See Now, Buy Now: Get this Organic Cotton Shirt from Pact For Summer Style Points

Have you been on the hunt for a no-fuss, no-frills shirt that looks great with everything, works as hard as you do and can pair up with just about anything in your spring and summer wardrobe? Have I got just the shirt for you: The Pact Clothing Essential Vintage Snap Down, a go-anywhere shirt you can wear all on its own, as an overshirt, underneath a chore coat… you name it, this rugged snap shirt can do it. We’ll get into that more in a moment, but how about Pact Clothing, ehh? Consider this your introduction to the eco-conscious brand, one that I’ve been testing out lately (and I’ve been very pleased indeed, to say the least). The best organic cotton menswear is the name of the game when it comes to Pact Clothing, after all, with very stylish and eco-friendly results top of mind. That eco-conscious approach extends across basics, outerwear, T-shirts and more.

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But let’s get back to this stylish spring shirt. It’s a unique one for plenty of different reasons, starting with the fact that it’s a hybrid shirt that’s easygoing enough to wear all on its own, snapped up, or it can be layered atop, say, a Pact organic cotton T-shirt without missing a beat. It’s really two shirts for the price of one, and that’s versatility you can’t beat (especially when you consider that, at full price, it retails for $90 at Pact). Plus, the Pact Clothing Essential Vintage Snap Down is made with 91 percent less water, thanks to the use of that crucial organic cotton fabric. It’s the details that make the difference, as we all know, and the fact that this rugged overshirt is made in a Fair Trade Certified factory is also a major bonus. It gets better though, folks.

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It’s also helpful when one of the best shirts for men comes in multiple versatile colors, like the Maritime Navy shown above (I’ve been testing out the Thyme colorway shown at the top of the page). Plus, the garment-dyed cotton is what really seals the deal as far as classic style and comfort is concerned. You can definitely throw the Pact Clothing Essential Vintage Snap Down on right out of the box without missing a beat. I also found it a great pairing over a Pact organic cotton T-shirt, and that’s really what it’s all about as far as style and sustainability is concerned.

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Crucially, you can wear your new favorite spring shirt with all the other trappings of the season, including light wash jeans, classic chinos or even slim chino shorts in equal measure. It’s a grab-and-go shirt that, thanks to the two patch chest pockets, can also function as a way to store some small everyday carry items if need be on spring and summer road trips. In short, the Pact Clothing Essential Vintage Snap Down is going to be as reliable as you need this season, and you can feel great wearing it — knowing what you know now, of course. Get this new essential forĀ $90 at Pact and reap the rewards.

SHOP: The Pact Clothing Essential Vintage Snap Down

The Friday Read: Eco-Friendly Menswear, New Luxury Watches & Swim Trunks for Summer

First off: Thanks for being here for another edition of The Friday Read, my ultimate guide to help you step into the weekend in style, preferably with some shopping picks in mind and a delicious craft beer or coffee close at hand. We’re going to start today with a theme that’s close to my heart, especially given that it’s Earth Month. Sustainability in fashion should be as important as the right fabric, the right fit or the right style essentials, and that’s where Pact Clothing (as seen above!) comes into play.

I’ve had the chance to test out the brand’s organic cotton menswear, including the Pact Vintage Snap Down, in recent weeks. These pieces are classic, well-made and affordable, and that goes for the brand’s stylish T-shirts as well as its outerwear and basics. And with Earth Day itself coming up, you should certainly start shopping for some eco-friendly menswear in a nod to the day. Some good food for thought for the weekend, yes? As if that wasn’t enough, the Pact Vintage Snap Down is on sale (as of this writing) for $50. Talk about a great deal on the most sustainable menswear out there.


Hopefully, that recommendation leads you on the right path to start the weekend. As for me, this will be another prime weekend for testing out more menswear from Pact, as I plan on strolling around the borough, venturing out to Prospect Park and perhaps enjoying some beers at the recently revamped and reopened Threes Brewing (always a favorite). In the meantime, I’ve also got some more writing to take care, naturally — in fact, you should head over to my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, and hit subscribe before tomorrow’s edition. Twice a week, I talk about music, menswear, craft beer and more. As I always say, it’s free and it’s fun! So, that’s what’s on tap for me this weekend. How about you? Before you answer that question, check out my other top shopping picks and reads for your spring days ahead. Cheers!

  • Saturdays NYC, the fashion-forward (yet still easily wearable) Manhattan-based brand, has long been a favorite of mine (since I moved to the city, in fact!). They blend the classics with fresh, modern updates, and while they started out making surfing gear, they’ve long since moved into other menswear essentials for the modern shopper. Take this classic denim jacket, for starters. The Saturdays NYC Emil Denim Jacket is as good as it gets for casual spring layering, ideally alongside the Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers. It’s got some vintage flair and plenty of seasonal versatility. Another shopping pick down.
  • Straight from the headline of this post, there’s plenty of time to stock up on summer essentials. By that, I mean you’ve got more than enough time to find your new favorite pair of swim trunks, and it’s your lucky day. I updated my guide to the best swim trunks for GearMoose, and you’d do well to check it out and start shopping accordingly.
  • The headline aptly mentions the best luxury watches on the market, and that’s something I’ve been covering quite a bit lately. That’s because this month has brought with it the virtual return of the excellent Watches and Wonders virtual luxury watch conference, and it’s been a pleasure checking out the latest and greatest from so many of the world’s top brands (including Panerai and Breitling). In fact, I loved checking out the new Panerai eLAB-ID, a newly launched and highly sustainable watch made from nearly 100 percent recycled materials. How’s that for sustainability and style, ehh? Read more at Maxim.

That’ll wrap up today’s weekend guide in fine form, I reckon. How about that? Before we sail off into the weekend, here’s one more reading and shopping pick for you. The Taylor Stitch California Shirt has been a standard in my own wardrobe for years, and there’s at least one chance for you to score your own Taylor Stitch shirt for under $100. Yes, you read that right. Head to this post to read all about how to get the newest Taylor Stitch California Shirt for under $100. Go forth and prosper, friends! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you back here for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week.