The Product Review: Thursday Boot Company Roughout Captain Boot

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Are you ready for fall? Black suede bomber by Timberland. Slim dark denim by Mott & Bow. Glasses by Warby Parker. Boots by Thursday Boots.

Are you ready for fall? Black suede bomber by Timberland. Slim dark denim by Mott & Bow. Glasses by Warby Parker. Boots by Thursday Boots.

News flash, news flash — it’s now mid-October. Quick, what do you have on your feet? If you’re anything like me, as soon as the temperatures dip, you reach for best leather boots for men The best pairs of men’s boots move seamlessly from being styled with staples like slim dark denim and a long-sleeve henley to sharp blazers and even, say, navy trousers. In short, the best pairs are like the Roughout Captain Boot from Thursday Boot Company. Based in New York City, this relatively small, bootstrapped operation (ha!) has quickly gained traction in the men’s style community for offering something that not a lot of other companies can boast — relatively affordable boots in multiple styles and colors, with some sharp new releases adding a stylistic edge to the brand’s offerings. In fact, you might recognize this pair from a recent Style Pick of the Week!

Styling a pair of roughout boots with some rugged black denim. Jeans by American Apparel.

Styling a pair of roughout boots with some rugged black denim. The flat wax laces  make this pair more versatile than others. Jeans by American Apparel.

At any rate, the brand’s popular Kickstarter (which launched just last October and netted the young company nearly $300,000) has definitely helped them deliver on the campaign’s promise. And given that its focus is laid out right in the company name, boots are (as one would expect) a strong point for the brand.  I reached out to Nolan Walsh, Thursday Boot Company co-founder, earlier this year and they were kind enough to send me this pair for review (and inclusion in other features, of course).
Ben Sherman US
The first thing that catches your eye about the Captain Boot is that captoe silhouette — it’s got more than shades of a Red Wing Iron Ranger, yet the price is lower and the silhouette is slimmer and more refined. That’s a very good thing given that boots can quickly become a go-to footwear choice when the weather turns chilly or snowy — so versatility is key. The stitching is also a little toned down compared to the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger, making it easier to dress them up a little bit. The slimmer silhouette also makes it easier to wear these leather boots with slimmer jeans, as you can see here. And the flat wax laces also give the boot less of a workman-vibe and more of a refined ease. Again, these are all features that separate it from similar boots while also making it one versatile pair. I found the boots to be more than wearable in warmer temperatures though. Still looking for the best pair of boots for men right now? I’ve got you covered.

The profile of these is slimmer than competitors' offerings, too. Patterned socks by Richer Poorer.

The profile of the Roughout Captain Boot is slimmer than competitors’ offerings. Patterned socks by Richer Poorer.

In fact, I chose to pair them with slim black American Apparel denim, a white T-shirt via RibbedTee and a well-worn American Apparel denim jacket, and I was more than comfortable trekking through Brooklyn for a night of adventures. They’re not a particularly heavy pair of boots, which lends itself to more wearability — and an easier walk — than thicker, clunkier pairs. They’re still sturdy and should do well in adverse weather thanks to the Goodyear-welted sole (a defining characteristic of other excellent, but more expensive boots — like the Wolverine 1000 Mile line). The EVA comfort strip likely has something to do with the comfort factor, too. The leather interior lining definitely makes it easy to slip in and out of these boots — the roughout leather is by its very nature, thicker than suede yet softer and easier to break in than, say, a pair of Horween leather boots. If the roughout leather isn’t your thing though, there are plenty of other leather boot options, including the sleek President Boot from Thursday Boots.

A studded rubber outsole gives these boots some grip.

A studded rubber outsole gives these boots a heck of a lot of grip.

But these ones might be the most durable of the lot. Adding to the functional-yet-stylish vibe of the Roughout Captain Boot is the studded rubber outsole — as you can see from some of these photos, that sole is thick and grippy. It should more than handle slippery streets come the colder parts of fall & winter. So that means they’ll likely see use in all kinds of weather — and Thursday Boots has you covered there as far as leather care accessories goes. Cleaning material like this often comes down to having a nice boot brush, along with some occasional spot cleaning. This pair will definitely be getting that treatment as we move through the fall, as will the rest of my favorite boots
Ernest Alexander
As to the presentation of the boots themselves, they’re presented in a black box branded with the Thursday Boots logo, and the box is almost as substantial as the boots. So far, they’ve held up quite well given some weekend wear in hotter temperatures — I never can resist putting on a great boot! The roughout leather is thick but surprisingly soft and pliable — it’s not too hard to put these boots on or slip them off. They also lace up nice and tight, but not so tight as to prove suffocating with a pair of thick socks on. And so far, they’ve presented great styling potential — they’ll definitely work with medium grey chinos and a navy blazer in moderate weather, and they’ll definitely be up to the task in colder temperatures alongside dark denim and a crewneck sweater. I wouldn’t hesitate, either, to pair them with a high-low combo like a denim jacket, knit tie and some grey suit trousers.

Seeing how essential a terrific pair of boots can be for the fall and winter months, the price (which beats out some similar-looking competitors) is worth the investment up front. Although they don’t often run sales, it’s still worth it right now to put down some cash up front — so you can put those boots on your feet.

Let me know — do you have any experience with Thursday Boots? How would you style this pair? Again, don’t sleep on the style and versatility of the best men’s boots on the market right now. 



    1. Hmmm, you bring up an interesting point. Of course, the roughout leather’s going to wear and look differently than those boots mentioned there, but I’ve been quite pleased with how mine have held up — not a footwear expert by any means but I have worn ’em pretty hard and have encountered no issues! Thanks for reading and let me know how you do!


  1. How about noise while walking? I like the grip in crappy weather, but when I get into work I don’t want to squeak around walking on the tile floors.


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