s Tuesday Steal covers the best fall weekend pullover on sale right now. Cheers to some fall weather and fall fun — and fall menswear, of course! Thanks for reading, my friends.

The Friday Read: A Dispatch from the Outside Lands 2021 Festival

Outside Lands to Require Proof of Vaccine or Negative COVID Test at 2021  Festival - mxdwn Music

My friends, we’re coming to you live from San Francisco with a shorter-than-usual dispatch for your regular Friday Read installment, where I normally get into things like the best men’s style essentials to carry you through your weekend. But if you follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my twice-weekly music and menswear newsletter, you might know that I’m doing things a bit differently today. You might also know that I wear a heck of a lot of hats, including writing about rugged menswear, covering whiskey, craft beer and of course, music. Which brings me to my San Francisco trip, already off to a fine start. I’m here writing about the always-excellent Outside Lands Festival, for Atwood Magazine, a celebration of great music (with a hearty helping of regional beer and cuisine) at Golden Gate Park.

It’s my first time to San Francisco in seven years, if you can believe it, and the festival is hotly anticipated for a number of reasons. I can’t wait to see lifetime heroes The Strokes play tonight, and I also expect stellar sets from indie stars like Sharon Van Etten. It’s going to be an action-packed weekend, so again, I’d call out that you should follow me on Instagram to get the full lay of the land (you should also check back here to read tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week in the meantime). As for me, I’ve got some photos to take and some more writing to do, but this time, on music and not menswear. Thanks for reading, thanks for your support, and if you’ve got any San Francisco recommendations (like the incredible Anchor Brewing, which I visited yesterday!), be sure to drop me a line in the comments. Cheers and let’s rock!